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Thomas R. DeMark — New Market Timing Techniques
Thomas R. DeMark — New Market Timing Techniques

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Название: New Market Timing Techniques

Автор: Thomas R. DeMark


Widely regarded as the world's foremost authority on chart analysis, Tom DeMark has developed technical systems and indicators for many of the most successful trading operations in the world. Now, in a sequel to his bestselling book, The New Science of Technical Analysis, he stakes out new territory while refining the most popular and precise of his indicators with exacting attention to real-time trading applications. In addition, he shares—for the first time anywhere—the complete details of a new indicator: TD Combo. Used in conjunction with his popular TD Sequential, TD Combo equips traders with a powerful new tool for understanding market rhythms and calculating buy and sell opportunities.
DeMark draws on a lifetime of research and gives the reader the benefit of his legendary expertise as a market timing analyst. He offers detailed material on indicator construction, application, and interpretation, and makes it much easier for traders to implement his revolutionary concepts in real-time situations. Among the indicators presented in this invaluable book are: Oscillators—Five of DeMark's key indicators for identifying both price tops and bottoms as well as the overall trend of markets. TD Sequential—An indicator unequaled in its ability to evaluate the condition of a market at any point in time based on price patterns, price relationships, and price movement. TD Combo—The result of an exhaustive research process, this new powerful indicator is used with TD Sequential and is revealed here for the first time in its entirety. TD Lines—DeMark's trendline analysis technique that provides an accurate, practical methodology for identifying price breakouts. TD Retracements—Consistent, objective, and scientific methods for calculating price retracement projections. Breakouts—DeMark's unique trading rules for detecting pending or potential price breakouts that would establish or accelerate a trend. TD Moving Averages—Used in combination with price breakout techniques, these methods avoid the shortcomings of similar, less successful approaches. Market Timing Techniques—An array of trading models for capturing short-term opportunities, participating in breakouts, and capitalizing on price patterns and price relationships, originally developed for Tudor Systems. TD Triangulation and TD Propulsion—DeMark's market timing approaches that depend on momentum and pattern recognition (TD Triangulation) and on the direction of an overall price trend (TD Propulsion).
Along with other thoroughly tested techniques, DeMark offers authoritative insights on a range of essential topics, from common misconceptions about the market, to the skills needed for successful trading, and the extreme importance of careful money management. With its combination of techniques, in-depth analysis, and sound, practical advice, New Market Timing Techniques is a rich resource that every trader will want to navigate the markets.
"Market timing has moved from the realm of voodoo to mainstream doctrine. New Market Timing Techniques provides cutting-edge techniques for using oscillators, moving averages, breakouts, and other basics of technical analysis, backed by 25 years of research."—Michael R. Bloomberg, Founder and CEO, Bloomberg L.P.
"After reading The New Science of Technical Analysis, I didn't think Tom DeMark could have very much more to say. I was wrong! New Market Timing Techniques not only refines the concepts of his earlier book, but adds subtleties and breaks new ground. Tom DeMark is not just at the cutting edge of technical analysis, he is the cutting edge."—Alfred H. Kingon, Kingon International Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury.
"Tom DeMark is a technician's technician who has shared with all of us his insights, systems, and exceptional stock market timing techniques developed over 27 years of detailed analysis."—Leon G. Cooperman, Chairman, Omega Advisors, Inc.
"The stock market is a perilous journey at best. Anything that can reduce the risk and make the trip more enjoyable is most desirable. Tom DeMark's book does this. Here is a cornucopia of new ideas, new dimensions, and concepts that challenge the most discerning minds. This is a technical waker-upper."—Joseph Granville, The Granville Market Letter.
"Tom has done it again! Here he reveals even more of his fascinating trading tactics, techniques, and tools. His ideas are totally original and backed by proven research. If you trade without these tricks of the trade, you are not playing with a full deck."—Larry Williams, Trader and Author How I Made a Million Dollars Last Year Trading Commodities.

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Год издания: 1997

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