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Dirbas F., Scott-Conner C. — Breast Surgical Techniques and Interdisciplinary Management
Dirbas F., Scott-Conner C. — Breast Surgical Techniques and Interdisciplinary Management

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Название: Breast Surgical Techniques and Interdisciplinary Management

Авторы: Dirbas F., Scott-Conner C.


Breast Surgery widely covers the surgical management of benign and malignant breast disease. The chapters are written by leading experts, clearly illustrated with drawings, clinical photos and diagnostic radiology images.Overall, the text is divided into 13 sections containing 86 chapters. The chapter order largely reflects the flow of patient care from an overview of the breast cancer team, to diagnostic studies, through treatment options for breast cancer, then followup.
Part One, "Fundamentals", addresses important aspects of working with patients with breast concerns while introducing the team of caregivers. Part Two reviews the "Biologic Principles" of benign and malignant breast disease. With this framework established, parts Three, Four, and Five review "The Initial Evaluation", "Common Presenting Problems", and "Diagnostic Techniques". Part Six then focuses on issues that affect all diagnosed with breast cancer, such as "Breast Cancer Staging", "Introduction to Gene Expression Profiling of Breast Cancer", and "Psychological Issues". Part's Seven through Twelve deal with current options for managing breast cancer. There is an emphasis on on matters related to breast surgery, with a broad coverage of interdisciplinary issues in medical and radiation oncology. Part Thirteen covers various aspects of post-treatment care including a guide for appropriate followup, typical post-treatment imaging and physical findings, as well as the management of local and distant recurrence.
Those becoming familiar with the care of breast cancer patients will find that this book offers a quick, but expert, working knowledge of almost any aspect of breast cancer care, whether in preparation for discussions with patients, clinics, the operating room, or interdisciplinary conferences with colleagues. Specialists will gain expert perspectives into areas outside their normal focus. Coverage of emerging topics covers gene expression profiling, intraoperative radiotherapy (IORT), oncoplastic surgery, and survivorship.
Breast Surgical Disease and Interdisciplinary Management offers a comprehensive guide to provide practical advice for those seeking concise, expert input that can be quickly accessed on multiple topics associated with the care of the breast cancer patient.
Read more at http://ebookee.org/Breast-Surgical-Techniques-and-Interdisciplinary-Management-Repost-_2154733.html#GoBgbSobp3VRIkOA.99

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Год издания: 2011

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