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Schroder C. — Linux Cookbook
Schroder C. — Linux Cookbook

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Название: Linux Cookbook

Автор: Schroder C.


Linux information can be found scattered in man pages, texinfo files, and source code comments, but the best source is the experts who have built up a working knowledge of managing Linux systems. The Linux Cookbook's tested techniques distill years of hard-won experience into practical cut-and-paste solutions to everyday Linux dilemmas. Use just one recipe from this collection of real-world solutions, and the hours of tedious trial-and-error saved will more than pay for the cost of the book. It's more than a time-saver; it's a sanity saver.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Год издания: 2004

Количество страниц: 580

Добавлена в каталог: 05.09.2006

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Предметный указатель
$origin directive      
,v (comma v) suffix      
.cdr format, conversion to CD audio      
.joerc file      
.joercprefs file      
.wav format      
.wav format, conversion to CD audio      
/etc/fstab configuration files      
/etc/fstab configuration files, automating mounting of filesystems on hard drives      
/etc/passwd files, vulnerability      
/postfix/main.cf, mail checks      
/postfix/main.cf, managing unsolicited bulk email      
/proc, cat utilities and      
/usr/source/linux and kernel sources      
3D acceleration hardware      
3D acceleration hardware, enabling with XFree87/DRI      
3D acceleration hardware, troubleshooting      
accounts, disabling      
addgroup command      2nd
adduser command      2nd
adduser command, performance in scripts      
adduser command, system users, creating with      
AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port)      
AGP, video cards      
agpgart module      
Alt-Fn keyboard commands      
amavisd-new, setting up SpamAssasin on Postfix      
amavisd-new, with Clam Anti-Virus on Postfix      
amavisd.conf file      2nd
AMD processor performance ratings      
Apache web servers      
Apache web servers, access logs, viewing with Webalizer      
Apache web servers, ApacheToolbox      
Apache web servers, Basic and Digest user authentication      
Apache web servers, blocking obnoxious visitors      
Apache web servers, directory indexes, preventing truncation      
Apache web servers, documentation      
Apache web servers, documentation, for packages      
Apache web servers, DSO (Dynamic Shared Objects)      
Apache web servers, DSO, server configuration for      
Apache web servers, error pages      
Apache web servers, file permissions and ownership, setting      
Apache web servers, file permissions and ownership, setting, httpd binaries      
Apache web servers, hosting multiple domains      
Apache web servers, hosting multiple domains, domains and VirtualHost directives      
Apache web servers, hosting options      
Apache web servers, individual user web directories      
Apache web servers, init script for      
Apache web servers, installing 2.0 from source      
Apache web servers, installing 2.0 from source, configuration      
Apache web servers, installing 2.0 from source, default installation directories      
Apache web servers, installing, source versus packages      
Apache web servers, LAN web sites, isolating from the Internet      
Apache web servers, LAN web sites, isolating from the Internet, deny/allow access rules      
Apache web servers, logfiles for virtual hosts      
Apache web servers, MPMs, Linux      
Apache web servers, MPMs, non-Linux      
Apache web servers, multi-language page delivery via content negotiation      
Apache web servers, multi-language page delivery via content negotiation, Content-language directives      
Apache web servers, multi-language page delivery via content negotiation, type map files      
Apache web servers, new modules, adding      
Apache web servers, password-protecting individual directories      
Apache web servers, redirecting URLs to new directories      
Apache web servers, simple public web servers, setting up      
Apache web servers, starting at boot      
Apache web servers, supported operating systems      
Apache web servers, user's manual, local access of      
Apache web servers, using favicons      
Apache web servers, versions      
Apache web servers, versions, 1.3 and 2.0 compared      
Apache web servers, VirtualHost directives      
Apache web servers, web crawler control with robots.txt      
apachectl      2nd
apt-cdrom command      
apt-get command      2nd 3rd
apt-get command, -u flag      
apt-get install command      
apt-get install command, for package upgrades      
apt-get remove command      
apt-get source command      
apt-get update      
apt-proxy command      
apt-proxy.conf, adding your package cache to      
asynchronous filesystems      
atomic commits      
authentication, authentication backends      
authentication, ntpkeys scheme for timeservers      
authentication, public-key authentication      
authentication, Samba servers, adding to      
authentication, smtp-auth on Postfix      
authentication, smtp-auth on Postfix, authenticating the Postfix server to other servers      
AuthName directive      
authoritative servers      
authorized_keys file      
Automachron sntp client      
automatic shutdown      
autotext, creating with Vim abbreviations      
awk, sorting capabilities      
backup and recovery      
backup and recovery, hard disks compared to tapes      
backup and recovery, Mondo Rescue      [See Mondo Rescue]
backup and recovery, rsync      [See rsync]
backup and recovery, tape backups      
backup servers,building with rsync      
bandwidth billing      
Bash prompt, customization for ssh      
binary-only drivers      
BIND (Berkeley Internet Name Domain)      2nd
BIND, BIND entries      
BIND, building a secondary server      
BIND, checking syntax      
BIND, configuring a public DNS server      
BIND, load balancing      
BIND, local caching servers      
BIND, running a private server      
BitKeeper version control system      
boot partition and journaling filesystems      
boot process      2nd 3rd
boot process, Apache web server startup      
boot process, Debian boot disks, creating      
boot process, default runlevel, changing      
boot process, Red Hat boot disks, creating      
bootloaders, boot partition, configuring      
bootloaders, chain loading      
bootloaders, dual-booting      
bootloaders, dual-booting, Linux/Windows 95/98/ME      
bootloaders, dual-booting, Linux/Windows NT/2000/XP      
bootloaders, GRUB      [See GRUB]
bootloaders, LILO      [See LILO]
bootloaders, MBR (Master Boot Record)      
bootloaders, MBR, backing up      
bootloaders, multiboot systems      
bootloaders, multiboot systems, Linux OSs, adding to      
bootloaders, multiboot systems, preparation      
build commands, kernels      
build commands, kernels, 2.6 version      
bunzip2, bunzip2 archives, unpacking      
caching servers      2nd
caching servers, BIND and      
caching servers, DNS servers, Linux and Window client configuration      
caching servers, separation from DNS servers      
cat command for reassembly of large files      
CD drive information, displaying      
CD-DA (Compact Disk Digital Audio) format      
CD-R, CD-RW, and CD-ROM hardware standards      
CD/DVD recording      
CD/DVD recording, audio CDs for CD players, recording      
CD/DVD recording, bootable CDs, creating      
CD/DVD recording, CD Recordable FAQ and DVD FAQ      
CD/DVD recording, CD standards books      
CD/DVD recording, CD-RW disks, lifespan of      
CD/DVD recording, CD-RWs, erasing      
CD/DVD recording, CDs/DVDs, copying      
CD/DVD recording, data CDS, building file trees on      
CD/DVD recording, data CDs, making      
CD/DVD recording, data DVDs, recording      
CD/DVD recording, filesystem standards      
CD/DVD recording, hardware standards and formats      
CD/DVD recording, large files, spanning over several CDs      
CD/DVD recording, multisession data CDs, recording      
CD/DVD recording, SCSI addresses, finding for CD/DVD writers      
CD/DVD recording, SCSI emulation, enabling for IDE/ATAPI CD/DVD writers      
CD/DVD recording, write options      
cdrecord command      
cdrecord command, -scanbus option      
cdrecord command, blank option      
cdrecord command, CD/DVD copying      
cdrecord command, multisession options      
Chain loading      
CheckInstall utility      2nd
checkout command      
chfn command      
chgrp command      
chkconfig utility      
chmod command      2nd
chmod command, numeric notation      
chown command      2nd
chown command, batch operations using      
chroot jail      
ci -u command      
CIFS/SMB file sharing protocols      
Clam Anti-Virus scanner      
classes utility (CUPS)      
co -l command      
col command      
command syntax      
commit -m command      
Common UNIX Printing System      [See CUPS]
compiling programs, system preparation      
config utility      
Configuration files      
configuration files, .config file and kernels      
configuration files, .cvsrc      
configuration files, .joerc      
configuration files, .joercprefs      
configuration files, .vimrc      
configuration files, /courier/pop3d.cnf      
configuration files, /etc/fstab      
configuration files, /etc/modules.conf      
configuration files, /postfix/main.cf      
configuration files, /postfix/main.cf, Cyrus-SASL, enabling in      
configuration files, /postfix/main.cf, mail checks      
configuration files, /postfix/main.cf, managing unsolicited bulk email      
configuration files, /postfix/main.cf, on Debian      
configuration files, /postfix/main.cf, setting up virtual mailbox domains      
configuration files, amavisd.conf      2nd
configuration files, bashrc, prompt customization for ssh      
configuration files, httpd.conf      [See httpd.conf]
configuration files, named root      
configuration files, named.conf      2nd
configuration files, ntp.conf      
configuration files, ntp.conf, adding access controls      
configuration files, rsyncd.conf      
configuration files, sshd_config, for X tunneling      
configuration files, XF86Config      
configuration files, XF86Config, editing      
configuration files, XV86Config      
consoles, using with X Windows      
Content Negotiation      
content servers      
Content-language directives      
Core Development Tools      
Courier, maildirmake command      
Courier-IMAP, configuration file      
cp command      
CPU information, displaying      
cron and crontab files      
CrossOver Office      
Ctrl-Alt-Delete command      
Ctrl-Alt-Delete command, disabling or controlling access to      
Ctrl-Alt-Fn keyboard command      
CUPS (Common Unix Printing System)      2nd
CUPS, dedicated printer servers, building      
CUPS, distributed printing with classes      
CUPS, filters      
CUPS, networking printers      
CUPS, printer drivers      
CUPS, printer shares over mixed LANs with Samba      
CUPS, printers, installing on a Linux PC      
CUPS, serving Linux clients      
CUPS, troubleshooting      
CUPS, users, restricting from printers and classes      
CVS      2nd
CVS, add subcommand with -kb flags      
CVS, add subcommand with -kb flags, with -kkv flags      
CVS, binary files, storage      
CVS, checkout command      
CVS, command syntax      
CVS, commit subcommand      
CVS, commit subcommand, -m option      
CVS, compared to RCS      
CVS, configuring the working environment      
CVS, customizing      
CVS, cvs init command      
CVS, CVS Pservers      
CVS, CVS Pservers, mirroring      
CVS, CVS Pservers, security concerns      
CVS, cvsd utility      
CVS, cvsd utility, installing from source      
CVS, diff subcommand      
CVS, environment variables      
CVS, log subcommand      
CVS, marking specific files as a set      
CVS, owner and group creation      
CVS, remove command      
CVS, repositories      
CVS, repositories, accessing remotely      
CVS, repositories, adding new files to      
CVS, repositories, administration files for, creating      
CVS, repositories, anonymous read-only repositories      
CVS, repositories, deleting files from      
CVS, repositories, local single-user, creating      
CVS, repositories, mirroring      
CVS, repositories, shared, creating      
CVS, repositories, sharing between groups      
CVS, repositories, storage size, calculating      
CVS, retrieving old files from      
CVS, rtag subcommand      
CVS, sandbox      
CVS, stable and development project branches, creating      
CVS, status command      2nd
CVS, tags      
CVS, update command      
CVS, updating working files in a shared project      
CVS, updating working files in a shared project, file state codes      
CVS, working directory      
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