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Evans M. (ed.) — Foreign-Language Learning with Digital Technology
Evans M. (ed.) — Foreign-Language Learning with Digital Technology

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Название: Foreign-Language Learning with Digital Technology

Автор: Evans M. (ed.)


As always with language, the choice of label to express a key notion that is the focus of a book like this is not only problematic in itself but also a sign of the diversity and complexity of the reality to which it purports to refer. 'Digital technology' or 'Information and communication technology'? The former term is more familiar to readers in the USA and the latter to readers in the UK. In the latter case, the term ICT is accepted and used as an abbreviation by everyone in education (policy-makers, teachers, pupils, etc.) and yet it is very likely that there are some individuals, at least, in each of these categories who are not entirely clear what the I and C stand for, either linguistically or conceptually. Nevertheless, the acronym serves as a serviceable term with a more-or-less-common frame of reference for all users. Comparing the two labels, it is of passing interest to note that while ICT makes some attempt to allude to areas of use by the technology (namely, information and communication), the label used in the USA (and other countries such as Canada) focuses exclusively on the technical medium itself (digital). The point I am making here is that the label is arbitrary, for even 'information' and 'communication' are selective referents and do not represent the full range of areas in which technology is used in teaching and learning. In this book we use both terms interchangeably to refer to the use of digital technology as a vehicle for language teaching and learning.

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Год издания: 2009

Количество страниц: 224

Добавлена в каталог: 09.02.2014

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