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Wang R. G. M., Franklin C. A., Honeycutt R. C. — Biological Monitoring for Pesticide Exposure. Measurement, Estimation, and Risk Reduction
Wang R. G. M., Franklin C. A., Honeycutt R. C. — Biological Monitoring for Pesticide Exposure. Measurement, Estimation, and Risk Reduction

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Название: Biological Monitoring for Pesticide Exposure. Measurement, Estimation, and Risk Reduction

Авторы: Wang R. G. M., Franklin C. A., Honeycutt R. C.


Content: Biological monitoring for pesticide dose determination : historical perspectives, current practices, and new approaches / H.N. Nigg and J.H. Stamper —
Ways to reduce applicator exposure to pesticides / J.E. Cowell, S. Dubelman, A.J. Klein, and K. Ohta —
Estimating exposure to pesticides in epidemiological studies of cancer / Aaron Blair, Shelia Hoar Zahm, Kenneth P. Cantor, and Patricia A. Stewart —
Evaluation of field worker exposure to chlordimeform by using urine monitoring / K. Balu —
Convenient field sampling method for monitoring volatile compounds in exhaled breath / Michael S. Morgan, Gary S. Phillips, and Eileen M. Kirkpatrick —
Validation of environmental monitoring by biological monitoring : fluorescent tracer technique and patch technique / Richard A. Fenske —
Biological markers to study exposure in animals and bioavailability of environmental contaminants / L.R. Shugart, S.M. Adams, B.D. Jiminez, S.S. Talmage, and J.F. McCarthy —
Use of urine for monitoring human exposure to genotoxic agents / Richard H.C. San, Miriam P. Rosin, Raymond H. See, Bruce P. Dunn, and Hans F. Stich —
Neuropathy target esterase in blood lymphocytes : monitoring the interaction of organophosphates with a primary target / Marcello Lotti —
Percutaneous absorption and inherent toxicity / Ronald C. Wester and Howard I. Maibach —
Dinocap dermal absorption in female rabbits and rhesus monkeys : implications for humans / Stephen L. Longacre, Laura J. DiDonato, Ronald C. Wester, Howard I. Maibach, Susan S. Hurt, and Richard D. Costlow —
Percutaneous absorption in rhesus monkeys and estimation of human chemical exposure / Ronald C. Wester, James McMaster, Daniel A.W. Bucks, Eugene M. Bellet, and Howard I. Maibach —
Percutaneous absorption : in vitro technique as an alternative to in vivo assessments / R.C. Scott —
Dermal absorption and pharmacokinetics of pesticides in rats / P.V. Shah, H.L. Fisher, M.R. Sumler, and L.L. Hall —
Biological monitoring techniques for humans exposed to pesticides : use, development, and recommended refinements / T.L. Lavy and J.D. Mattice —
New approaches to analysis of organophosphate metabolites in the urine of field workers / C.P. Weisskopf and J.N. Seiber —
Pilot study for biological monitoring of 1,3-dichloropropene / John D. Osterloh, Rhoda Wang, Linda O'Connell, Peyton Jacob, III, and Keith T. Maddy —
Determination of chlordimeform residues as 4-chloro-o-toluidine in human urine using high-performance liquid chromatography / M.W. Cheung, R.A. Kahrs, W.B. Nixon, J.A. Ross, and B.G. Tweedy —
Biological monitoring technology for measurement of applicator exposure / S. Dubelman and J.E. Cowell —
Quantitative determination of haloxyfop in human urine by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry / R.A. Campbell, P.E. Kastl, B.E. Kropscott, and M.J. Bartels —
Enzyme immunoassay for aldicarb / James F. Brady, James R. Fleeker, Richard A. Wilson, and Ralph O. Mumma —
Mixer-loader-applicator exposure and percutaneous absorption studies involving EPTC herbicide : safety related to exposure / James B. Knaak, M.A. Al-Bayati, O.G. Raabe, J.L. Wiedmann, J.W. Pensyl, J.H. Ross, A.P. Leber, and P. Jones —
Assessing risk for humans on the basis of animal toxicology data : use of dermal absorption data for animal studies / E.J. Hixon —
Insecticide absorption from indoor surfaces : hazard assessment and regulatory requirements / Peter E. Berteau, James B. Knaak, Donald C. Mengle, and Jay B. Schreider —
The Environmental Protection Agency's use of biological monitoring data for the special review of alachlor / Curt Lunchick, Gary Burin, Joseph C. Reinert, and Karen E. Warkentien —
Use of biological monitoring data from pesticide users in making pesticide regulatory decisions in California : study of captan exposure of strawberry pickers / Keith T. Maddy, R.I. Krieger, Linda O'Connell, M. Bisbiglia, and S. Margetich —
Use of biological monitoring in the regulatory process / Leonard Ritter and Claire A. Franklin —
National agricultural chemicals association overview on assessment of mixer-loader-applicator exposure to pesticides : biological monitoring / Richard C. Honeycutt.

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Год издания: 1988

Количество страниц: 375

Добавлена в каталог: 24.02.2014

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