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Gabbay D.M., Hogger C.J., Robinson J.A. Ч Handbook of Logic in Artificial Intelligence and Logic Programming: Volume 5: Logic Programming
Gabbay D.M., Hogger C.J., Robinson J.A. Ч Handbook of Logic in Artificial Intelligence and Logic Programming: Volume 5: Logic Programming

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Ќазвание: Handbook of Logic in Artificial Intelligence and Logic Programming: Volume 5: Logic Programming

јвторы: Gabbay D.M., Hogger C.J., Robinson J.A.


Logic is now widely recognized as one of the foundational disciplines of computing and has applications in virtually all aspects of the subject, from software engineering and hardware to programming languages and artificial intelligence. The Handbook of Logic in Artificial Intelligence and its companion The Handbook of Logic in Computer Science were created in response to the growing need for an in-depth survey of these applications. This handbook comprises five volumes, each an in-depth overview of one of the major topics in this area. The result of years of cooperative effort by internationally renowned researchers, it will be the standard reference work in AI for years to come. Volume 5 focuses on logic programming. The chapters, which in many cases are of monograph length and scope, emphasize possible unifying themes.

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√од издани€: 1998

 оличество страниц: 815

ƒобавлена в каталог: 01.12.2013

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$\alpha$-conversion      514
$\beta$-conversion      514
$\eta$-conversion      510 514
$\lambda$ calculus      136 see
$\lambda$ conversion      510 522
$\lambda$ conversion, rules      513Ч516
$\lambda$ Prolog      23 212 549
$\lambda$-terms      500Ч501
$\lambda$-terms as data structures      561Ч574
$\mathcal{P}$-derivation      541Ч546
$\mathcal{P}$-derivation and construction of interpreter      548
$\mathcal{P}$-derivation, completeness      546
$\mathcal{P}$-derivation, correctness      544
$\mathcal{P}$-derivation, soundness      544
$\omega$-rewriting      103Ч105
$\Omega$-terms      120 124 129
$\theta$-subsumption      176
Abducible hypotheses, retraction      281Ч282
Abducible sentences      237
Abducibles, negation of      274Ч275
Abduction and constraint logic programming      287Ч288
Abduction, applications in AI      243Ч244
Abduction, argumentation-theoretic interpretation      236
Abduction, computation through TMS      279
Abduction, deduction from the completion      285Ч287
Abduction, default and non-default      308
Abduction, formalizations      240
Abduction, proof procedures      239
Abduction, semantics      308
Abduction, simulation      280Ч285
Abduction, use for various forms of reasoning      271Ч272
Abductive framework      242
Abductive logic programming [ALP]      269
Abductive logic programming [ALP], modification of semantics      278
Abductive proof procedure      273Ч277
Abductive proof procedure, abductive phase      258Ч260
Abductive proof procedure, argumentation-theoretic interpretation      267Ч269 277Ч279
Abductive proof procedure, consistency phase      258 258n 260
Abductive proof procedure, soundness      261Ч262
Abductive reasoning      236Ч237
Abductive task, intractability      240
Abstract data type      455
Abstract data type, realization      208
Abstract interpretation      111 772
Abstract interpreter      526Ч527
Abstract interpreter for higher-order Horn clauses, deficiencies      537
Abstract logic programming language      198
Abstract logic programming language, examples      199Ч200 205
Abstract machine, advantages      651Ч652
Abstract machine, design of instruction set      652Ч655
Abstract machine, runtime support      656
AC      see "Admissibility condition"
Acceptability semantics      296
Accumulation strategy      759
Admissibility condition [AC]      333
Admissible chain      184
AKL      see "Andorra Kernel Language"
Algebra      28 see "Functional "Initial "Relational
Allowed program      360Ч361 391
Alloy      466
ALP      see "Abductive logic programming"
Alps      622
Amalgamated language, incompleteness      460
Amalgamated program      461
Amalgamation      460
Amalgamation, advantages      464
Ambivalent logic      467Ч468
Analog circuits, analysis and synthesis      658Ч660
Ancestor filter      170
Andorra Kernel Language [AKL]      622
Andorra principle      622
Annotations      763Ч764
Answer as proof of formula      12
Answer extraction      189
Answer in query system      12
Answer sets, consistency      290Ч293
Answer, consequentially strongest      14
Answer, most general      20
Answer, prohibited      13
APL      71
Append, implementation      504Ч507
Architecture, meta-level      465
Arithmetic, Robinson's      18
Assumption-based truth maintenance system [ATMS]      239 304 305Ч307
Assumption-based truth maintenance system [ATMS], non-propositional case      307
ATMS      see "Assumption-based truth maintenance system"
Atomic propositional formula      8
Attack      263
Attack by explicit negation      297
Attack by integrity constraint      308
Autoepistemic logic      302 408Ч409
Autoepistemic logic, three-valued      409
Automated theorem proving      163Ч164
Backchaining refutation      172
Backtracking in constraint algorithm      643Ч645
Backtracking, dependency-directed      304
Backtracking, implicational computation      54
Basic explanation      238
Basic goal replacement rule      727
BAT      291
Belief revision      248 309
Bidirectional search      172
Block structuring, realization      208
Boolean domain, satisfiability in      632 636 640
Boolean equations, solving      674Ч675
Bottom-up execution, for CLP systems      617Ч619
Bottom-up refutation      172
Bound variable      17
Caching      185
Call-consistent program      361 391Ч393
CAS      see "Computed answer substitution semantics"
CCLP      see "Concurrent constraint logic programming"
CET      see "Clark equality theory" "Clark's
Chain, admissible      184
Chemical-reaction pathways, elucidation      671Ч674
CHIP, use for scheduling problems      671
Church Ч Rosser property      81
Church Ч Rosser results      57
Church's simple theory of types      500 510
CI      see "Clause incorporation"
CLAM      655
Clark completion      338 356Ч359 365 374Ч384 609 707
Clark completion and closed world assumption      379
Clark completion and non-normal programs      380Ч382
Clark completion for programs with equality      383Ч384
Clark completion, consistency in 3-valued logic      387
Clark completion, dependence on language      389
Clark completion, incompleteness for normal programs      383
Clark completion, semantics      738
Clark equality theory [CET]      286 338
Clark's equational theory [CET]      375 386Ч387
Classical logic      196 206
Clausal goal replacement rule      713Ч714 719Ч721
Clause incorporation [Cl]      217
Clause replacement rules      714Ч715
Clause subsumption      176
Clause, definite      186
Closed world assumption [CWA]      289 338 356Ч359 365 370Ч374 see "Weak
Closed world assumption [CWA] and Clark completion      379
Closed world assumption [CWA] and negation as failure      357 373
Closed world assumption [CWA] in databases      27
Closed world assumption [CWA], conditions for consistency      371 372
Closed world assumption [CWA], inconsistent, in disjunctive theories      338
Closed world assumption [CWA], model-theory of      374
Closed world assumption [CWA], restriction to definite Horn clause programs      371Ч372
Closure      130
CLP      see "Constraint logic programming"
Coherence principle      296Ч297
Combinator calculus      138
Combinatorial search problems      665Ч675
Committed-choice non-determinism      619
Compactness of proof system      37
Compactness of provable-consequence relation      40
Compactness of semantic-consequence relation      9
Compilation, compared with specialization      487Ч488
Compiling control      748
Complete rewriting sequence      97Ч100
Completeness of programming system      50
Completeness preservation, in depth-first search procedure      168
Completion      see "Clark completion"
Complexity, and disjunctive logic programs      349
composition      753
Computable relation      3
Computation as search      192Ч195
Computation, meaning      528Ч537
Computed answer semantics for normal programs      737
Computed answer substitution      728
Computed answer substitution semantics [CAS]      728Ч730
Computed-output relation      45
Concurrent constraint logic programming [CCLP]      619Ч621
Concurrent Prolog      619n
Confluence      57 74 81Ч82 93Ч95
Confluence of orthogonal systems      87
Confluence, confluent term rewriting, near-completeness      83
Confluence, consequences      96
Confluence, local      82 93Ч95
Confluence, one-step      82
Confluence, testing for      84Ч96
Confluence, undecidability      84
Congruence closure      119
Conjunctive equation      142 143
Conjunctive implicational computations      54
Conjunctive normal form, advantages      165Ч166
Consequences, provable      37Ч40
Consequentially complete programming system      50
Consistent answer set      290
Constraint domain      601Ч608
Constraint logic programming languages      596Ч598
Constraint logic programming languages, complex constants in      623Ч624
Constraint logic programming languages, linguistic features      621Ч628
Constraint logic programming languages, miscellaneous applications      676
Constraint logic programming languages, negation in      625
Constraint logic programming languages, practical use of      658
Constraint logic programming languages, preferred solutions in      626Ч628
Constraint logic programming languages, user-defined constraints in      624Ч625
Constraint logic programming system, completeness      615Ч617
Constraint logic programming system, implementation      627Ч628
Constraint logic programming system, soundness      615Ч617
Constraint logic programming [CLP]      36Ч37 152 287Ч288 592Ч601
Constraint logic programming [CLP], background      598
Constraint logic programming [CLP], design of programs      651Ч656
Constraint logic programming [CLP], logical semantics of programs      608Ч609
Constraint logic programming [CLP], parallel implementation      657Ч658
Constraint logic programming [CLP], program analysis techniques      655Ч656
Constraint logic programming [CLP], programs      599Ч600
Constraint logic programming [CLP], semantics      600Ч601
Constraint programming languages      593Ч595
Constraint solving algorithms      628Ч645
Constraint system      608
Constraints, dynamic      594Ч595
Constraints, incremental satisfiability      633Ч637
Constraints, non-incrementally satisfiable      630Ч633
Constraints, tests and operations      605
Constructive negation      343 364Ч365
Constructor-orthogonality      85 86Ч87 91
Cross-reference table      644
Cumulative default logic      252
Cut elimination      56Ч57 196 519 522
CWA      see "Closed world assumption"
D-admissible      298
Data structures, choice of      756
Data structures, dynamic provision      756Ч760
Database view updates, use of abduction      243
Datalog      23Ч28
DCA      see "Domain closure axiom"
DDR      see "Disjunctive database rule"
Decidable set      3
Decidable theory      3
Deduction      236
Deduction property      10
Deduction, automated      522
Deductive database      24
Default abduction and negation as failure      307
Default logic      249 302
Default reasoning      249Ч254
Default reasoning with explicit negation      299Ч300
Default reasoning, argumentation-based      301Ч303
Default reasoning, formalisations      250
Default reasoning, methods of performance      254
Default reasoning, uses of abduction      244
Default rule      249
Definite clause      186 503
Definite program      361 384Ч385
Definition elimination rule      712
Definition rule      702 711Ч712
Deforestation      753
Delay declaration      764
Delay mechanism      596
Delayed constraint      645
Delayed goal      645
Deletion      712
Demand-driven computation      71 73
Demodulation      78
Denotational semantics      57Ч58
Depth-first search, price      170
Derivability, formal      6
Derivation      517Ч519
DHBp      see "Disjunctive Herbrand base"
Difference-list      756
Digital circuits, use of CLP      675
Directed congruence closure      133 134
Directed set      142
Disjunction, characterization      337
Disjunctive database rule [DDR]      340
Disjunctive deductive database      349
Disjunctive Herbrand base [DHBp]      332 336
Disjunctive logic program      326
Disjunctive logic program, semantics      349
Disjunctive logic programming [DLP]      219 283 326 330Ч337
Disjunctive logic programming [DLP], transformation of programs into ALP      284Ч285
Disjunctive logic programming [DLP], various semantics the same      336
Disjunctive logic, implementation of language      348
DLP      see "Disjunctive logic programming"
DNA sequencing      668Ч669
Domain closure axiom [DCA]      389 405
Domain theory      58
Don't-care nondeterminism      619
DSL ALPHA      25
DSL ALPHA, semantic problem in      26
DSL ALPHA, translation of queries into FOPC questions      27
Dynamic meta-programming      468
Dynamic scope, and incorrect answers in Lisp      34Ч35
Dynamic scoping, unsound, in early Lisp processors      55
Eager evaluation, in denotational semantics      58
ElipSys      657
ELP      see "Extended logic programming"
em      see "Equational Machine"
Entailment algorithm      637Ч640
Entailment, semantic      6
EQL      36 148
Equality, definability      405
Equation solving      147Ч149
Equational formula      28
Equational logic programming, data structures      111Ч120
Equational logic programming, driving procedures      111 129Ч137
Equational logic programming, extensions      141Ч153
Equational logic programming, implementation      119Ч120
Equational logic programming, pattern-matching      111 120Ч129
Equational logic programming, sequencing      111 120Ч129
Equational logic, completeness of proof systems      77
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