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Hassell J. — Learning Windows Server 2003
Hassell J. — Learning Windows Server 2003

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Название: Learning Windows Server 2003

Автор: Hassell J.


Getting Microsoft Windows Server 2003 up and running, either as a standalone or as part of a multi-site, multi-server network is a formidable task for anyone. O'Reilly's no-nonsense guide, Learning Windows Server 2003, 2nd Edition, gives you just what you need to get the job done. It provides you with the nuts and bolts for installing, configuring, securing, and managing Windows Server 2003-plus, it has been completely updated for Service Pack 1 and release R2.
Learning Windows Server 2003, 2nd Edition includes just enough theory for you to understand how the different features and systems work in this latest version of Windows. You'll come away with a firm understanding of what's happening under the hood of the system, but without feeling like you're taking a graduate course in OS theory. After its high-level overview, the book offers complete discussions and treatments of all of Server 2003's major components. You'll learn how to:
* install Windows Server 2003
* create and manage user accounts (with particular attention to Active Directory)
* manage access to system resources, such as printers and files
* configure and manage its numerous major subsystems
The book also features step-by-step procedures and discussions of complex concepts such as patch management, Active Directory replication, DFS namespaces and replication, network access quarantining, server clustering, Group Policy and other security tools, and IIS6 web server.
Whether you're an experienced system administrator or one who's just beginning, you'll turn to this practical guide again and again when you need to understand the massive product that is Windows Server 2003.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

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Издание: 2-nd

Год издания: 2006

Количество страниц: 742

Добавлена в каталог: 23.10.2006

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Предметный указатель
.NET      2nd
.NET, applications      
.NET, assemblies      
.NET, assemblies, private      
.NET, assemblies, strong-named      
.NET, counters      
.NET, deployment      
.NET, deployment, no-touch      
.NET, deployment, Windows Installer      
.NET, deployment, XCOPY      
.NET, diagnostics      
.NET, diagnostics, debugging      
.NET, diagnostics, event logs      
.NET, diagnostics, performance      
.NET, diagnostics, tracing      
.NET, IIS and      
.NET, language      
.NET, libraries      
.NET, management tools      
.NET, management tools, command-line tools      
.NET, management tools, GUI tools      
.NET, new features      
.NET, runtime      
.NET, security      2nd
.NET, security, role-based      
.NET, tools      
.NET, UDDI and      
.NET, XML and      
.NET, XML and Application scope      
.NET, XML and Enterprise scope      
.NET, XML and Machine scope      
.NET, XML and security policy      
.NET, XML and settings      
.NET, XML and User scope      
A records      
A records, forward lookup zone and      
ABE (Access-Based Enumeration)      
ACC (Automatic Client Configuration)      
Access-Based Enumeration (ABE)      
accounts, lockout policies      
accounts, lockout policies, anonymous access      
accounts, lockout policies, digital signatures      
accounts, lockout policies, last username display      
accounts, lockout policies, local options      
accounts, lockout policies, password expiration      
accounts, lockout policies, shutdown without logon      
accounts, lockout policies, three-keystroke at logon      
accounts, recovery agent accounts      
Active Directory      2nd
Active Directory Domains and Trusts tool      
Active Directory Installation Wizard      
Active Directory Sites and Services tool      
Active Directory, alternate path      
Active Directory, attributes      
Active Directory, classes      
Active Directory, contacts      
Active Directory, delegation      
Active Directory, directories      
Active Directory, domain controllers      
Active Directory, domains      
Active Directory, domains, adding      
Active Directory, domains, controllers, adding      
Active Directory, DSADD utility      
Active Directory, folders, shared      
Active Directory, forests      2nd
Active Directory, forests, dedicated root model      
Active Directory, forests, transitive forest root trust      
Active Directory, global catalog      
Active Directory, groups      
Active Directory, groups, distribution groups      
Active Directory, groups, domain global groups      
Active Directory, groups, domain local groups      
Active Directory, groups, machine local groups      
Active Directory, groups, nesting      
Active Directory, groups, security groups      
Active Directory, groups, universal groups      
Active Directory, LDAP and      
Active Directory, maintenance      
Active Directory, maintenance, directory metadata cleanup      
Active Directory, maintenance, NTDS database defragmentation      
Active Directory, migrating to      
Active Directory, migrating to, from Windows 2000 Server      
Active Directory, migrating to, from Windows NT      
Active Directory, objects      
Active Directory, operations master roles      
Active Directory, operations master roles, domain naming master      
Active Directory, operations master roles, infrastructure master      
Active Directory, operations master roles, manual operations      
Active Directory, operations master roles, PDC emulator      
Active Directory, operations master roles, RID master      
Active Directory, operations master roles, schema master      
Active Directory, OUs      2nd
Active Directory, printers, shared      2nd
Active Directory, Remote Control add-on      
Active Directory, replication      
Active Directory, replication, between sites      
Active Directory, replication, loops and      
Active Directory, replication, meshes and      
Active Directory, replication, REPADMIN      
Active Directory, replication, time synchronization      
Active Directory, replication, topologies      
Active Directory, replication, update conflicts      
Active Directory, replication, update sequence numbers      
Active Directory, schema      
Active Directory, shares, publishing      
Active Directory, sites      2nd
Active Directory, structure, domains      
Active Directory, tools      
Active Directory, tools, Active Directory Domains and Trusts      
Active Directory, tools, Active Directory Sites and Services      
Active Directory, tools, ADUC      2nd
Active Directory, trees      2nd
Active Directory, trees, forests      
Active Directory, troubleshooting, DNSLint      
Active Directory, trusts      
Active Directory, usernames      
Active Directory, zones and      
Add Printer Wizard      
ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services)      2nd
ADFS, application flow      
ADFS, architecture      
ADFS, claims      
ADFS, demo, collaboration      
ADFS, scenarios      
ADMIN$ share      
administration queues      
administration, GPs, delegation      
administration, Terminal Services      
administration, Terminal Services, TSM      
administrative console, WSUS      
administrative templates      
administrative templates, GP      
administrative templates, GPOs      
ADS (Automated Deployment Services)      
ADUC (Active Directory Users and Computers)      
ADUC tool      
ADUC, accounts, selecting multiple      
ADUC, administrative tasks      
ADUC, groups, creating      
ADUC, users, creating      
ADUC, users, creating, LDAP and      
affinity, NLB clusters      
algorithms, keys      
alternate Active Directory path      
anonymous access, lockouts and      
APIPA (Automatic Private IP Addressing)      
application pools, IIS      
Application scope, .NET configuration      
application-level security      
applications, .NET      
applications, ADFS      
applications, installation, Terminal Services and      
architecture, ADFS      
architecture, DNS, split      
architecture, IIS      
assemblies (.NET)      
assemblies (.NET), private      
assemblies (.NET), strong-named      
assigning licenses      
auditing, items for auditing      
authentication, VPNS and      
authorizing DHCP server      
Automated Deployment Services (ADS)      
Automatic Client Configuration (ACC)      
automatic logoff, policies      
Automatic Private IP Addressing (APIPA)      
availability, security and      
awareness-level security      
AXFR (full zone transfer)      
Backup Domain Controller (BDC)      
backups, DNS      
backups, GPOs      
backups, GUI and      
backups, IIS configuration      
backups, NTBACKUP      
baselining script, NAQC      
BDC (Backup Domain Controller)      
CA certificates      
CALs (client access licenses)      
CAs (certificate authorities), creating      
catalogs, global catalog, Active Directory      
catalogs, Indexing Service      
Certificate Services      
certificate services, EFS      
certificate services, IPSec      
certificate services, keys      
certificate stores      
certificates, CA      
certificates, EFS recovery agent      
certificates, email certificates      
certificates, IPSec and      
certificates, revocation      
Certificates, security      
certificates, server certificates      
child nodes, Dfs      
CIA (confidentiality, integrity, and availability), security and      
claims, ADFS      
classes, Active Directory      
classes, DHCP      
classes, DHCP, user class creation      
client access licenses (CALs)      
client-side uses, WSUS      
client-side uses, WSUS, update download and installation      
Cluster Application wizard      
clustering technologies      
clustering technologies, NLB clusters      
clustering technologies, true server clusters      
clusters, command-line utilities      
clusters, failback      
clusters, failover      
clusters, groups      
clusters, groups, adding      
clusters, groups, adding resources      
clusters, networks      
clusters, nodes      
clusters, nodes, adding      
clusters, quorums      
clusters, resources      
clusters, resources, types      
clusters, server clustering      
clusters, setup, planning for      
clusters, true server cluster creation      
CNAME (canonical name) records      
CNAME (canonical name) records, entering/editing      
collaboration, ADFS demo      
color profiles, printing and      
command line      
command line, printing from      
command line, switches, in winnt32.exe      
command line, utilities      
command line, utilities, .NET      
command line, utilities, ABECMD      
command line, utilities, CIPHER      
command line, utilities, clusters      
command line, utilities, DNS      
command line, utilities, FSUTIL      
command line, utilities, GPResult      
command line, utilities, GPUpdate      
command line, utilities, NTBACKUP      
command line, utilities, offline folders      
command line, utilities, security      
command line, utilities, shares and      
command line, utilities, Terminal Services      
command line, utilities, usapp      
command line, utilities, usftp      
command line, utilities, usftpdr      
command line, utilities, usreset      
command line, utilities, usvdir      
command line, utilities, usweb      
command line, utilities, VSSADMIN      
command line, utilities, winpop      
command line, Windows Server 2003 changes      
communications, DHCP and      
communications, MSMQ      
conditional DNS forwarding      
conditional forwarding      
configuration, file servers      
configuration, FSRM      
configuration, IIS, backup      
configuration, licensing, Terminal Services      
configuration, nameservers, secondary      
configuration, print servers      
configuration, printing      
configuration, printing, color profiles      
configuration, printing, default settings      
configuration, printing, multiple printers      
configuration, printing, PostScript      
configuration, printing, print spooler service      
configuration, printing, printer drivers, other OSs      
configuration, printing, printer location      
configuration, printing, printing times      
configuration, printing, priority, groups and      
configuration, printing, retaining print jobs      
configuration, printing, separator pages      
configuration, printing, shared printers in AD      
configuration, quota entries      
configuration, quotas, FSRM and      
configuration, SCW      
configuration, Terminal Services, TSC applet      
conflicts in DHCP, detecting      
connections, quarantined connection profiles (NAQC)      
contacts, Active Directory      
content-indexing services, enhancements      
CPU, Terminal Services requirements      
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