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Trizac E., Hansen J.-P. — Dynamics and Growth of Particles Undergoing Ballistic Coalescence
Trizac E., Hansen J.-P. — Dynamics and Growth of Particles Undergoing Ballistic Coalescence

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Название: Dynamics and Growth of Particles Undergoing Ballistic Coalescence

Авторы: Trizac E., Hansen J.-P.


Journal of Statistical Physics. Vol. 82, Nos. 5/6, 1996. p. 1345-1370.
The irreversible evolution of a model for ballistic coalescence of spherical particles, whereby colliding particles merge into a single, larger sphere with conservation of mass and momentum, is analyzed on the basis of scaling assumptions, mean-field theory, and kinetic theory for arbitrary dimensionality and size-mass relation. The asymptotic growth regime is characterized by scaling laws associated with the instantaneous mean mass and kinetic energy of the particles. A hyperscaling relation between the mass and energy exponents is derived. The
predictions of the theoretical analysis are tested by extensive simulations of the two-dimensional version of the model. Due to multiple coalescence events, the exponents are found to be nonuniversal (i.e., density dependent) and to differ significantly from the mean-field predictions. The distribution of masses turns out to be universal and exponential. Particle energies follow a Boltzmann distribution, with a time-dependent temperature, or relax toward such a distribution, even when the initial distribution is highly non-Maxwellian. In the case where the particles are "swollen" [i.e., the size-mass relation involves the Flory exponent v = 3/(d+ 2)], an asymptotic scaling regime is observed only for sufficiently low initial packing fractions. At higher densities, the irreversible evolution terminates in a "catastrophic" coalescence event involving all remaining particles.

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Год издания: 1996

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