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Faber T.E. Ч Fluid Dynamics for Physicists
Faber T.E. Ч Fluid Dynamics for Physicists

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Ќазвание: Fluid Dynamics for Physicists

јвтор: Faber T.E.


This textbook provides an accessible and comprehensive account of fluid dynamics that emphasizes fundamental physical principles and stresses connections with other branches of physics. Beginning with a basic introduction, the book goes on to cover many topics not typically treated in texts, such as compressible flow and shock waves, sound attenuation and bulk viscosity, solitary waves and ship waves, thermal convection, instabilities, turbulence, and the behavior of anisotropic, non-Newtonian and quantum fluids. Undergraduate or graduate students in physics or engineering who are taking courses in fluid dynamics will find this book invaluable.

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√од издани€: 1995

 оличество страниц: 459

ƒобавлена в каталог: 04.12.2013

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ѕредметный указатель
Acceleration, centripetal      41
Acceleration, representation of      14Ч15 38 40
Acoustic streaming      285Ч8
Adiabatic (as opposed to isothermal) flow      81 6
Adiabatic lapse rate      see atmosphere temperature
Aeolian harp      260
Aerofoils, flow past      28 271 274 277
Aerofoils, forces on      115 273Ч8
Aerofoils, shape of      268 271 272 274 276Ч7
Alfv$\acute{e}$n waves      415
Angular velocity, of fluid      22 200 393
Anisotropic fluids      385 (see also flow alignment; flow birefringence; plasmas; polymeric liquids)
Anti-thixotropy      409
Aspect ratio      308 316
Aspirator, water jet      76
Atmosphere, general circulation of      338Ч9
Atmosphere, temperature gradient in      89Ч90
B$\acute{e}$nard convection      314Ч22 324Ч8 349Ч51 378Ч83
B$\acute{e}$nard convection, in nematic liquid crystals      412Ч13
Benjamin Ч Feir instability      341 2
Bentonite gels      408Ч9
BernoulliТs theorem, for potential flow      47Ч8 122Ч3
BernoulliТs theorem, for steady compressible flow of ideal gas      86Ч7
BernoulliТs theorem, for steady flow of Euler fluid      14Ч16 46Ч9
Birefringence      see flow birefringence
BordaТs mouthpiece      57
Bores      67Ч72
Bose Ч Einstein condensation      416
Bound vortices      146 147Ч50 270Ч3
Boundary conditions, at fluid-fluid interfaces      166Ч70 175Ч6
Boundary conditions, at fluid-solid interfaces      23Ч5 168Ч9
Boundary layer equations      244
Boundary layers      25Ч9
Boundary layers, at free surface of liquid      29 169
Boundary layers, in convecting fluid      312Ч14 379 381Ч3
Boundary layers, in oscillatory flow      29 141 211Ч12 285Ч6
Boundary layers, on cylinders      252Ч3
Boundary layers, on plates      243Ч51 375Ч8
Boussinesq equations      303Ч5
Brown Ч Roshko vortices      347Ч8
Bubbles, collapse of      54Ч6
Bubbles, effect of ultrasonics on      127
Bubbles, rate of rise of      232 (see also suspensions)
Buffer zone, in turbulent shear flow      372 374Ч5
Bulk viscosity      201 2 236 431 435
Canals, waves in      179Ч80 182Ч6
Capillary waves      see ripples
Cavitation      38 54Ч6
Chaos, routes to      344
ChladnyТs plate      287Ч8
Choked flow      90Ч3
Chord, of aerofoil      272
Circulation      120Ч2
Closure problem      346
Co-moving reference frame      39
Coanda effect      73Ч7
Coherent structures, in turbulent flow      347Ч8 369 378 382Ч3
Compressibilities      3 16 79
Compressibilities, of ideal gas      81 2
Compressible flow      17 78Ч118
Computational fluid dynamics, or computer simulation in fluid dynamics      see numerical methods
Condensation (in compressible flow of gases)      96
Condition      37Ч8 39 40 120
Conformal mapping      131 161
Conformal transformation      see conformal mapping
Constrictions, flow through      81 90Ч3
Contraction coefficient, at $vena$ $contracta$      57 63
Contraction coefficient, for Venturi meter      52
Control volume      71
Convection, thermal      see B$\acute{e}$nard convection;
Coriolis force      45 225 339
Couette flow      222Ч4 328Ч31
Creep, in solids      384
Creeping flow      195 228
Curvature elasticity, of nematic liquid crystals      410Ч11
Cylinders, drag forces on      266Ч7 283
Cylinders, flow past      147Ч8 252Ч62 279Ч83
Cylinders, lift forces on      see Magnus effect
DarcyТs law      238
De Laval expansion nozzle      115 117
Depolarisation factors      139 40
Depressions      338Ч9
Die swell effect      402
Diffusion equation      26 242
Diffusivity, thermal      305
Diffusivity, viscous      304 (see also kinematic viscosity)
Dilatancy      407
Dimensional analysis      8Ч12
Director, in uniaxial liquids      390
Discharge rate, between parallel plates      208 214
Discharge rate, in pipe flow      30Ч31 221 351 3 374
Discharge rate, of a source or sink      124
Disclinations, in nematic liquid crystals      412Ч13
discs      see plates; Rayleigh disc
Dispersion relations for quasi-particles in Helium      2 419
Dispersion relations for surface waves      171 174 176 177 294
Dissipation, of energy due to viscosity      8 21 204Ч6
Drag coefficients      136 264Ч8 274 283
Drag crisis      266Ч7 269Ч70
Drag forces      113Ч14 136 264Ч8 275Ч9
Drag, reduction of      268Ч70
Dynamical similarity      11 256
DТAlembertТs paradox      136 264
Eddies      254Ч61 263 279Ч81 348Ч9
Eddy conductivity (thermal)      379Ч81
Eddy viscosity      227 346Ч7 358Ч62
Effusion      93
Ekman layer      225Ч7
Electromagnetic analogues      127Ч9 136 139Ч40 141Ч2 144Ч6 147 158 275
Energy cascade, in homogeneous turbulencc      354Ч8
Enthalpy      87Ч9
Entrainment      76Ч7 368Ч9
Equation of state, of ideal gas      82
Euler strut      291
EulerТs equation      38 48 79 86
Excess pressure      49
Expansion fans      112Ч15
Explosions, effects of      105Ч7
Extensional viscosity      392
Fairings      268
Fans      61 64Ч5
Feigenbaum number      350
Flow alignment      398 400
Flow birefringence      394Ч8
Flow tube      13 46Ч7
Flowlines      see lines of flow
Fluidity      2Ч3
Fohn      90
Form drag      264
Fountains      56
Froude number      186
Grashof number      306
Gravity waves      65Ч72 170Ч3 176Ч82
Guided waves      179Ч180
Gulf Stream      225
Hagen Ч Poiseuille law      see PoiseuilleТs law
Hele Ч Shaw flow      218Ч220 297Ч302
Helicopters      61Ч3
Helium, properties of      415Ч22
Homogeneous turbulence      345Ч6
Homogeneous turbulence, energy spectrum of      354Ч8
Hydraulic jumps      71 2
Hydrostatics      49
Images, of vortex lines      156Ч7 159
Induced drag      267 275Ч8 279
Inertial sublayer, in turbulent shear flow      372
Inertial subrange, in spectrum of turbulence      356
Inlet length, in pipe flow      29Ч31 36
Instabilities, associated with convection      314 31
Instabilities, of arrays of vortex lines      331Ч2
Instabilities, of boundary layers      340
Instabilities, of fluid-fluid interfaces      61 293Ч302
Instabilities, of nematic liquid crystals      411Ч13
Instabilities, of Stokes waves      33 341
Instabilities, of vortex sheets      331Ч6
Instability      32 289Ч93
Intensification by stretching, of vorticity      152Ч3 241 354
Intermittency, in turbulent flow      344 351 354
Inverse Magnus effect      281
Irrotational flow      see potential flow
Jet stream      339
Jets      56Ч60 (see also submerged jets)
Joule Ч Kelvin effect      88Ч9
Journal bearings      217Ч18
Karman constant      372
Karman vortex streets      see vortex streets
Kelvin wedge      190Ч4
Kelvin Ч Helmholtz instability      331Ч9 353
KelvinТs theorem      23 120Ч2
Kinematic viscosity      8 152 267 304
Knudsen flow      25 84 86 93
Kolmogorov scale length      356
Kolmogorov Ч $\frac{5}{3}$ power law      356
Korteweg-de Vries (KdV) equation      181
Kozeny Ч Carman relation      237
KundtТs tube      287
Laminar flow      206Ч7
LaplaceТs equation      23 120
LaplaceТs equation, solutions of      129Ч33 167
Law of the wall      372 375Ч6
Lift coefficient      274
Lift forces      114 273 4
Line vortices      240
Lines of flow      12Ч13 240
Lines of force      12Ч13 240
Lines of vorticity      240Ч3
Liquid crystals      386 409
Logarithmic law of the wall      see law of the wall
Lubrication, hydrodynamic      214Ч18
Mach angle      108 111 112 113
Mach number      7Ч8 102 107
MachТs construction      109Ч11 192 4
Magnetohydrodynamics      415
Magnetostatic analogues      see electromagnetic analogues
Magnus cffect      147Ч50 259 279Ч83
Marangoni convection      322
Marginal stability      290 292
Maxwell relaxation time      389Ч90
Mean free path, in gases      3 24Ч5 84Ч6 99 359 431Ч2
Mixing layers      347Ч8 369
Mixing length      347 361
Momentum equation      see EulerТs equation
Momentum of gravity waves      173
Momentum of quasi-particles in Helium      2 419
Momentum of sound waves      99Ч101
Navier Ч Stokes equation      202 4
Nematic liquid crystals      390 399 409
Nematic liquid crystals, alignment of director in      399 409Ч12
Newtonian fluids      4 195Ч8
NewtonТs Law of Cooling      303
Non Ч NEWTONian fluids      384Ч7
Numerical methods      204 252 280
Nusselt number      306 308
Onsager relations      391
Open syphon effect in Helium      2 417Ч18
Open syphon effect in polymeric liquids      401
Open-channel flow      209Ч11
Oseen Ч Lamb model, for vortex line      224
Overstability      292Ч3
Parallel plates, flow between      207Ч9 213Ч14 369Ч74
PascalТs theorem      6 7 20
Pathlines      12
Pattern formation      302
Percolation      236Ч8
Period doubling      344 349Ч50
Permeability, of porous solid      238
Phonons      100 419
Pipe flow      29Ч31 34 221 345 351 4
Pitot tube      51
Planing, of boats etc      187Ч8
Plasma oscillations      413
Plasmas, properties of      413Ч15
Plasticity      3 384Ч5
Plates, drag forces on      113Ч14 246 267Ч8 378
Plates, flow past      27Ч28 111Ч15 143Ч4 243Ч51 269Ч71 375Ч8
Plates, lift forces on      114
Plug-hole vortex      44Ч6
Plumes      382
PoiseuilleТs law      31 221
Polar front      338Ч9
Polymer additives, effects on pipe flow of      405Ч7
Polymeric liquids      385
Polymeric liquids, non Ч Newtonian effects in      400Ч7
potential flow      21Ч3 119Ч77
Potentials      119Ч20
Potentials, complex      130Ч1
Potentials, multi-valued      144Ч5
Prandtl number      306
Pressure, mean      6 198 201Ч2
Rankine fairing      126 268
Rankine model, for vortex line      151
Rankine Ч Hugoniot relations      102Ч3
Rate of change, following fluid motion      39
Rate of deformation      199Ч200
Rayleigh disc      141 4
Rayleigh number      306 308
Rayleigh Ч B$\acute{e}$nard instability      314Ч19
Rayleigh Ч Plateau instability      295Ч6
Rayleigh Ч Taylor instability      293Ч5
Reattachment, of boundary layers      256
Refraction, of ocean waves      66
Relaxation time, in liquids      see Maxwell relaxation time
Reptation      400
Reynolds number      7Ч8
Reynolds Number in boundary layer flow      314 340
Reynolds Number in flow past cylinders      253
Reynolds Number in flow past plates or aerofoils      27Ч8 267
Reynolds Number in flow past spheres      228
Reynolds Number in pipe flow      7Ч8
Reynolds Number in suspensions undergoing shear      234 394
Reynolds Number in turbulent flows      357Ч358 363
Reynolds Number of vortex ring      263
Reynolds stress      359
Rhcology      386
Rheometers      386 405
Rheopexy      409
RiemannТs treatment, of sound propagation      425Ч8
Ripples      173Ч4 178
Rocket engines      93 115Ч18
Roll parameter      279
Rolls in convecting fluid      316Ч21 327Ч8 329Ч30
Rolls in nematic liquid crystals      411Ч13
Rotons, in Helium      2 419
Saffman Ч Taylor instability      297Ч302
Sailing boats      278Ч9
Scale models, use of      11Ч12 267
Scaling theories, of turbulent shear flow      347 362Ч78
Second sound, in Helium      2 418
Second viscosity      see bulk viscosity
Secondary circulation      213 283Ч8
Self-preserving flows      see self-similarity
Self-similarity of laminar boundary layer flow      244
Self-similarity of turbulent shear flows      347 363Ч4
Separation, of boundary layers      253Ч6 261Ч2 263 271 280
Shadowgraphs      337 347
Shear modulus of plasma threaded by magnetic field      415
Shear modulus of viscoelastic substance      387Ч9
Shear shedding, of eddies      259Ч61 279Ч81
Shear thickening      405 408
Shear thinning      405 408Ч9
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