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Duffy J. Ч Concurrent Programming on Windows
Duffy J. Ч Concurrent Programming on Windows

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Ќазвание: Concurrent Programming on Windows

јвтор: Duffy J.


Simply put, Joe Duffy is a world-wide authority on this topic. I don't just say that based on working with him (his office was 5 offices down the hall from mine), but also based on the conversations I've seen him dominate with other visionaries inside of Microsoft. If you don't take my word for it, just look at how elegant the Parallel Extensions to the .NET framework are that Joe was the dev lead and architect on. If you want to see examples of how clearly he can put his thoughts to writing, just visit his blog (http://www.bluebytesoftware.com/). 5 stars are not enough for this seminal piece of work.

язык: en

–убрика: Computer science/

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√од издани€: 2008

 оличество страниц: 985

ƒобавлена в каталог: 18.08.2014

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!threadpool SOS extension command      386Ч387
!vadump command      135Ч138
"Myths about the Mutual Exclusion", Peterson      53
.NET Framework Asynchronous GUI, asynchronous operations      855Ч856
.NET Framework Asynchronous GUI, BackGroundWorker package      856Ч860
.NET Framework Asynchronous GUI, overview of      837
.NET Framework Asynchronous GUI, synchronization contexts      847Ч854
.NET Framework Asynchronous GUI, Windows Forms      837Ч840
.NET Framework Asynchronous GUI, Windows Presentation Foundation      840Ч846
.NET Framework asynchronous I/O, asynchronous device/file I/O      817Ч819
.NET Framework asynchronous I/O, asynchronous sockets I/O      820Ч822
.NET Framework asynchronous I/O, I/O cancellation      823
.NET Framework asynchronous I/O, overview of      817
.NET Framework, avoiding building locks      873
.NET Framework, creating fences      98Ч101 514
.NET Framework, creating threads      152Ч153
.NET Framework, dictionary (hashtable)      626Ч631
.NET Framework, event-based asynchronous pattern in      426Ч427
.NET Framework, legacy reader/writer lock      300Ч304
.NET Framework, memory models      516Ч518
.NET Framework, monitors      309Ч312
.NET Framework, slim reader/writer lock (3.5)      293Ч300
.NET Framework, synchronization contexts      853Ч854
.NET Framework, terminating threads      see "Threads termination
.NET Framework, timers      373
.NET Framework, using APM in      418Ч419
/F switch, PE stack sizes      132
/STACK switch      132
128-bit interlocked operations      500Ч502
64-bit Values      499Ч500
ABA problem      536Ч537
Abandoned mutexes      217Ч219
AbandonedMutexException      205
Abort API      109Ч110
Aborts, thread      109Ч113
Account identifiers, lock levels      583Ч584
Acquire fence      512
AcquireReaderLock      300
AcquireSRWLockExclusive      290
AcquireSRWLockShared      290
AcquireWriterLock      300
Actions, TPL      890
Actual concurrency      5
Add method, dictionary      631
AddOnPrerenderCompleteAsync      420Ч421
Affinity      see "CPU affinity"
Affinity masks      172Ч173 176Ч178
Agents, concurrent program structure      6
Agents, data ownership and      33Ч34
Agents, style concurrency      79Ч80
AggregateException class, TPL      893Ч895
Aggregating multiple exceptions      724Ч729
Alertable waits, asynchronous procedure calls and      209
Alertable waits, defined      85
Alertable waits, kernel objects and      188
Alertable waits, overview of      193Ч195
Algorithms, cooperative and speculative      719
Algorithms, dataflow      689
Algorithms, natural scalability of      760Ч761
Algorithms, recursive      702Ч703
Algorithms, scalability of parallel      666
Algorithms, search      718Ч719
algorithms, sorting      681
Alignment, load/store atomicity and      487Ч492
Alignment, reading from or writing to unaligned addresses      23
AllocateDataSlot      123
AllocateNamedDataSlot      123
AMD64 architecture      509Ч511
Amdahlis Law      762Ч764
Antidependence      486
Apartment threading model, COM      197
APC callback      806Ч808
APCs (asynchronous procedure calls), kernel synchronization and      208Ч210
APCs (asynchronous procedure calls), lock reliability in managed code and      878
APCs (asynchronous procedure calls), overview of      84Ч85
APM (Asynchronous Programming Model)      400Ч419
APM (asynchronous programming model), ASP.NET asynchronous pages and      420Ч421
APM (asynchronous programming model), callbacks      412Ч413
APM (asynchronous programming model), calling AsyncWaitHandle WaitOne      407Ч410
APM (asynchronous programming model), calling EndFoo directly      405Ч407
APM (Asynchronous Programming Model), defined      399
APM (asynchronous programming model), designing reusable libraries with      884Ч885
APM (asynchronous programming model), implementing IAsyncResult      413Ч418
APM (asynchronous programming model), overview of      400Ч403
APM (asynchronous programming model), polling IsCompleted flag      411
APM (asynchronous programming model), rendezvousing 4 ways      403Ч405
APM (asynchronous programming model), using in .NET Framework      418Ч419
AppDomain.ProcessExit event      116
AppDomains, designing library locks      870 873Ч874
AppDomains, fine-grained message passing support      72
AppDomains, intraprocess isolation      32
AppDomains, locking on agile objects      278Ч281
AppDomains, safety of thread aborts      111
AppDomains, using kernel objects for synchronization      188
AppDomainUnloadedException      104 111
Application bugs      140Ч141
ApplicationException      301Ч302
Architecture, concurrent program      6Ч8
Arrays, fine-grained locking      616
AsOrdered, PLINQ      914
ASP.NET asynchronous pages      420Ч421
Assemblies, and lock orderings      584
AsUnordered, PLINQ      914Ч915
Async prefix      400 421Ч422
AsyncCompletedEventArgs class      423
AsyncCompletedEventHandler event      423
Asynchronous aborts      109 112Ч113
Asynchronous exceptions      281Ч282 298Ч299
Asynchronous I/O      see also "Overlapped I/O"
Asynchronous I/O, benefits of      787
Asynchronous I/O, cancellation      822Ч826
Asynchronous operations, .NET Framework      855Ч856
Asynchronous operations, concurrent programs      6
Asynchronous pages, ASP.NET      420Ч421
Asynchronous procedure calls      see "APCs (asynchronous procedure calls)"
Asynchronous programming models, APM      see "APM (asynchronous programming model)"
Asynchronous programming models, ASP.NET asynchronous pages      420Ч421
Asynchronous programming models, event-based asynchronous pattern      421Ч427
Asynchronous programming models, overview of      399Ч400
AsynchronousOperationManager      830 837
AsyncOperationManager      855Ч856
AsyncWaitHandle, APM      404 407Ч410 416
atexit/_oneexit function      113
Atomic loads      487Ч492 499Ч500
Atomic stores      487Ч492 499Ч500
Atomicity, managing state with      29Ч30
Auto-reset events      226Ч234
Auto-reset events, creating and opening      228Ч230
Auto-reset events, implementing queue with      244Ч245
Auto-reset events, overview of      226Ч227
Auto-reset events, priority boosts and      232Ч234
Auto-reset events, setting and resetting      230Ч231
Auto-reset events, signaled/nonsignaled state transition      186
Auto-reset events, WAIT_ALL and      231Ч232
AutoBuffered merge, PLINQ      913Ч914
AutoResetEvent      228Ч229
background threads      103
BackgroundWorker      400 426 856Ч860
Bakery algorithm      54Ч55
Balance set manager      165 609
bAlertable argument      209
Barriers, phased computations      650Ч654
Batcheris bitonic sort      681
Begin prefix, APM      399
BeginFoo method, APM      401Ч402 405Ч407
BeginInvoke      838Ч839
BeginThreadAffinity      880
Benign race conditions      549 553Ч555 621
Binary semaphores      42
BindHandle method, I/O completion ports      369Ч370
BindIoCompletionCallback routine, I/O completion ports      359Ч360
bInheritHandle parameter, CreateThread      95
Bit-masks      172
Bit-test-and-reset (BTR)      502Ч503
Bit-test-and-set (BTS)      502Ч503
Bitness, load/store atomicity      487
Block routine, UMS      461Ч463
Blocking queues with condition variables      307Ч309 644Ч646
Blocking queues with events      243Ч244
Blocking queues with monitors      310Ч311 642Ч644 646Ч650
Blocking queues, mutex/semaphore example      224Ч226
Blocking queues, producer/consumer data structures      641
Blocking queues, using BlockingCollection<T>      925Ч928
BlockingCollection<T>      925Ч928
Blocks, thread, building UMS and      461Ч463
Blocks, thread, canceling calls      730
Blocks, thread, CLR locks avoiding      275Ч277
Blocks, thread, critical sections avoiding      263Ч266
Blocks, thread, data parallelism and      665
Blocks, thread, dataflow parallelism avoiding      695Ч698
Blocks, thread, designing reusable libraries      884Ч885
Blocks, thread, disadvantages of fibers      433Ч434
Blocks, thread, existing APIs for      885
Blocks, thread, lock free algorithms      519
Blocks, thread, producer/consumer data structures      642
Blocks, thread, reasons for      83
Blocks, thread, spin waiting and      767
Blocks, thread, stack vs. stackless      472Ч473
body delegate      662 757
BOOL bAlertable parameter, alertable waits      193Ч195
Bounded buffer      641
Bounded queues, overview of      646Ч650
Bounded queues, using BlockingCollection<T>      925Ч928
BOUNDING      642
BTR (bit-test-and-reset)      502Ч503
BTS (bit-test-and-set)      502Ч503
Buffering, in PLINQ      912Ч914
Busy spin waiting      63Ч64 65
BWaitAll argument      191
C programs, coordination containers      646Ч650
C programs, creating threads in      90 96Ч98
C programs, creating threads in .NET Framework      100Ч101
C programs, DllMain function in      116Ч117
C programs, terminating threads      see "Threads termination
C Runtime Library (CRT)      90 96Ч98
C++ Programming Language, Third Edition      36
Cache coherency      479
Cache, using isolated state as      32
CallbackMayRunLong      349
Callbacks, fiber local storage and      446
Callbacks, implementing IAsyncResult      416
Callbacks, rendezvous technique      412Ч413
Callbacks, Vista thread pool      334Ч336 347Ч351
Cancel function, TPL      897
CancelAndWait function, TPL      897
CancelAsync method      425
Cancellation, asynchronous I/O      822Ч826
Cancellation, asynchronous operations      729Ч731
Cancellation, event-based asynchronous pattern      425
Cancellation, task parallel library      897
CancelWaitableTimer      236
CAS (compare and swap) hardware, ABA problem and      536Ч537
CAS (compare and swap) hardware, implementing      496Ч499
CAS (compare and swap) hardware, lock free FIFO queue and      635Ч636
CAS (compare and swap) hardware, modifying memory location atomically in      492
Casual dependence, among threads      62
CCR (Coordination and Concurrency Runtime), fine-grained message passing      73
CCR (Coordination and Concurrency Runtime), message-based parallelism      719
CCR (Coordination and Concurrency Runtime), stackless and nonblocking programs      473
Change methods, CLR      373Ч374
CheckForSufficientStack      149Ч151
Children, task parallel library      895Ч897
Circular waits      575 577
Cleanup groups, Vista      343 345Ч347
CloseHandle API, CreateMutex      214Ч215
CloseThreadPool, Vista      344
CloseThreadPoolCleanupGroup, Vista      347
CloseThreadPoolCleanupGroupMembers, Vista      346Ч347
CloseThreadpoolIo, Vista      336
CloseThreadpoolTimer, Vista      333
CloseThreadpoolWait, Vista      339Ч340 341Ч342
CloseThreadpoolWork, Vista      327 329
CLR      see also "Managed code"
CLR thread pool      364Ч391
CLR thread pool, case study      387Ч391
CLR thread pool, debugging      386Ч387
CLR thread pool, fine-grained concurrency with      884
CLR thread pool, I/O completion ports      368Ч371
CLR thread pool, no ownership of threads in      377
CLR thread pool, overview of      317Ч319 364
CLR thread pool, performance of      391Ч397
CLR thread pool, registered waits      374Ч377
CLR thread pool, thread management in      377Ч386
CLR thread pool, timers      371Ч374
CLR thread pool, work items      364Ч368
CLR, .NET memory models      517
CLR, avoiding locks      873
CLR, fibers and      449Ч453
CLR, garbage collection      766
CLR, lazy initialization in .NET and      521Ч526
CLR, process shutdown      116 569Ч571
CLR, reaction to stack overflow      141Ч142
CLR, reader/writer locks      254Ч255 300Ч304
CLR, single assignment variables      35Ч36
CLR, threads      85Ч87
CLR, unhandled exceptions in      104
CLR, waiting for managed code      206Ч208
CMPXCHG variant      496Ч499 500Ч502
Coarse-grained critical regions      45Ч47 550Ч553
Coarse-grained locks      256Ч257 583 614
cobegin statement, structured parallelism      70
Code motion      478Ч479
Coffman conditions      576Ч577
COM, APIs for waiting      186
COM, how CLR waits for managed code      207
COM, message pumping      195Ч201 202Ч204
COM, Single Threaded Apartments      833Ч834
COM, using kernel objects      188
CoMarshallnterface API      197
Commit size, thread stacks, memory layout      138
Commit size, thread stacks, overflow      140Ч145
Commit size, thread stacks, overview of      130Ч133
Communicating Sequential Processes (CSP)      71Ч72
Compare and exchange      496Ч499
Compare and swap      see "CAS (compare and swap) hardware"
Compiler, .NET Framework memory models      517
Compiler, creating fences in VC++ at level of      514Ч515
Compiler, load/store atomicity and      490Ч492
CompilerServices      274Ч275
Completed suffix      422
CompletedSynchronously, APM      417
Composite actions      550Ч553
Concurrency      3Ч12
Concurrency of parallel containers      614
Concurrency of Vista thread pool      348
Concurrency, agents-style      80
Concurrency, hazards      see "Correctness hazards" "Liveness
Concurrency, importance of      3Ч5
Concurrency, layers of parallelism      8Ч10
Concurrency, limitations of      10Ч11
Concurrency, program architecture and      6Ч8
Concurrency, unstructured      896Ч897
Concurrent collections, BlockingCollection<T>      925Ч928
Concurrent collections, ConcurrentQueue<T>      928Ч929
Concurrent collections, ConcurrentStack<T>      929
Concurrent collections, defined      924
Concurrent exceptions      721Ч729
Concurrent exceptions, aggregating multiple exceptions      724Ч729
Concurrent exceptions, marshaling exceptions across threads      721Ч724
Concurrent exceptions, overview of      721
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