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Cox R.T. — Statistical mechanics of irreversible change
Cox R.T. — Statistical mechanics of irreversible change

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Название: Statistical mechanics of irreversible change

Автор: Cox R.T.


The following pages are derived in part from papers published in Reviews of Modern Physics and the Journal of Physical Chemistry and in part from lectures given for several years at The Johns Hopkins University. I am obliged to the editors of the two journals for leave to incorporate parts of the papers in the present work and to those who attended the lectures for their interest. I am indebted especially to Dr. Lloyd W. Walter and Dr. John S. Thomsen, from whose doctoral dissertations I have drawn the treatment of several subjects, as indicated in the notes. My colleague, Dr. T. H. Berlin, has helped me from time to time and encouraged me always. Mrs. Mary B. Rowe has been very patient in typing and retyping the manuscript.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Физика/

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Год издания: 1955

Количество страниц: 133

Добавлена в каталог: 19.05.2013

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Предметный указатель
Adiabatic flow      79 ff.
Adiaferic flow      79 ff.
Affinity      117
Allen      84
Allen, Note      25
Average, most probable      8
Averages, ensemble and time      22 ff.
Becker, Note      42
Bergmann, Note      2
Bohr      93
Bohr, Note      40
Boltzmann, constant, k      19 ff. 27 42
Boltzmann, distribution      51 57
Boltzmann, expression for entropy      22
Boltzmann, statistical method      22
Brownian motion      38 ff.
Brownian motion in equilibrium      41 f.
Brownian motion in uniform field      48 ff.
Brownian motion, changing averages      46 ff.
Brownian motion, distribution in momentum      45 f. 57
Brownian motion, Fourier analysis of      52 ff.
Brownian motion, general equation      40
Brownian motion, kinetic and potential energies      41 f. 51 55 58
Callen      73 108
Callen, Note      2
Canonical distribution      12 ff.
Canonical distribution in Brownian motion      41
Canonical distribution in steady flow      63 ff.
Canonical distribution, approach to      24 ff. 113
Canonical distribution, disturbed by motion      29 f.
Carnot's principle      38
Casimir      73 84
Casimir, Note      17
chemical potential      68 ff.
Chemical potential in flow of one constituent      73 ff.
Chemical potential in flow of several constituents      94 ff.
Chemical potential in generalized Rayleigh relations      70
Chemical potential in isothermal change      114 ff.
Chemical reactions      94 ff. 115
Clusius      88 and Note 37
Conductance, thermal      66 80 92
Conduction      see "Flow"
Configuration of an ensemble      13
Constrained systems      101 ff.
Coriolis forces      10
Darwin      14
Darwin, Note      3
Daunt      85
Daunt, Note      30
de Donder      116 117
De Donder, Note      43
de Groot      85 99
de Groot, Notes      1 13 29 38
Defay, Note      14
Degree of advancement      116
Denbigh      86
Denbigh, Notes      1 13 34
Detailed balance      64
Diffusion, thermal      86 ff.
Dissipation function in chemical reaction      118 f.
Dissipation function in isothermal change      115
Dissipation function of Rayleigh      32 ff.
Dissipation function of Rayleigh in Brownian motion      58
Dissipation function of Rayleigh in Carnot's principle      37 f.
Dissipation function of Rayleigh in open system      70
Dissipation function of Rayleigh with changing temperature      34 ff.
Kramers' equation      45
Kramers' equation of harmonic oscillator      50 ff. 55
Kramers' equation of measuring instruments      24
Kramers' equation of systems      57 ff.
Kramers' equation, mean squares and products      48 ff.
Kramers' equation, normalization      58 f.
Kramers' equation, spectra      55 f.
Kramers' equation, virial      42.
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