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Lecky-Thompson G.W. Ч Corporate Software Project Management
Lecky-Thompson G.W. Ч Corporate Software Project Management

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Ќазвание: Corporate Software Project Management

јвтор: Lecky-Thompson G.W.


It has long been accepted in the software industry that projects will be late, over budget, and lacking in agreed upon features due to technical or time limitations. As more companies become involved with the development and deployment of large-scale software projects, it is necessary to define ways to ensure that quality products are produced. Corporate Software Project Management teaches the three main areas for efficient software development: management, quality, and client relations. It provides a series of globally applicable methods that can enhance productivity and reduce costs within software teams, without sacrificing quality. The book deals with both the management aspects and the technical side of software engineering. Examples of how software can be designed to maximize code for future projects are also included. Corporate Software Project Management provides managers, developers, and programmers with methodologies and techniques that will help them produce quality products from start to finish.

язык: en

–убрика: “ехнологи€/

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√од издани€: 2005

 оличество страниц: 350

ƒобавлена в каталог: 05.05.2006

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ѕредметный указатель
'Redistributables'      256
Acceptance testing of new features      292Ч293
Acceptance testing, user      73
Access databases      46
Account manager      330
Accounting system, viewpoint structure for (fig.)      51
Accuracy vs. client satisfaction      147
Acronyms and documentation standards      24
Action Diagrams      53
Active prototypes      234
Ada programming languages      121
Administration Guide      98
Agenda style      26
Aggregation in object-oriented design      152Ч153
Analyses, included in Functional Specification      142Ч143
Analyses, product quality      330
Analyses, viewpoint      50
API Reference guide      98
APIs (application programming interfaces)      113
Applications, coding language and performance      222
Applications, copy protection of      257
Applications, multiuser networked, security      117Ч118
Applications, preparing for delivery      254Ч258
Applications, rapid development systems      235
Applications, Windows written in C      219
Arguments, test data for validation      82Ч83
Arrays      86Ч87
Artifacts, structuring source code by type of      194
Assemblers described      211
Assembly language      211Ч215
Attributes, data- vs. process-oriented design      149Ч150
Auditing quality assurance process      283
Augmented waterfall process model      63Ч68
Automating testing procedures      78Ч81
Badges (product labels)      283Ч284
BASIC programming language      160
Benchmarking      275 282Ч283
Beta versions      21
BIOS disk space and drive information      87Ч88
black box testing      88
Block separators in code      33
Book, this, CD-ROM, about      363Ч364
Book, this, management, quality, and client relation focus      xxii
Book, this, Part I, the product mix      1Ч2
Book, this, Part II, principles of corporate software engineering      89Ч90
Book, this, Part III, principles of software quality control      269
Borland Delphi development environment      160
Boundary, system      98Ч99
byte code      211Ч214
C programming language and writing PDL      121
C programming language, test harness written in      79Ч81
C programming language, Windows applications in      219
C++ programming language as object-oriented language      159Ч160
C++ programming language, classes      218
C++ programming language, prototyping with      229
Capacity, multi-user levels      116Ч117
Capacity, system, and performance      138
Capturing requirements      95Ч98 331Ч335
Cardinality notation      147Ч149
CD-ROM, about book's      363Ч364
CDs and database performance      116
CDs as delivery media      254
CDs as permanent storage      119
Central storage      113
Certification vs. testing      304Ч306
Certification, testing      88
Certification, training      284
Change History subsection, structured documents      16
Change request procedures      177 264Ч265 322
Change tracking, management      189Ч190 315Ч316
Chapter summaries, coding and language choice      222Ч223
Chapter summaries, corporate quality      284
Chapter summaries, delivery      266Ч267
Chapter summaries, feedback techniques      324
Chapter summaries, first prototype      236Ч237
Chapter summaries, Functional Specification      143Ч144
Chapter summaries, functionality, adding to prototype      252
Chapter summaries, implementation strategies, guidelines      360Ч361
Chapter summaries, Liaison Center      18
Chapter summaries, object and component archive      207Ч208
Chapter summaries, object-oriented programming      165
Chapter summaries, product development      69
Chapter summaries, Requirements Definition document      104
Chapter summaries, requirements specification      126
Chapter summaries, reusable code      185Ч186
Chapter summaries, specifications      57
Chapter summaries, standards and guidelines      36Ч37
Chapter summaries, testing      88 306Ч307
Chapter summaries, testing procedures      306Ч307
Character data, scalar variable limits      84Ч86
Checklists, quality      277
Chicago Manual of Style      23
Choosing appropriate prototyping paradigm      61
Class network diagram (fig.)      156
Classes and compiled 'glue' languages      218
Classes in C++      159Ч160
Classes, class tree (fig.)      157
Classes, data- vs. process-oriented design      149Ч150
Classes, diagramming, inheritance in      153Ч158
Classes, modules and      161
Classes, names, making searchable      198Ч199
Client satisfaction      326Ч336
Client/server systems and network protocols      117Ч118
Clients and project teams      5Ч6
Clients, communication, and Liaison Center      6Ч7
Clients, educating the      340
Clients, feedback from prototype      234Ч236
Clients, role in developing specifications      40Ч41
Code      see also "Coding"
Code Complete (Microsoft Press)      31
Code, comments in      32
Code, glue      251
Code, portability of      221Ч222
Code, searchable executable      207
Code, specifications      see "Specifications"
Coding and cross coding      242Ч243
Coding, 'implement and fix' approach      60
Coding, standards      31Ч34
Coding, testing for errors      249
Collecting data, standards      34Ч35
Command-line, interface, designing prototype      231Ч232
Command-line, options, documenting in Programmer's Guide      205
Communication of corporate quality      272Ч275
Communication with clients, employees      6Ч7 10Ч11
Communication, documents and templates      35Ч36
Communication, external systems      139
Communication, languages      215
Communication, Liaison Center functions      4Ч5 314Ч321
Companies, implementation strategies and guidelines      343Ч360
Competence and quality excellence      331
Competence, technical, and specifications development      45
Compiled languages      212Ч213
Compilers, internal      214
Completion, maintenance phase of projects      27
Compliance sheets for test result documentation      77Ч78
Component galleries vs. object reuse      179Ч180
Component Gallery (GC), designing, documenting      204Ч207
Component Gallery (GC), Librarian, role of      352
Component Gallery (GC), sourcing blocks      241Ч242
constants, naming conventions      200
Contracts, Contractual Obligations, in Functional Specification      141Ч142
Contracts, maintenance      31
Contracts, managing, Liaison Center task      9Ч10
Conventions      see also "Standards"
Conventions in Data Dictionary      131
Conventions, filenaming      197
Conventions, time, date      20Ч21
Copy protection of product      257
Corporate quality, documenting      280Ч284
Corporate quality, managing      275Ч284
Corporate quality, projecting, promoting      271Ч275
Corporate software engineering principles      89Ч90
Correctness, testing      298 319
Costs, fault elimination      56
Costs, Liaison Center benefits      13
Costs, Open Source software      180Ч181
Costs, surveying for client satisfaction      327
Counting code lines      34
Countries, ISO tags      137
Cross coding      242Ч243
Cross-platform solutions      213
Currency, and documentation standards      23Ч24
Customer objects, data design diagram (fig.)      53
Customization of product      263Ч265
CVS versioning system      188
Cycles, software development      see "Software Development Life Cycle"
Cycles, test (fig.)      76
Data dictionary      130Ч137 139
Data Management Systems      216
Data, assembling test      248
Data, collection standards      34Ч35
Data, design diagrams      51Ч52
Data, entities, in Data Dictionary      131Ч133 139
Data, modeling      51Ч52
Data, standards documentation      20
Data, storage, and system model      100Ч101
Data, structure diagrams      147Ч149
Data, types      82Ч86 133Ч134
Data-flow diagrams      54
Databases, definition in specifications      46
Databases, project      8Ч9
Databases, requirements, in specifications      94 109 113Ч115
Databases, search capacities for      114
Dates, data testing of      83Ч84
Debugging      87Ч88
Decomposition, functional      53Ч54
Defining, objects in object-oriented design      151
Defining, requirements      29Ч30
Defining, standards for documentation      20Ч26
Definitions and specifications      110Ч112
Delivery, customization      263Ч265
Delivery, media      254Ч255
Delivery, overview      256Ч257
Delivery, package preparation      253Ч254
Delivery, phase, development process      67Ч68
Delivery, supporting documentation      258Ч263
Delivery, training component      265Ч266
Demonstration stage, prototyping      233Ч234
Dependencies and prototyping      227 233
Dependencies, external, simulating      251Ч252
Dependencies, resource, documenting      201Ч202
Dependencies, system, testing      300Ч304
Design Correctness Metric (DCM)      319
Design, documents, in repository      202Ч203
design, object-oriented      150Ч158
Design, phase, validating      66Ч67
Design, process-oriented      149
Design, turning into product, step in      240
Designing, Component Gallery      204Ч207
Designing, data modeling      51Ч52
Designing, product development      66
Designing, prototype      226Ч228
Designing, user interface      47Ч48
Development and Testing process      67
Diagrams and specifications      48Ч54
Diagrams in object-oriented design      154Ч158
Diagrams, class description (fig.)      155
Diagrams, data design      51Ч52
Diagrams, data structure (fig.)      147
Diagrams, data-flow      54
Diagrams, flow      129
Diagrams, object interaction      157Ч158
Diagrams, process      128Ч130
Diagrams, tabular collection      99
Dialog boxes, prototyping      230Ч231
Document definition languages      216
Documentation and document information systems      16Ч18
Documentation and project phases      26Ч31
Documentation for Component Gallery      205Ч207
Documentation in Functional Specification      142
Documentation of test results      77Ч78
Documentation, design      202Ч203
Documentation, layout and structure      15Ч16
Documentation, Liaison Center task      11Ч12
Documentation, prototype      227Ч228 236Ч237
Documentation, Reporting Line      312Ч313
Documentation, Requirements Definition document      91Ч94 97Ч98
Documentation, reuse policy      168Ч173
Documentation, Software Requirements document      103Ч104
Documentation, specification terminology      46Ч47
Documentation, supporting delivery      254 258Ч263
Documentation, writing style      23
Documenting, objects for Object Repository      200Ч204
Documenting, quality      280Ч284
Documenting, reporting line      310Ч314
Dongles      257
Double contingency, building into projects      28
Drivers, system dependencies      302
DVDs and database performance      116
DVDs as permanent storage      119
DVDs, delivery      254Ч255
Dynamic memory, testing      87
E-mail addresses      22
Education, client      340
Eiffel programming language      121
Employees, communication with      10Ч11
Encapsulation in object-oriented design      150Ч151
End users and user interface design      47Ч48
End users, role in developing specifications      43Ч44
End users, services, defining for requirements capture      96
Errors in prototype code      249
Errors, costs of fault elimination      55Ч57
Errors, testing scenarios      291Ч294
Ethics of using Open Source code      185
Executable code, searchable      207
Execution phase of projects      27 29Ч30
Expertise and choice of coding language      220
Expertise of development staff, and documentation standards      146
Exploratory programming process model      62
Exported functions      232
External clients and project teams      5Ч6
external dependencies      233 251Ч252
External systems communication      139
Feedback and reusable code, objects      175Ч176
Feedback, techniques      309Ч324
Fields, variable-length      135Ч137
file compression      196
Filenames and searchable code      196Ч197
Finding Open Source code      181
Fine-grained repository artifacts      178
Fitness for use, determining      300
Floating-points, data storage type      84
Floating-points, numbers, testing      311
Flow diagrams      129
Formal translation process model      62
Formats, standard notation      135
Forms for problem reports      261Ч262
Frameworks for software development      221
function definitions      130
functional decomposition      53Ч54
Functional definitions, specifications      29Ч30 110Ч112
Functional requirements      101 123
Functional Requirements Specification      93 109 110Ч111
Functional Specification      127Ч130 142Ч143
Functionality, adding to prototype      239Ч245
Functions, exported, in prototype      232Ч233
Functions, iterative development of      246
Functions, limiting size of code      33Ч34
Glossary section of structured document      16
Glossary, contents of, managing      102
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