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Gavrila M. (ed.) Ч Atoms in intense laser fields
Gavrila M. (ed.) Ч Atoms in intense laser fields

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Ќазвание: Atoms in intense laser fields

јвтор: Gavrila M. (ed.)


The field of laser-atom interactions has undergone spectacular progress recently, due primarily to the advent of superintense laser radiation. New phenomena have been discovered over a broad range of frequencies, from microwaves to the visible, and to X-rays, which require novel theoretical approaches. This book contains a unique collection of overviews of the latest advances, written by some of the leading specialists. It is addressed to all those active in these fields, but it contains sufficient introductory information to make it useful for a more general audience. The book examines the effects of superintense laser fields on multiphoton ionization and harmonic generation; covers novel effects with ultrashort, subpicosecond laser pulses; features Rydberg atoms in intense microwave fields; and presents nonperturbative theories of laser-atom interactions, such as the Floquet methods and the time dependent Schroedinger education method.

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√од издани€: 1992

 оличество страниц: 516

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Above-threshold ionization (ATI)      2 11Ч25 43Ч45 50Ч54 61Ч65 see
Above-threshold ionization (ATI) and harmonic generation      175Ч177 276Ч277 313
Above-threshold ionization (ATI) in long pulse regime      50Ч51
Above-threshold ionization (ATI) in nonperturbative theories      17Ч23 267Ч271 311Ч312 489Ч499
Above-threshold ionization (ATI) in numerical experiments      311Ч312
Above-threshold ionization (ATI) in perturbation theory      11Ч17 490Ч491 494
Above-threshold ionization (ATI) in short pulse regime      52Ч54 61 62
Above-threshold ionization (ATI), hydrogen atom, Floquet results      396Ч405 407Ч411 488Ч499
Above-threshold ionization (ATI), hydrogen atom, TDSE results      267Ч271
Above-threshold ionization (ATI), microwave      99Ч105
Above-threshold ionization (ATI), photoelectron energy spectra      12 14 33 51Ч52 54 60 254Ч256 267Ч271 311Ч312 355 356 360 367
Above-threshold ionization (ATI), resonance structures in      52Ч54
Above-threshold ionization (ATI), role of angular momentum      23Ч25
Absorbing boundaries, for TDSE approach      256
Ac Stark shifts      16 26 29Ч34 44 52 58 59 61 77Ч98 264 269 291 294 307Ч308 see
Adiabatic evolution of resonance (Floquet) states      376Ч377 385Ч387 405Ч406 444Ч445 493Ч494 498Ч499
Adiabatic stabilization      439
Adiabatic stabilization of ground state of H      492Ч494 496
Adiabatic stabilization of Rydberg states      498Ч499
Alkaline-earth atoms, MPI studies of      8 35Ч36
Argon, ATI photoelectron spectra      54 60
Argon, harmonic generation, experiment      148Ч155
Argon, phase mismatch      187
Argon, single-atom harmonic generation spectrum      172
ATI      see "Above-threshold ionization"
Autoionization      98Ч99
Autoionizing states      385
Avoided level crossings      77 82Ч85 91 238Ч239 385Ч387 399 413 472 480 482
Beam focusing      55 146 406
Beam focusing, influence on harmonic generation      157Ч160 183Ч184
Beam focusing, influence on photoionization yields      54Ч61 405Ч407
Boundary conditions, stationary approach, laboratory frame      442Ч444
Boundary conditions, stationary approach, oscillating frame      446Ч450
Chirped pulse amplification (CPA)      6
Classical field versus photon descriptions of microwave ionization      80Ч91
Coherence length      194
Coincidence measurements, electron      36
Collision-free ionization      211Ч225 see
Complex coordinate dilatation      424
Complex electric field plane      387Ч391
Continuity equation      440 446 450
Continuum generation      7
Correlation diagrams, atomic      472 480Ч482
Coulomb explosion, molecular      219
Diabatic evolution of Floquet (resonance) states      385Ч387 396 398 405Ч406 445
Dichotomy, atomic      277Ч287 474Ч476 484Ч486 see
Dipole approximation      440 500
Dipole, radiatively induced atomic      162Ч163 170 257
Dominant and shadow states      376 382Ч385 388 417Ч419
Doubly charged ions      35 36
Doubly excited states      290
Dressed potential Hamiltonian      325 456 463
Dynamic stabilization      502Ч504
Energy level crossings (avoided crossings)      see "Quasi-energies and level crossings"
Energy level shifts      307Ч308 411Ч413 462 465 467Ч468 473Ч474 see "Perturbation "Stark in
Excess-photon ionization (EPI)      2 see
Faisal Ч Reiss theory      63Ч64 405 see "Keldysh
Field ionization      2 23 37 67Ч69 see
Field-induced bound states      384Ч385 417Ч419 500Ч501
Floquet states      87 169 375Ч376 381 see
Floquet states, adiabatic evolution      376Ч377 385Ч387 405Ч406 444Ч445 493Ч494 498Ч499
Floquet states, boundary conditions      381Ч383 424
Floquet states, diabatic evolution      385Ч387 396 398 405Ч406 445
Floquet states, dominant and shadow states      376 382Ч385 388 417Ч419
Floquet states, normalization      392Ч393 453
Floquet theory (laboratory frame)      375Ч379 380Ч382 see
Floquet theory (laboratory frame) for Rydberg states      85Ч89 92Ч93
Floquet theory (laboratory frame), boundary conditions      381Ч383 424 442Ч444
Floquet theory (laboratory frame), eigenvalue problem      380Ч385
Floquet theory (laboratory frame), high frequency regime      411Ч419 501
Floquet theory (laboratory frame), low frequency regime      419Ч423
Floquet theory (laboratory frame), normalization of states      392Ч393 453
Floquet theory (laboratory frame), system of coupled equations      170 381 423Ч429
Fluorescence following laser irradiation from atomic ions      225Ч229
Fluorescence following laser irradiation from ionic molecules      229Ч233
Free-free transitions (FFT)      see also "Scattering laser
Free-free transitions (FFT) and ionization      442 448 463
Free-free transitions (FFT) in numerical experiments      315Ч317
Gordon Ч Volkov wave function      329 441 445 see
Green's functions      456Ч459
Harmonic generation      7 119Ч127 139Ч201 257Ч258 271Ч276 286Ч288 378 379
Harmonic generation and ATI      175Ч176 276Ч277
Harmonic generation from $H_{2}$      274Ч276
Harmonic generation from Ar      148Ч155
Harmonic generation from H      169Ч170 272Ч276
Harmonic generation from He      149 154
Harmonic generation from Kr      148 149 154
Harmonic generation from models      173Ч177 274Ч276
Harmonic generation from Ne      149Ч155 295Ч297
Harmonic generation from stabilized states      286Ч288
Harmonic generation from Xe      147Ч154 199 295
Harmonic generation in large ponderomotive potentials      119Ч127 130Ч131
Harmonic generation, experimental methods      143Ч147
Harmonic generation, experimental results      126Ч127 147Ч161
Harmonic generation, fifth harmonic      155 156 158 159
Harmonic generation, phase matching effects      119Ч127 178Ч196 258 271Ч276
Harmonic generation, single atom spectra      162Ч177 271Ч273
Harmonic generation, theoretical description      161Ч199
Harmonic generation, third harmonic      154 199
Helium, harmonic generation      149 154
Helium, single active electron model      291Ч294
Helium, threshold ionization intensity      213 216
Helium, time-dependent $L^{2}$-basis theory      365
Helium, time-dependent Hartree Ч Fock method for      260 288Ч291
High-frequency Floquet theory      455Ч499
High-frequency Floquet theory, analytical results for H      471Ч479 488Ч496
High-frequency Floquet theory, convergence of iteration scheme      468Ч470
High-frequency Floquet theory, high-frequency condition      469
High-frequency Floquet theory, iteration scheme      459Ч463
High-frequency Floquet theory, lowest approximations      463Ч468
High-frequency Floquet theory, relativistic generalization      500
High-frequency Floquet theory, two-electron case      499Ч500
High-frequency regime      411Ч419 455Ч500
Hydrogen atom, experiments      8 25Ч27
Hydrogen atom, experiments, Bielefeld experiment compared to theory      407Ч411
Hydrogen atom, full Floquet theory results, Bielefeld experiment, comparison with      26 407Ч411
Hydrogen atom, full Floquet theory results, harmonic generation      169Ч171 378 379
Hydrogen atom, full Floquet theory results, high-frequency regime      411Ч419
Hydrogen atom, full Floquet theory results, multiphoton ionization (MPI)      396Ч405
Hydrogen atom, full Floquet theory results, stabilization      414Ч417
Hydrogen atom, full Floquet theory results, two-color ionization      394Ч395
Hydrogen atom, high-frequency Floquet theory results, adiabatic stabilization      492Ч494 496 498Ч499 504
Hydrogen atom, high-frequency Floquet theory results, in circularly polarized fields      472Ч474 476Ч479 486Ч487 489Ч494
Hydrogen atom, high-frequency Floquet theory results, in linearly polarized fields      472Ч476 479Ч486 494Ч499
Hydrogen atom, high-frequency Floquet theory results, ionization      488Ч499
Hydrogen atom, high-frequency Floquet theory results, large-$\alpha_{0}$      474Ч479 492Ч494 495Ч496 500
Hydrogen atom, high-frequency Floquet theory results, low-$\alpha_{0}$      472Ч474 490Ч491 494
Hydrogen atom, high-frequency Floquet theory results, structure      470Ч487
Hydrogen atom, TDSE results, ATI photoelectron spectra      267Ч271
Hydrogen atom, TDSE results, harmonic generation      170Ч173 175 271Ч277 295Ч297
Hydrogen atom, TDSE results, ionization rates      261Ч267
Hydrogen atom, TDSE results, stabilization and trapping      277Ч287
Hydrogen molecule, harmonics spectra      274
Hydrogen negative ion $H^{-}$      9Ч10 403Ч405 499Ч500
Intensity, time-dependent, and stationary approach      405Ч407 444Ч445 493Ч494 498Ч499
Intensity, time-dependent, in TDSE approach      267Ч271 305Ч306
Inverse Bremsstrahlung      110 115 see
Inverse Faraday effect      134
Ionization      see also "Multiphoton ionization (MPI)"
Ionization, channels      381Ч384 448Ч449
Ionization, rates      see "Rates of ionization"
Ionization, regimes      317Ч323
Ionization, resonant      34 35 52Ч54 256 268 269 335Ч370 385Ч387
Kapitza Ч Dirac effect      101
Keldysh parameter      212 264 289 380 419
Keldysh theory      215Ч218 405 see "Faisal
Keldysh Ч Faisal Ч Reiss (KFR) theory      18 24 27 63Ч64 see "Faisal
Kramers Ч Henneberger frame      323Ч324 394 see
Kramers Ч Henneberger frame, ionization physics in      277 323Ч331
Krypton, harmonic generation, experiment      148 149Ч151 154
Krypton, phase mismatch for      187
Krypton, single-atom harmonic generation spectrum      172
Krypton, threshold ionization intensity      213
Landau Ч Zener theory      55Ч56 77 79 80 82Ч85 89 91 239 377
Lasers, $CO_{2}$, picosecond      7 112
Lasers, amplifiers for short pulses      5Ч7
Lasers, dye      6
Lasers, excimer      6Ч7
Lasers, frequency conversion      7Ч8
Lasers, Kr F*, subpicosecond      208Ч210
Lasers, Nd:YAG      5
Lasers, oscillators for short pulses      4Ч5
Lifetime, atomic      450Ч455 see
Lifetime, atomic, of hydrogen      488Ч499
Line of charges      464 471 486 487
localization      276Ч287 322Ч323 see atomic"
Low-frequency regime      419Ч423
Lowest order perturbation theory (LOPT), limitations of      11Ч17 310 435Ч436 490Ч492 494
Mask function      256
Microwave cavity      70Ч76
Microwave excitation of Rydberg states      80Ч82
Microwave ionization of Rydberg states, circular polarization      94Ч99
Microwave ionization of Rydberg states, linear polarization      77Ч80 91Ч94
Molecular MPI      218Ч225
Molecular MPI, atomic ion production      219Ч221
Molecular MPI, diatomic ion yields      224Ч225
Molecular MPI, site-specific energy deposition      221Ч224
MPI      see "Multiphoton ionization (MPI)"
Multiphoton ionization (MPI)      1Ч37 see "Collision-free
Multiphoton ionization (MPI), in nonperturbative theories      17Ч23
Multiphoton ionization (MPI), in perturbation theory      11Ч17
Multiphoton ionization (MPI), of atoms      212Ч218
Multiphoton ionization (MPI), of molecules      218Ч225
Multiphoton ionization (MPI), quasistatic model of      111Ч116 see
Multiphoton ionization (MPI), role of angular momentum      23Ч25
Multiphoton multiple ionization      3 35Ч37
Multiphoton multiple ionization and collective electron response      3 36
Multiphoton multiple ionization, direct      35Ч37
Multiphoton multiple ionization, sequential      35
Negative ions, as targets for MPI experiments      8Ч10
Neon, harmonic generation, experiment      149Ч156
Neon, single-atom harmonic generation spectra      295Ч297
Neon, threshold ionization      213
Normalization of Floquet (resonance) states      392Ч393 453
Numerical experiments      301Ч303
Oscillating, Kramers Ч Henneberger frame      445Ч446 see
Pade approximants method      390Ч391 393
Peaceman Ч Rachford propagator      249 252 289
Perturbation theory expansion for level shifts      14Ч17 390Ч391 421
Perturbation theory, lowest order results for energy level shifts      472Ч474
Perturbation theory, lowest order results for harmonic generation      273
Perturbation theory, lowest order results for ionization rates      263 403Ч405 414 490Ч491 494
Phase matching in harmonic generation      183Ч195 271Ч273
Phase matching in harmonic generation, geometrical      184
Phase matching in harmonic generation, model, for strong fields      193Ч195
Phase matching in harmonic generation, neutral atoms      181 186 187
Phase matching in harmonic generation, strong fields      188Ч193
Phase matching in harmonic generation, weak fields      183Ч188
Phase mismatch in harmonic generation, free electrons      187 198
Photoelectric yield (signal)      339Ч340 405Ч411
Photoelectric yield (signal), spatial structure in      54Ч61
Photoelectron energy spectra (ATI)      50Ч61 254Ч256 267Ч271 355 356 367
Photon versus classical field descriptions of microwave ionization      80Ч91
Plasmas, electron temperature      133
Plasmas, enhanced collision frequency      134
Plasmas, magnetic field effects      133Ч134
Plasmas, MPI effects in      131Ч134 240
Polarizability, atomic      30 186 258
Ponderomotive forces      44Ч52 101 410Ч411 442
Ponderomotive potential energy      45Ч52 99Ч105 117Ч119 262 267 339 374 377 379 396
Potential (energy), dressed      324Ч325 463 464
Potential (energy), dressed Coulomb      471
Potential (energy), effective, one-electron      249 260Ч261
Potential (energy), end-point      474 475
Potential (energy), short range      444 457 500Ч501
Potential (energy), soft core Coulomb      303Ч306 502 503
Potential (energy), zero-range      20 24 378
Propagation of radiation in ionized medium      119Ч127 196Ч198
Propagation of radiation in ionized medium, channeled propagation      240
Propagation of radiation in neutral medium, integral formalism for      180Ч187
Propagation of radiation in neutral medium, phase matching, strong fields      188Ч195
Propagation of radiation in neutral medium, phase matching, weak fields      183Ч187
Propagation of radiation in neutral medium, theoretical background      178Ч180
Quasi-energies      376 379 382 448 see
Quasi-energies and level crossings (avoided crossings)      77 82Ч85 377 385Ч390 396Ч403
Quasi-energies for hydrogen      396Ч405
Quasi-energies, analytic structure in complex electric field plane      387Ч391
Quasi-energies, location in complex energy plane      381Ч385
Quasi-energies, numerical computation      379 423Ч429
Quasi-energies, series expansion in electric field      390Ч391 420Ч421
Quasi-energies, series expansion in frequency      420Ч423
Quasi-static model of MPI      111Ч116
Quasi-static model of MPI and conservation laws      116Ч117
Quasi-static model of MPI, relativistic generalization      127Ч130
Quiver energy      see "Ponderomotive potential energy"
Quiver motion      15 22 28 127 250 256 441 see
Quiver motion, relativistic      127Ч129
Rates of ionization      256 376 381Ч382 391Ч394 450Ч453 see
Rates of ionization in Keldysh and Faisal Ч Reiss approximation      405
Rates of ionization in LOPT      263 403Ч405 414 490Ч491 494
Rates of ionization, Born approximation for      488Ч489
Rates of ionization, continuity equation approach      450Ч451
Rates of ionization, high-frequency expressions      465Ч467
Rates of ionization, partial      391Ч394 450Ч453
Refractive index, nonlinear      156 179
REMPI (resonantly enhanced multiphoton ionization)      335 see resonant"
REMPI (resonantly enhanced multiphoton ionization), density matrix description of      337Ч343
REMPI (resonantly enhanced multiphoton ionization), type A      343Ч353
REMPI (resonantly enhanced multiphoton ionization), type B      353Ч358
REMPI (resonantly enhanced multiphoton ionization), type C      358Ч360
Resonance energies      448Ч449 461Ч462 see
Resonance energies, in high-frequency Floquet theory      461Ч462 465Ч468
Resonance states      436Ч438 446Ч450 see
Resonance states in high-frequency Floquet theory      459Ч468
Resonant ionization      see "REMPI"
Rydberg atoms (states)      68Ч69
Rydberg atoms (states) in strong microwave fields      67Ч106
Rydberg atoms (states), adiabatic stabilization      496Ч499
Rydberg atoms (states), stark shift in      77Ч98
Saturation (intensity)      3 152 199 340
Scattering, laser assisted      378 383 see
Shadow poles      see "Dominant and shadow states"
Short-wavelength generation      207Ч241
Simple-man's theory      22 24 28 102Ч105 see Quasi-static
Space charge      10
Space-time dependence of laser pulse      254 305Ч306 314Ч315 349 405Ч407 see time-dependent"
Space-time dependence of laser pulse, and photoelectric yields      267Ч271 405Ч407
Space-time dependence of laser pulse, effects of      345Ч346 349Ч352 354Ч357 369Ч370 409Ч410
Space-translated Schroedinger equation      445
Spectrometers (electron) for MPI/ATI experiments      10Ч11
Stabilization      see also "Adiabatic stabilization" "Dynamic "Localization"
Stabilization and ponderomotive shift of Rydberg levels      118Ч119
Stabilization in full Floquet theory      414Ч417
Stabilization in high-frequency Floquet theory      439 492Ч494 496 498Ч499
Stabilization in numerical experiments      317Ч332
Stabilization in TDSE approach      277Ч287 367Ч369
Stabilization, comparison of Adiabatic and Dynamic stabilizations      504
Stark shifts in Rydberg atoms      77Ч98
Stationary approach      436Ч454 see "Floquet "Resonance
Stationary approach and wave packet approach      454Ч455 502Ч504
Stationary approach for oscillating frame      446Ч454
Stationary approach for oscillating frame, boundary conditions      446Ч450
Stationary approach for oscillating frame, high-frequency Floquet theory      455Ч499
Stationary approach for oscillating frame, limitations of      452 454Ч455
Stationary approach for oscillating frame, regularization procedure      450 462Ч463
Stationary approach for oscillating frame, resonance states      436Ч438 446Ч450 454Ч455
Stationary approach, connection with wave packet approach      454Ч455 502Ч504
Stationary approach, laboratory frame      439Ч444
Stationary approach, oscillating frame      446Ч454
Stimulated photon scattering      46 50
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