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Lomax P., Petrusha R., Patrick T. (ed.) — Visual Basic 2005: In a Nutshell
Lomax P., Petrusha R., Patrick T. (ed.) — Visual Basic 2005: In a Nutshell

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Название: Visual Basic 2005: In a Nutshell

Авторы: Lomax P., Petrusha R., Patrick T. (ed.)


When Microsoft made Visual Basic into an object-oriented programming language, millions of VB developers resisted the change to the .NET platform. Now, after integrating feedback from their customers and creating Visual Basic 2005, Microsoft finally has the right carrot. Visual Basic 2005 offers the power of the .NET platform, yet restores the speed and convenience of Visual Basic. Accordingly, we've revised the classic in a Nutshell guide to the Visual Basic language to cover the Visual Basic 2005 version and all of its new features.

Unlike other books on the subject, Visual Basic 2005 in a Nutshell, 3rd Edition doesn't assume you're a novice. It's a detailed, professional reference to the Visual Basic language-a reference that you can use to jog your memory about a particular language element or parameter. It'll also come in handy when you want to make sure that there isn't some "gotcha" you've overlooked with a particular language feature.

The book is divided into three major parts: Part I introduces the main features and concepts behind Visual Basic programming; Part II thoroughly details all the functions, statements, directives, objects, and object members that make up the Visual Basic language; and Part III contains a series of helpful appendices. Some of the new features covered include Generics, a convenient new library called My Namespace, and the operators used to manipulate data in Visual Basic.
No matter how much experience you have programming with Visual Basic, you want Visual Basic 2005 in a Nutshell, 3rd Edition close by, both as a standard reference guide and as a tool for troubleshooting and identifying programming problems.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

ed2k: ed2k stats

Издание: 3-rd

Год издания: 2006

Количество страниц: 766

Добавлена в каталог: 23.10.2006

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Предметный указатель
#Const directive      
#If...Then...#Else directive      
#Region...#End Region directive      
* (multiplication) operator      
+ (addition) operator)      
+ (unary) operator      
- (subtraction) operator      
.NET Framework, Visual Basic and      
<< (Shift Left) operator      
>> (Shift Right) operator      
abs function      
Acos function      
AddHandler statement      2nd
addition (+) operator      
address variables      
AddressOf operator      2nd
AllUsersApplicationData property      
AltKeyDown property      
and operator      
AndAlso operator      
AppActivate procedure      
Application class      
application deployment      
application object      
Application.CompanyName property      
Application.DoEvents method      
Application.ExecutablePath property      
Application.ProductName property      
Application.ProductVersion property      
Application.Run method      
ApplicationContext property      
applications, class libraries      
applications, console applications      
applications, entry points      
applications, types      
applications, Windows      
applications, Windows services      
AppWinStyle enumeration      
arguments, attributes      
arguments, events      
arguments, introduction      
arguments, optional      
arguments, passing      
arithmetic operators      
Array class      2nd
array handling elements      
Array.BinarySearch method      
Array.Copy method      
Array.IndexOf method      
Array.LastIndexOf method      
Array.Reverse method      
Array.Sort method      
arrays, declarations      
arrays, overview      
arrays, parameter arrays      
ASC function      
AscW function      
ASIN function      
ASP.NET events      
AssemblyName property      
AssemblyVersion attribute      
assignment operators      
Atan function      
Atan2 function      
attributes, arguments      
attributes, AssemblyVersion      
attributes, AttributeUsage      
attributes, CLSCompliant      
attributes, COMClass      
attributes, custom      
attributes, custom, defining      
attributes, custom, using      
attributes, DefaultMember      
attributes, Flags      
attributes, Guid      
attributes, introduction      
attributes, language reference      
attributes, MarshalAs      
attributes, MTAThread      
attributes, Obsolete      
attributes, Out      
attributes, ParamArray      
attributes, STAThread      
attributes, syntax      
attributes, ThreadStatic      
attributes, VBFixedArray      
attributes, VBFixedString      
attributes, WebMethod      
attributes, WebService      
AttributeUsage attribute      
Audio object      
AudioPlayMode enumeration      
AvailablePhysicalMemory property      
AvailableVirtualMemory property      
BCL (Base Class Library)      
Beep procedure      
Bitwise operators      
bitwise operators, VB.NET 2002 changes      
block-level scope, variables      
BOOLEAN data type      
BuiltInRole enumeration      
ButtonsSwapped property      
Byte data type      
Call statement      
callbacks, delegates as      
CallByName function      
calling methods, delegates      
calling routines from event handlers      
CallType enumeration      
CAPSLOCK property      
CBool function      
CByte function      
CChar function      
CDate function      
CDbl function      
CDec function      
Celing function      
centralized error handling      
ChangeCulture method      
ChangeUICulture method      
CHAR data type      
ChDir procedure      
ChDrive procedure      
Choose function      
chr function      
ChrW function      
CIL (Common Intermediate Langage)      
CInt function      
class libraries      
Class...End Class statement      
Classes      2nd
classes, Application      
classes, array      
classes, Clipboard      
classes, Collection      
classes, ColorDialog      
classes, ControlChars      
classes, Debug      
classes, Directory      
classes, Exception      
classes, File      
classes, FontDialog      
classes, Hashtable      
classes, language reference      
classes, Main routine      
classes, members      
classes, members, accessibility      
classes, methods      
classes, OOP      
classes, OpenFileDialog      
classes, properties      
classes, Queue      
classes, referencing      
classes, SaveFileDialog      
classes, Stack      
ClassesRoot property      
Clear method      
Clipboard, class      
Clipboard, language elements      
Clipboard, object      
CLng function      
CLR (Common Language Runtime)      2nd
CLR , CTS and      
CLS (Common Language Specification)      
CLSCompliant attribute      
CObj function      
code files      
code files, declarations section      
code files, managed code      
code files, namespaces      
code files, types      
Collection class      
collection objects, elements      
Collection.Add method      
Collection.Count property      
Collection.Item property      
Collection.Remove method      
ColorDialog class      
COMClass attribute      
Command function      
command-line switches      
Common Language Specification (CLS)      
common runtime environment      
Common Type System (CTS)      
CompareMethod enumeration      
Comparison operators      
compiler overview      
compiling, conditional      
compiling, conditional, constants      
compiling, conditional, elements      
components, referencing      
concatentation operators      
conditional compilation      
conditional compilation, constants      
conditional compilation, elements      
console applications      
Const statement      
Constants class      
constants, conditional compilation      
constants, ControlChars class      
constants, error constants      
constants, intrinsic      
constants, overview      
constraints, generics      
continue statement      2nd
ControlChars class      
conversion, data types      
conversion, data types, elements      
conversion, elements      
Convert class, System namespace      
CopyFile method      
Copyright property      
cos function      
Cosh functon      
CreateDirectory method      
CreatObject function      
CSByte function      
CShort function      
CSng function      
CStr function      
CtrlKeyDown property      
CTS (Common Type System)      
CTS, data types      
CType function      
CUInt function      
CULng function      
Culture property      
CurDir function      
CurrentConfig property      
CurrentDirectory property      
CurrentPrincipal property      
CurrentUser property      
CurrentUserApplicationData property      
CUShort function      
custom attributes      
custom attributes, defining      
custom attributes, using      
custom events, VB 2005      
custom procedures      
custom procedures, functions      
custom procedures, properties      
custom procedures, sub procedures      
CustomEvent statement      
Data types      
data types, boolean      
data types, byte      
data types, CHAR      
data types, conversion      
data types, conversion, elements      
data types, CTS      
data types, Date      
data types, DECIMAL      
data types, Double      
data types, INTEGER      
data types, long      
data types, Object      
data types, reference types      
data types, SByte      
data types, short      
data types, Single      
data types, string      
data types, UInteger      
data types, ULong      
data types, user-defined      
data types, UShort      
data types, value types      
data types, variables      
data types, VB 2005      
data types, VB.NET 2002 changes      
date and time elements      
Date data type      
DateAdd function      
DateDiff function      
DateFormat enumeration      
DateInterval enumeration      
DatePart function      
DateSerial function      
DateString property      
DateValue function      
Day function      
DDB function      
Debug class      
Debug.Assert method      
Debug.Listeners property      
Debug.Write method      
Debug.WriteIf method      
Debug.WriteLine method      
Debug.WriteLineIf method      
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