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Eltschinger C. — Source Code China: The New Global Hub of IT Outsourcing
Eltschinger C. — Source Code China: The New Global Hub of IT Outsourcing

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Название: Source Code China: The New Global Hub of IT Outsourcing

Автор: Eltschinger C.


"The next five years will be [...] a period of opportunity for China to speed up the growth of software and information services outsourcing. China will continue to generate strong market demand for the global software industry."-H.E. Bo Xi LaiMinister, China Central Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM)Praise for Source Code China The New Global Hub of IT Outsourcing"Cyrill Eltschinger's Source Code China examines the depths of?a remarkable?shift towards a value-added economy.? After reading this book, you'll?see once again how?China is positioning?itself for leadership in this growing area."-William G. ParrettChief Executive Officer, Deloitte, May 2007"In his book, Cyrill Eltschinger addresses?an important?perspective: China is not only 'the factory of the world,' it is?also becoming a major technology services hub. For all of us, it is a fascinating experience to participate in this impressive evolution."-Josef M. MuellerChairman & CEO, Nestle (China) Ltd"Source Code China provides an insightful touch with the reality of how China is reshaping the global market for offshore IT services."-Prof. Dr. Dr. Klaus WuchererExecutive Vice President, SIEMENS"This is a must-read to understand IT outsourcing in China and its impact on the rest of the world."-Dr. Andrew LaiVP/GM, Global Delivery China Center, Hewlett-Packard Company;International Economic Advisor to City Mayor of Chongqing, China;IT Strategy Advisor, City Mayor of Chengdu, China"In his book Source Code China, Mr. Eltschinger provides compelling reasons why any company can benefit from IT outsourcing to China, a country that is rapidly becoming the destination of choice for most enterprises."-Charles PauDirector, Globalization Architecture and Technology, IBM"This book demonstrates China's credentials as the new hub of offshore IT services."-Steve LittleSenior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, D.S.I., Schneider Electric"Organizations not sourcing IT services from China are literally missing the boat. Mr. Eltschinger's book takes readers on an intellectual journey explaining how and why China is becoming the premier offshore destination for businesses all over the world. This is a must read for any business executive and I highly recommend you knock this one off your reading list immediately."-David EtzlerChief Executive Officer, OutsourceWorldIf you are not in China, you are really not in the game

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Рубрика: Computer science/

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Год издания: 2007

Количество страниц: 324

Добавлена в каталог: 22.01.2014

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