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Eu B.C. — Kinetic Theory and Irreversible Thermodynamics
Eu B.C. — Kinetic Theory and Irreversible Thermodynamics

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Название: Kinetic Theory and Irreversible Thermodynamics

Автор: Eu B.C.


The fields of the kinetic theory of gases and of the nonequilibrium statistical mechanics of fluids could certainly use a new book. Some of the most useful and most recent, such as those by R6sibois and De Leener, by Boon and Yip, by McLennan, by Reichl, and by Lifshitz and Pitaevsky, do not cover a broad enough range of topics and are, of course, somewhat out of date. I am looking forward to a book that starts with the Boltzmann equation and its generalization to higher densities made possible by the work of N.N. Bogoliubov, M. S. Green, and E. G. D. Cohen in the mid-60s. Such a book should discuss the divergence difficulties in the density expansions, their renormalization, and the long-time tail effects that follow from the renormalized theory. It would also discuss "long-time tail effects" in light scattering, and comparisons with computer-simulated molecular dynamics, including recent work on cellular automata lattice gases. If there were enough space, it would also discuss quantum systems, particularly localization phenomena that are closely related to classical long-time tail effects, as well as superfluids. If the author were truly ambitious, he or she would also make the connections between the molecular chaos of Boltzmann and the dynamical chaos of Sinai and other workers in this field. I would really love to see such a book!

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Год издания: 1993

Количество страниц: 3

Добавлена в каталог: 02.11.2013

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