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Bernardes A.T. — Can Males Contribute to the Genetic Improvement of a Species?
Bernardes A.T. — Can Males Contribute to the Genetic Improvement  of a Species?

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Название: Can Males Contribute to the Genetic Improvement of a Species?

Автор: Bernardes A.T.


Journal of Statistical Physic's, Vok 86, Nos. 1/2, 1997, p. 431-439.
In the time evolution of finite populations, the accumulation of harmful mutations in further generations might have lead to a temporal decay in the mean fitness of the whole population. This, in turn, would reduce the population size and so lead to its extinction. The production of genetically diverse offspring, through recombination, is a powerful mechanism in order to avoid this catastrophic route. From a selfish point of view, meiotic parthenogenesis can ensure the maintenance of better genomes, while sexual reproduction presents the risk of genome dilution. In this paper, by using Monte Carlo simulations of age-structured populations, through the Penna model, I compare the evolution of populations with different repoductive regimes. It is shown that sexual reproduction with male competition can produce better results than meiotic parthenogenesis. This contradicts results recently published, but agrees with the strong evidence that nature chose sexual reproduction instead of partenogenesis for most of the higher species.

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