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Konno N., Katori M. — Extension of the Arrowsmith-Essam Formula to the Domany-Kinzel Model
Konno N., Katori M. — Extension of the Arrowsmith-Essam Formula to the Domany-Kinzel Model

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Название: Extension of the Arrowsmith-Essam Formula to the Domany-Kinzel Model

Авторы: Konno N., Katori M.


Journal of Statistical Physics, Vol. 101, Nos. 34, 2000. p. 747-774.
Arrowsmith and Essam gave an expansion formula for point-to-point connectedness functions of the mixed site-bond percolation model on oriented lattices, in which each term is characterized by a graph. We extend this formula to general k-point correlation functions, which are point-to-set (with k points) connectivities in the context of percolation, of the two-neighbor discrete-time Markov process (stochastic cellular automata with two parameters) in one dimension called the Domany-Kinzel model, which includes the mixed site-bond oriented percolation model on a square lattice as a special case. Our proof of the formula is elementary and based on induction with respect to time-step, which is different from the original graph-theoretical one given by Arrowsmith and Essam. We introduce a system of m interacting random walkers called m friendly walkers (m FW) with two parameters. Following the argument of Cardy and Colaiori, it is shown that our formula is useful to derive a theorem that the correlation functions of the Domany-Kinzel model are obtained as an m -> 0 limit of the generating functions of the m FW.

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