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Foy B.D., Phoenix T., Schwartz R.L. — Learning Perl
Foy B.D., Phoenix T., Schwartz R.L. — Learning Perl

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Название: Learning Perl

Авторы: Foy B.D., Phoenix T., Schwartz R.L.


Learning Perl, better known as "the Llama book", starts the programmer on the way to mastery. Written by three prominent members of the Perl community who each have several years of experience teaching Perl around the world, this latest edition has been updated to account for all the recent changes to the language up to Perl 5.8.

Perl is the language for people who want to get work done. It started as a tool for UNIX system administrators who needed something powerful for small tasks. Since then, Perl has blossomed into a full-featured programming language used for web programming, database manipulation, XML processing, and system administration — on practically all platforms — while remaining the favorite tool for the small daily tasks it was designed for. You might start using Perl because you need it, but you'll continue to use it because you love it.

Informed by their years of success at teaching Perl as consultants, the authors have re-engineered the Llama to better match the pace and scope appropriate for readers getting started with Perl, while retaining the detailed discussion, thorough examples, and eclectic wit for which the Llama is famous.

The book includes new exercises and solutions so you can practice what you've learned while it's still fresh in your mind. Here are just some of the topics covered:

data structures
minimal matching
data parsing
package implementation

If you ask Perl programmers today what book they relied on most when they were learning Perl, you'll find that an overwhelming majority will point to the Llama. With good reason. Other books may teach you to program in Perl, but this book will turn you into a Perl programmer.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Издание: 4th

Год издания: 2005

Количество страниц: 312

Добавлена в каталог: 27.10.2006

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Предметный указатель
#! line, portability      
$_ default variable      
.. (range operator)      
/g modifier (global replacements)      
/i, case-insensitive matching      
/s, any character match in regular expressions      
<> diamond operator      
<STDIN> operator, list context
=~ (binding operator)      
=~ (binding operator), m// and      
@ (at sign), array referencing      
@ARGV array      
access, array elements      
access, databases      
access, hash elements      
algorithms, high-water mark      
ampersand, subroutines      
anchors, regular expressions      
anchors, word anchors      
answers to exercises      
arguments, invocation      2nd
arguments, subroutines      
arguments, subroutines, passing      
array slices      
arrays, @ sign      
arrays, @ARGV      
arrays, bits      
arrays, elements      
arrays, elements, access      
arrays, foreach control      
arrays, grep and      
arrays, indices      2nd
arrays, interpolation to string      
arrays, keys      
arrays, map and      
arrays, pop operator      
arrays, printf and      
arrays, push operator      
arrays, reverse operator      
arrays, shift operator      
arrays, sort operator      
arrays, splice operator      
arrays, unshift operator      
assigning hashes      
assigning hashes, keys      
assigning hashes, values      
assignment, binary assignment operators      
assignment, list values to variables      
assignment, scalar variables      
associativity, operators      
at sign (@), array referencing      
autodecrement operator      
autoincrement operator      
autoincrement operator, preincrements      
automatic match variables      
backquotes, list context and      
backquotes, output and      
bar (|), regular expressions      
binary assignment operators      
binding operator (see =~)      
bits, arrays      
Bitwise operators      
bitwise operators, file tests      
bitwise operators, meanings      
blocks, loops, labels      
blocks, naked      
Boolean values      
Boolean values, logical operators      
buffered output      
built-in variables      
calling subroutines      
caret (^), character classes      
case, regular expressions and      
case-insensitive matching, regular expressions      
CGI (Common Gateway Interface)      
CGI module      
CGI.pm module      
CGI_Lite module      
Character classes      
character classes, shortcuts      
child processes, system function      
chmod function      
chomp operator      
closures, anonymous      
command line      
command line, in-place editing and      
command line, options      
Common Gateway Interface (CGI)      
Comparison operators      
complex numbers      
constant pragma      
context, lists, <STDIN> operator
context, scalar, forcing      
Control structures      
control structures, for      
control structures, foreach, arrays      
control structures, if      
control structures, if, elsif clause      
control structures, last operator      
control structures, logical operators      
control structures, logical operators, short-circuit operators      
control structures, loops      
control structures, naked blocks      
control structures, next operator      
control structures, partial-evaluation operators      
control structures, redo operator      
control structures, ternary operator      
control structures, unless      
control structures, unless, else clause      
control structures, until      
control structures, while control      
conversions, format string      
converting, find command lines to Perl      
converting, languages to Perl      
converting, numbers to/from strings      
CPAN (Comprehensive Perl Archive Network)      2nd
CPAN, web site      
current state of Perl      
Cwd module      
data structures, complex      
databases, Access      
databases, DBI module      
DBI module      
default variable ($_)      
defined function      
delete function, hashes      
deleting, directories      
deleting, files      
delimiters, s/// and      
diagnostics pragma      
diamond operator (<>)      
die function      
die function, ext status and      
die function, fatal errors and      
directories, creating      
Directories, deleting      
directories, deleting files      
directories, globbing      
directories, globbing, alternate syntax      
directories, links      
directories, mounted volumes      
directories, ownership      
directories, permission modification      
directories, recursive directory listing      
directories, renaming files      
directories, timestamps      
directory handles      
Directory tree      
documentation, embedded      
double-precision floating-point values      
double-quote interpolation      
dynamic loading      
each function, hashes      
ease of use      
elements of arrays      
elements of arrays, accessing      
elements of arrays, undef values      
else clause, unless control structure      
else keyword      
elsif clause, if control structure      
embedded documentation      
Environment variables      
environment variables, PATH      
environment variables, processes      
error trapping, eval and      
errors, die function and      
eval, error trapping and      
exec function      
exercise answers      
exercises, numbering      
exercises, overview      
exists function, hashes      
exit status      
expressions, hash keys as      
expressions, list-producing, scalar context      
expressions, modifiers      
expressions, scalar-producing, lists      
external commands      
fatal errors      
fatal errors, die function and      
fatal errors, trapping      
Fatal module      
file specifications, File::Spec module      
file tests      
file tests, bitwise operators      
file tests, localtime function      
file tests, lstat function      
file tests, meanings      
file tests, operators      
file tests, stat function      
file tests, _filehandle      
File::Basename module      2nd
File::Copy module      
File::Spec module      2nd
filehandles, bad      
filehandles, closing      
filehandles, default      
filehandles, names      
filehandles, opening      2nd
filehandles, processes as      
filehandles, reopening      
filehandles, STDIN and      
files, deleting      
files, renaming      
find command lines, converting to Perl      
flags, regular expressions      
flags, regular expressions, /x      
floating-point literals      
floating-point numbers      
for control structure      
for keyword      
foreach control, arrays      
foreach keyword      
forking, processes and      
forking, support      
format string conversions      
formatted output, printf and      
functions, chmod      
functions, defined      
functions, exec      
functions, hashes      
functions, hashes, delete      
functions, hashes, each      
functions, hashes, exits      
functions, hashes, keys      
functions, hashes, values      
functions, INDEX      
functions, join      
functions, localtime      
functions, lstat      
functions, math      
functions, modules      
functions, modules, import list      
functions, sprintf      
functions, stat      
functions, system functions      
functions, warn      
global text replacement, regular expressions and      
Global variables      
globbing, alternate syntax      
graphical user interfaces (GUIs)      
greedy quantifiers      
grep, arrays      
grep, list items and      
grep, regular expressions and      
groups, parentheses      
groups, patterns      
GUIs (graphical user interfaces)      
handles, directory handles      
hash slices      
hashes, assignment      
hashes, assignment, values      
hashes, element interpolation      
hashes, elements, access      
hashes, functions      
hashes, functions, delete      
hashes, functions, each      
hashes, functions, exists      
hashes, functions, keys      
hashes, functions, values      
hashes, introduction      
hashes, keys      
hashes, keys, expressions      
hashes, keys, unquoted      
hashes, reasons to use      
hashes, sorting by value      
hashes, unwinding      
Hello World program      
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