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Landau L., Sykes J. Ч Fluid Mechanics: Vol 6 (Course of Theoretical Physics)
Landau L., Sykes J. Ч Fluid Mechanics: Vol 6 (Course of Theoretical Physics)

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Ќазвание: Fluid Mechanics: Vol 6 (Course of Theoretical Physics)

јвторы: Landau L., Sykes J.


This is the most comprehensive introductory graduate or advanced undergraduate text in fluid mechanics available. It builds up from the fundamentals, often in a general way, to widespread applications, to technology and geophysics.

New to this second edition are discussions on the universal dimensions similarity scaling for the laminar boundary layer equations and on the generalized vector field derivatives. In addition, new material on the generalized streamfunction treatment shows how streamfunction may be used in three-dimensional flows. Finally, a new Computational Fluid Dynamics chapter enables compulations of some simple flows and provides entry to more advanced literature.
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√од издани€: 1987

 оличество страниц: 539

ƒобавлена в каталог: 12.09.2014

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ѕредметный указатель
$\lambda$-point      515
2-cycle      120n
Absolute instability      95n 103
Acoustic boundary layer      306
Acoustic point      331
Acoustic, streaming      305
Activation energy      484n
Adiabatic flow      3
Adiabatic index      318n
Adsorbed film, effect on motion of liquid      248Ч250
Alternation of turbulence      129 147n
Amplitude, complex      253
Angle, ideal potential flow near      23
Angle, supersonic flow round      427Ч432
Angle, turbulent flow near      147Ч149 167
Antinodes      268
Attack, angle of      184
Attraction, domain of      109
Attractor      109
Attractor, stochastic      115
Attractor, strange      115
Barodiffusion coefficient      232 234
Bernoulli's equation for an ideal fluid      9
Bernoulli's equation for incompressible flow      18
Bernoulli's equation for potential flow      17
Bifurcation      109
Bifurcation, period-doubling      119
Bifurcation, reverse doubling      127
Bose liquid      515
Boundary layers      15 147 (IV)
Boundary layers in intersection of shock wave with surface      425Ч427
Boundary layers on a plate      178Ч179
Boundary layers, acoustic      306
Boundary layers, heat transfer in      210Ч214
Boundary layers, laminar      157Ч163
Boundary layers, laminar in a compressible fluid      162n
Boundary layers, laminar in a converging channel      162Ч163
Boundary layers, laminar in a pipe      162
Boundary layers, laminar on a plate      159Ч161
Boundary layers, laminar, stability of flow in      167Ч172
Boundary layers, logarithmic velocity profile in      172Ч176
Boundary layers, separation of      163
Boundary layers, thickness of      159
Boundary layers, turbulent      178Ч183
Bow wave      467
Brownian motion      235
Burgers' equation      352n
Capillary constant      240
Capillary wave      245Ч248 250
Chaplygin's equation      443
Chaplygin's equation for a polytropic gas      445
Chaplygin's equation for transonic flow      447Ч448
Chapman Ч Jouguet point      491 495 498
Characteristic lines      see "Characteristics"
Characteristic surface      314
Characteristics      314 391Ч394
Characteristics in steady two-dimensional flow      314Ч315 445Ч447 453Ч455
Characteristics, leaving a point      315
Characteristics, limiting      456
Characteristics, reaching a point      315
Circulation velocity      12
Circulation velocity, law of conservation of      13
Combustion      484
Combustion detonation      489Ч500
Combustion on a liquid      489
Combustion zone      484
Combustion, fluid dynamics of      (XIV) 484Ч504
Combustion, slow      484Ч489
Compressible flow      251ff see
Condensation, adiabatic      503Ч504
Condensation, discontinuities      503Ч504
Conduction, thermal in finite media      203Ч208
Conduction, thermal in fluids      (V) 192Ч226
Conduction, thermal in incompressible fluids      196Ч199
Conduction, thermal in infinite media      200Ч203
Conduction, thermal, equation of      197
Conduction, thermal, equation of, boundary conditions on      198
Conduction, thermal, pure      231
Conduction, thermal, relaxation time for      202
Conduction, thermal, turbulent      211
Conductivity, thermal      192
Conductivity, thermometric      197
Conductivity, turbulent      211
Cone, gas flow past      432Ч434
Contact, angles of      241
Convected instability      104
Convection      7 208
Convection in a pipe      225Ч226
Convection on a vertical wall      219Ч220
Convection, condition for absence of      8
Convection, free      217Ч221
Convective instability      221Ч226
Convective range      213
Converging channel, boundary layer in      162Ч163
Converging channel, flow in      76Ч79
Corrugation instability      336Ч343
Couette flow      55n
Critical point      108
Critical velocity      317
Critical velocity in superfluids      518
Cross-section      298
Cross-section for absorption of sound by a sphere      305
Cross-section for scattering of sound by a drop      299
Cross-section for scattering of sound by a sphere      299Ч300
Cross-section, total      298
Cycle elements      120n
Cylinders, flow between rotating      55Ч56
Cylinders, flow between rotating, stability of      99Ч103
D'Alembert's paradox      29 326
Damping coefficient      93 250
Damping of gravity waves      92Ч94
Detonation      489Ч500
Detonation in pipe      494Ч495 499Ч500
Detonation spinning      499
Detonation waves      490
Detonation waves in a polytropic gas      492Ч494
Detonation waves, over-compressed      499
Detonation waves, propagation of      494Ч500
Detonation waves, reflection of      500
Detonation waves, stability of      501Ч503
Detonation, adiabatic      490
Detonation, adiabatic, significance of      500Ч503
Diffraction      299
Diffusion      (VI) 227Ч237
Diffusion coefficient      232
Diffusion coefficient, baro-      232 234
Diffusion coefficient, thermal      232
Diffusion flux      228
Diffusion in absorption of sound      305
Diffusion of suspended particles      235Ч237
Diffusion ratio, thermal      232
Diffusion, boundary conditions      233
Discharge      53 361
Discontinuities      320Ч360
Discontinuities in a sound wave      385Ч391
Discontinuities shock-wave      321 see
Discontinuities, boundary conditions for      320Ч321
Discontinuities, compression      324n
Discontinuities, condensation      503Ч504
Discontinuities, contact      321
Discontinuities, initial      373
Discontinuities, initial, break-up of      374Ч377
Discontinuities, intersection of      (XI) 414Ч434
Discontinuities, isothermal      357
Discontinuities, surface      320Ч360
Discontinuities, tangential      15 107 321Ч324 413
Discontinuities, tangential, collision with shock waves      377
Discontinuities, tangential, instability of      106Ч108 247 321Ч322
Discontinuities, tangential, intersection of      414n
Discontinuities, tangential, intersection with weak discontinuities      425
Discontinuities, tangential, weak      360
Discontinuities, weak      358Ч360
Discontinuities, weak, intersection with shock waves      423Ч424
Discontinuities, weak, intersection with sonic line      461Ч466
Discontinuities, weak, intersection with tangential discontinuities      425
dispersion relation      33
Displacement thickness      161
Dissipation range      134
Dissipative function      525
Diverging channel, flow in      79Ч81
Doppler effect      264
Drag coefficient      160 180 188
Drag force      29 68
Drag force at large Reynolds numbers      180Ч183
Drag force on a wing      476 478 482
Drag force on oscillating bodies      87Ч91
Drag force on slowly moving bodies      61
Drag force, dissipative      88
Drag force, induced      185
Drag force, inertial      88
Drag, crisis      181
Drag, wave      29 471 478
Dummy suffixes      xiv
Eddies, turbulent      130
Eddies, turbulent, size of      130
Eikonal      261 393
Emulsion      301n
Energy dissipation in a superfluid      524Ч526
Energy dissipation in absorption of sound      300Ч305
Energy dissipation in an incompressible viscous fluid      50Ч51 85 92Ч94
Energy dissipation in turbulent flow      131Ч132 175Ч176
Energy dissipation, relativistic      512Ч514
Energy flux density in a sound wave      256
Energy flux density in a viscous fluid      193
Energy flux density in an ideal fluid      9Ч10
Energy flux density, relativistic      506
Energy range      134
Energy-momentum tensor      505Ч506
Enthalpy      4
Entropy flux density      4
Equation of continuity      2 44
Equation of continuity for a component of a mixture      228
Equation of continuity for a film      248
Equation of continuity for a laminar boundary layer      158
Equation of continuity for a sound wave      251
Equation of continuity for entropy      4
Equation of continuity for flow in a pipe      295
Equation of continuity for incompressible flow      17
Equation of continuity for motion in a channel      34 412
Equation of continuity in cylindrical polar coordinates      48
Equation of continuity in spherical polar coordinates      49
Equation of continuity, relativistic      507
Equations of motion for a laminar boundary layer      158
Equations of motion for a mixture of fluids      227Ч229
Equations of motion for a sound wave      251
Equations of motion for a viscous fluid      45Ч49 193Ч194
Equations of motion for a viscous fluid boundary conditions on      47Ч48
Equations of motion for a viscous fluid exact solutions of      75Ч83
Equations of motion for a viscous fluid for incompressible flow      46 see
Equations of motion for an ideal fluid      1Ч5
Equations of motion for an ideal fluid boundary conditions on      4Ч5 18
Equations of motion for an ideal fluid for incompressible flow      17Ч21
Equations of motion, relativistic      506Ч510
Equations of motion, superfluid      518Ч524
Ergodic property      116
Error function      205
Euler Ч Tricomi equation      448
Euler Ч Tricomi equation, solutions of      449Ч455
Euler's equation for a sound wave      251
Euler's equation for a viscous fluid      44
Euler's equation for a viscous fluid for incompressible flow      45 see
Euler's equation for an ideal fluid      3Ч4
Euler's equation for an ideal fluid for incompressible flow      17
Euler's equation, relativistic      508
Evolutionary shock waves      331Ч333
Exchange of stabilities      101n
Explosion, strong      403Ч406
Explosion, thermal      198Ч199
Feigenbaum number      122
Fermat's principle      266
Fermi liquid      515
Films, adsorbed      248Ч250
Films, equilibrium of      239Ч240 242Ч244
Fixed point      118
Flame      484
Flame, front      485
Flame, normal velocity of      485
Fluctuating part of velocity      130
Fluid, contour      12
Fluid, dynamics      1
Fluid, ideal      3
Fluid, particle      1
Fluid, point in      1
Fourier's equation      197
frequency      32 96
Frequency characteristic      267
Frequency locking      113
Froude number      58
Gas dynamics      313 see
Gas flow through a nozzle      361Ч364
Gas flow, one-dimensional      (X) 361Ч413
Gas flow, one-dimensional arbitrary      397Ч402
Gas flow, one-dimensional in travelling waves      378Ч385
Gas flow, one-dimensional similarity      366Ч373
Gas flow, past a cone      432Ч434
Gas flow, past finite bodies      (XIII) 467Ч483
Gas flow, potential      435Ч437
Gas flow, round an angle      427Ч432
Gas flow, steady      316Ч320
Gas flow, two-dimensional      (XII) 435Ч466
Gas flow, two-dimensional arbitrary (potential)      442
Gas flow, two-dimensional in travelling waves      438Ч442
Gas flow, viscous, in a pipe      364Ч366 see "Polytropic
Gas, combustion of      484
Gas, propagation of small disturbances in      313Ч316
Geometrical acoustics      261 393
Geometrical acoustics in moving media      265
Grashof number      219n
Green's formula      11
Group velocity      263
Heat function      4
Heat transfer coefficient      209
Heat transfer in a moving fluid      215Ч217
Heat transfer in boundary layers      210Ч214
Heat transfer, general equation of      194
Heat transfer, general equation of for a mixture of fluids      229
Heat transfer, similarity law for      208Ч210
Helium, superfluid properties of      515Ч531
Hodograph plane      442
Hodograph transformation      442
Hugoniot adiabatic      325
Hydraulic approximation      343 411
Hydraulic jump      412
Hydrostatics      5Ч7
Hypersonic flow      481
Ideal flow      (I) 1Ч43
Incompressible flow of ideal fluids      17Ч26
Incompressible flow of ideal fluids conditions for      21
Incompressible flow of ideal fluids past a body      26Ч31
Incompressible flow of ideal fluids past a cylinder      22
Incompressible flow of ideal fluids past a sphere      21Ч22
Incompressible flow of superfluids      525Ч526
Incompressible flow of viscous fluids      45
Induced-mass tensor      28
Inertial range      134
Initial point      325
Instability, absolute      103
Instability, convected      104
Instability, corrugation      336Ч343
Intermittency of turbulence      147n
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