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Jang M. — Linux® Patch Management: Keeping Linux® Systems Up To Date
Jang M. — Linux® Patch Management: Keeping Linux® Systems Up To Date

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Название: Linux® Patch Management: Keeping Linux® Systems Up To Date

Автор: Jang M.


To keep your Linux systems secure, reliable, and productive, you must stay current with patches and updates. But, until now, it has been difficult to find usable, trustworthy guidance on managing patches in Linux production environments. Linux Patch Management fills that gap, offering Linux professionals start-to-finish solutions, strategies, and examples for every environment, from single computers to enterprise-class networks.
Michael Jang presents patching solutions for Red Hat, Fedora, SUSE, Debian, and other distributions. He systematically covers both distribution-specific tools and widely used community tools, such as apt and yum. This book's streamlined patch management techniques minimize impacts on users, networks, and administrators, and address applications as well as the underlying OS. Whatever your role in managing Linux systems, Linux Patch Management will reduce your costs, enhance the availability of your systems, and dramatically improve your personal efficiency.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Год издания: 2006

Количество страниц: 288

Добавлена в каталог: 23.04.2006

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Предметный указатель
/// (triple forward slash)      
acquiring CDs for RHEL      
activating subscriptions for RHEL      
activations, ZLM      
adding, clients to ZLM      
adding, headers      
adding, repositories      
adding, repositories, development repositories      
adding, repositories, distribution repositories      
adding, repositories, Extras      
adding, repositories, third-party repositories      
adding, repositories, using distribution installation files      
adding, repositories, Yum Extender      
adding, RPMs from installation CDs      
administrators, configuring in ZLM      
Advanced Package Tool      [See apt]
aggregating RHEL updates      
application patches, testing      
APT (Advanced Package Tool)      
apt repositories      
apt repositories, creating Debian mirrors      
apt repositories, creating Debian mirrors, configuring apt-mirror      
apt repositories, creating Debian mirrors, configuring debmirror      
apt repositories, creating Debian mirrors, using local packages      
apt repositories, Debian repositories      
apt system, Debian      
apt, aptitude      
apt, aptitude, configuring patch management      
apt, aptitude, making changes      
apt, aptitude, menu organization      
apt, aptitude, patch management      
apt, aptitude, running      
apt, commands      [See commands apt]
apt, configuring      
apt, configuring for Fedora Linux      
apt, configuring for Red Hat rebuilds      
apt, configuring for Red Hat rebuilds, atrpms.list      
apt, configuring for Red Hat rebuilds, dag.list      
apt, configuring for Red Hat rebuilds, freshrpms.list      
apt, configuring for Red Hat rebuilds, newrpms.list      
apt, configuring for Red Hat rebuilds, os.list      
apt, configuring for RPM      
apt, configuring for SUSE Linux      2nd
apt, configuring, on your computer      
apt, creating repositories      
apt, creating repositories, organizing customized repositories      
apt, creating repositories, organizing like mirrors      
apt, creating repositories, processing RPM-based repositories      
apt, history of apt for RPM      
apt, installing on      
apt, installing on, Debian-based distribution      
apt, installing on, RPM-based distribution      
apt, overview of apt for RPM-based distributions      
apt, packages      
apt, remote repositories, mirroring      
apt, removing package groups, Fedora Linux      
apt, setting up local repositories      
apt, Synaptic Package Manager      
apt, Synaptic Package Manager, configuring      
apt, Synaptic Package Manager, keeping updated      
apt, Synaptic Package Manager, making changes      
apt, Synaptic Package Manager, selecting packages      
apt-cache depends/rdepends      
apt-cache pkgnames      
apt-cache show      
apt-cache showpkg      
apt-cache showsrc      
apt-ftparchive      2nd
apt-get      2nd
apt-get check      
apt-get dist-upgrade      
apt-get switches      
apt-get upgrade      
apt-howto      2nd
apt-listbugs      2nd
apt-mirror, configuring      
aptitude      2nd
aptitude, configuring aptitude patch management      
aptitude, making changes      
aptitude, menu organization      
aptitude, package state labels      
aptitude, patch management      
aptitude, running      
assigning channels from Red Hat network      
atrpms.list, configuring apt for Red Hat rebuilds      
authenticated network servers, changing source of installation (YaST)      
automating updates, configuring      
automating updates, configuring, proxy clients      
automating updates, configuring, yum      [See yum configuring
Automounter daemon      
backslashes (\)      
backup, System Update (YaST)      
bug fixes      
caches, cleaning yum caches      
caching packages by yum      
CentOS, 437      
CentOS, 437, configuring      
certificate keys      
certificate keys, copying      
certificate keys, creating      
changes, Synaptic Package Manager      
changing, aptitude      
changing, source of installation (YaST)      
channels, configuring in ZLM      
channels, proxy servers (Red Hat Network Proxy Server)      
checking, dependencies      
checking, updates by yum      
CIDR (Classless Inter-Domain Routing)      
cleaning, header information, maintaining repositories      
cleaning, yum caches      
clients, adding to ZLM      
clients, configuring to RHEL repositories      
clients, supported by ZLM      
command line options, Update Agent      
command options, yum      
commands, apt      2nd
commands, apt, apt-cache depnds/rdepends      
commands, apt, apt-cache pkgnames      
commands, apt, apt-cache show      
commands, apt, apt-cache showpkg      
commands, apt, apt-cache showsrc      
commands, apt, apt-cdrom      
commands, apt, apt-file      
commands, apt, apt-ftparchive      
commands, apt, apt-get      2nd
commands, apt, apt-get check      
commands, apt, apt-get dist-upgrade      
commands, apt, apt-get switches      
commands, apt, apt-get upgrade      
commands, apt, apt-howto      
commands, apt, apt-listbugs      
commands, apt, aptitude      
commands, apt, Debian-only apt commands      
commands, apt, dpkg-scanpackages      
commands, apt, RPM-only apt commands      
commands, header creation commands      
commands, mkdir      
commands, yum      
commands, yum, caching available packages      
commands, yum, checking available updates      
commands, yum, cleaning yum caches      
commands, yum, command options      
commands, yum, deletions      
commands, yum, finding files      
commands, yum, getting more information      
commands, yum, group management      
commands, yum, identifying packages      
commands, yum, listing available packages      
commands, yum, updates or installations      
community-based sources      
community-based sources, Fedora Linux      
community-based sources, Red Hat rebuilds      
community-based sources, White Box Linux      
computers, production and test computers      
Conectiva      [See also Mandriva]
Conectiva, history of apt      
configuring, administrators, ZLM      
configuring, apt      
configuring, apt for Red Hat rebuilds      
configuring, apt for Red Hat rebuilds, atrpms.list      
configuring, apt for Red Hat rebuilds, dag.list      
configuring, apt for Red Hat rebuilds, freshrpms.list      
configuring, apt for Red Hat rebuilds, newrpms.list      
configuring, apt for Red Hat rebuilds, os.list      
configuring, apt for RPM      
configuring, apt, for Fedora Linux      
configuring, apt, for SUSE Linux      2nd
configuring, apt, on your computer      
configuring, apt-mirror      
configuring, aptitude patch management      
configuring, automatic updates, yum      [See yum configuring
configuring, channels in ZLM      
configuring, clients to RHEL repositories      
configuring, debmirror      
configuring, Fedora for new repository computers      
configuring, ftp yum servers      
configuring, LANs      
configuring, LANs, hardware requirements      
configuring, LANs, patch management in networks      
configuring, LANs, source packages      
configuring, local yum servers      
configuring, NFS yum clients      
configuring, NFS yum servers      
configuring, proxy clients      
configuring, proxy clients, automating updates      
configuring, proxy clients, copying certificate keys      
configuring, proxy clients, problems      
configuring, proxy clients, reconfiguring Update Agent      
configuring, Red Hat Network Proxy Server      
configuring, Red Hat Network Proxy Server, configuring proxy servers      2nd
configuring, Red Hat rebuilds      
configuring, Red Hat rebuilds, CentOS      
configuring, Red Hat rebuilds, Lineox      
configuring, repositories with appropriate partitions      
configuring, Synaptic Package Manager      
configuring, Update Agent      2nd
configuring, Update Agent, to keep downloaded RPMs      
configuring, updates to RHEL repositories      
configuring, Web interfaces, ZLM      
configuring, YaST patch management for LANs      
configuring, YaST patch management for LANs, creating local mirrors with rsync      
configuring, YaST patch management for LANs, creating local mirrors with YaST Online Update Server      
connections, high-speed connections      
copying certificate keys      
CPUs, configuring LANs      
createrepo      2nd
createrepo, adding headers      
cron jobs, yum      
customized repositories, organizing apt      
Dag Wieers repositories      
dag.list, configuring apt for Red Hat rebuilds      
DEB (Debian Packaging System)      
Debian architectures      
Debian directories      
Debian Etch      
Debian Packaging System (DEB)      
Debian repositories      
Debian repositories, Debian directories      
Debian repositories, rsync      
Debian Sarge      
Debian Sid      2nd
Debian Woody      
Debian, apt commands      
Debian, apt system      
Debian, installing      
Debian, regional mirrors      
Debian, respository subcategories      
Debian, Sarge      
Debian, Synaptic Package Manager      [See Synaptic Package Manager]
Debian-based distribution, installing apt      
debmirror, configuring      
dedicated partitions, Fedora repositories      
dedicated partitions, Fedora repositories, creating after installation      
dedicated partitions, Fedora repositories, creating during installation      
deletions, by yum      
dependencies, checking      
dependency hell, RPM      
development repositories, adding      
directories, Debian directories      
directories, installation into, YaST      
directories, local directories, changing source of installation (YaST)      
directories, update directories      
directories, update directories, local YaST online update      
directories, update directories, sharing      
directory trees, creating for yum      
distribution installation files, adding repositories      
distribution repositories, adding      
Distributions      [See also repositories]
distributions, Debian      
distributions, Knoppix      
distributions, Linspire      
distributions, Mandriva Linux      
distributions, RHEL      
distributions, RHEL, activating subscriptions      
distributions, RHEL, aggregating updates      
distributions, RHEL, configuring Update Agent settings      2nd
distributions, RHEL, downloading or acquiring CDs      
distributions, RHEL, examining      
distributions, RHEL, installing      
distributions, RHEL, purchasing subscriptions      
distributions, RHEL, registering      
distributions, RHEL, Update Agent      
distributions, RHEL, Update Agent command line options      
distributions, starting with      
distributions, SUSE      
distributions, SUSE, downloading      
distributions, SUSE, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server updates      
distributions, SUSE, YOU      2nd
distributions, Yellowdog Linux      
downloading, CDs, RHEL      
downloading, Repositories, Fedora      
downloading, RPMs from the repository      
downloading, SUSE      
enterprise repositories, creating      
Etch (Debian)      2nd 3rd
examining RHEL distributions      
Extras, adding repositories      
Fedora Core 3      
Fedora Core 4      
1 2 3
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