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Scarborough J.B. — The gyroscope: Theory and applications
Scarborough J.B. — The gyroscope: Theory and applications

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Название: The gyroscope: Theory and applications

Автор: Scarborough J.B.


The aim of this book is to give a sound, systematic, unmistakably clear and reasonably complete treatment of the mathematical and mechanical aspects of the gyroscope and its more important applications. Since the book is concerned with fundamental principles, constructional details are not entered into except insofar as they may aid in clarifying the principles. Friction has been left out of consideration in the motion of the gyroscope itself, because the construction, mounting and casing of modern gyroscopes are such as to keep friction of all kinds as low as possible. Unavoidable friction is taken care of by the driving motor.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Физика/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Год издания: 1958

Количество страниц: 278

Добавлена в каталог: 29.04.2013

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Предметный указатель
angular momentum      26
Angular momentum, rate of change of      26
Angular velocity      13
Artificial horizon      148
Automatic gun sights      149
Azimuthal plane      38
Becker, K.      119
Bonnenberger      85
Brennan, Louis      215
Buoyancy, center of      188
Burnside, W. S.      197
Cranz, C.      119
Cross product of two vectors      9
Cycloidal loops      75
Cycloidal loops, periods of      75
Dead beat of a gyrocompass      139
Directional gyro      148
Disks, rolling      100
Disks, rolling, stability of      105
Dot product of two vectors      7
Draper hermetic integrating gyro      150
Draper, C. S.      149 150
Drift, of gyro axis      64
Drift, of oblong projectile      117
Dynamics, fundamental equation of      19
d’Alembert’s principle      20 172
Edge mills      105
Error, speed and course      140
Euler, L.      86
Euler’s angles      33
Euler’s dynamical equations      29 32
Faucault, L$\acute{e}$on      85
Foucault gyroscope      85
Gaillard, D. D.      201
Grammel, R.      50 106
Griffin grinding mill      113
Grinding mills      105
Grinding mills, edge mill      105
Grinding mills, Griffin mill      113
Gun sights, automatic      149
Gyro-pilot      148
Gyrocompass      121
Gyrocompass axle, amplitudes of horizontal and vertical oscillations of      133
Gyrocompass axle, locus of end of      133
Gyrocompass, Arma miniature      150
Gyrocompass, dead beat of      139
Gyrocompass, Mark      22 150
Gyrocompass, motion with damping      135
Gyropendulum, inverted      177
Gyropendulum, Schuler tuning of      249
Gyropendulum, with gimbal axes rotating in azimuth      180
Gyropendulum, with point of suspension subjected to a periodic force      172
Gyroscope, definition of      37
Gyroscope, Foucault      85
Gyroscope, free      51
Gyroscope, free, motion of      51
Gyroscope, precession of      37
Gyroscopic, action, in vehicles and rotating bodies      89
Gyroscopic, action, on oblong projectiles      117
Gyroscopic, compass      121
Gyroscopic, compass, in car wheels      89
Gyroscopic, compass, of dynamos, motors, and turbines installed on ships      96
Gyroscopic, compass, of oblong projectiles      117
Gyroscopic, compass, on propeller-type airplanes      119
Gyroscopic, compass, principle of action of      121
Gyroscopic, compass, Sperry mercury ballistic      141
Gyroscopic, grinding mills      105
Gyroscopic, grinding mills, edge mill      105
Gyroscopic, grinding mills, Griffin mill      11
Gyroscopic, gun sights      149
Gyroscopic, pendulum      161
Gyroscopic, reaction moment      48
Gyroscopic, reaction moment, direction of      51
Gyroscopic, reaction moment, magnitude of      48
Gyroscopic, resistance      48
Gyroscopic, resistance, magnitude of      48
Gyroscopic, spherical pendulum      161
Gyrotron vibratory gyroscope      151
Hoops, rolling      100
Hoops, rolling, stability of      105
Hopkins, G. M.      86
Horizon, artificial      148
Invariable, line      52
Invariable, plane      52
Invariable, plane, of solar system      52
Inverted gyropendulum      177
Johnson, W. R.      85
Kinetic energy, of a rigid body moving about a fixed point      31
Kooy, J. M. J.      119
Latitude, variation of      243
Lead for hitting moving target      149
Line, invariable      52
Loops, cycloidal      75
Loops, cycloidal, period of      75
Metacenter      188
Metacentric height      189
Modulated quantity      159
Moment, of a force about a point      20
Moment, of momentum of a rigid body about a fixed point      23
Monorail cars      215
Monorail cars on curves      224
Monorail cars on curves, horizontal axis type      226
Monorail cars on curves, horizontal axis type, stability of      229
Monorail cars on curves, vertical axis type      224
Monorail cars on curves, vertical axis type, stability of      225 226
Monorail cars, horizontal axis type      220
Monorail cars, horizontal axis type, stability of      229
Monorail cars, vertical axis type      215
Monorail cars, vertical axis type, stability of      219 225 226
Moulton, F. R.      119
Muller      105
Naval guns, automatic firing of      176
Nodes, axis of      38
Nodes, of moon      243
Nutation, of axis of top      72
Nutation, of earth’s axis      231
Nutation, of spin axis in azimuthal plane      72
Panton, A. W.      197
Path of spin axis on unit sphere      74
Periods of cycloidal loops      75
Perry, John      196
Plane, azimuthal      38
Plane, invariable      52
Plane, invariable, of solar system      52
Plane, precessional      38
Precession, definition of      37
Precession, direct      42
Precession, direction of      42
Precession, forced      65 71
Precession, free      42
Precession, of earth’s axis      231
Precession, of equinoxes      231 242
Precession, pseudo-regular      80
Precession, regular      38
Precession, retrograde      42
Precession, steady      38
Precession, unsteady      43
Precessional plane      38
Principal axes of inertia      25
Product, of inertia      24
Product, of two vectors      7 9
Quartic equation, relations among roots of      197
Rate gyroscope      143
Rate gyroscope, as differentiator and integrator      146
Rate gyroscope, damped      145
Rawlings, A. L.      142
Resistance, gyroscopic      48
Right-handed-screw rule      10
Rigid body, motion of, about a fixed point      23 25
Rigid body, rotation of, about a fixed axis      35
Rolling of a ship      187
Rolling of a ship, effect of gyropendulum      172
Rolling of a ship, effect of stabilizer on      201 202 207 208
Rolling of a ship, effect of stabilizer on, numerical example of      196
Rolling of a ship, with gyro clamped      194
Rotation of a rigid body about a fixed axis      35
Routh, E. J.      192 196
Scalar, definition of      3
Scalar, product      7
Scherl, August      215
Schilowski, P. P.      215
Schlick, Otto      187
Schuler tuning      247
Schuler tuning, of gyroscopic compass      253
Schuler tuning, of gyroscopic pendulum      249
Schuler tuning, of gyroscopic pendulum, numerical example of      252
Schuler, Max      247
Ship stabilizer      187
Ship stabilizer, Schlick or brake-type      187
Ship stabilizer, Schlick or brake-type, ship on curved path      208
Ship stabilizer, Schlick or brake-type, ship on straight course      187
Ship stabilizer, Sperry or active-type      202
Ship stabilizer, Sperry or active-type, ship on curved path      212
Ship stabilizer, Sperry or active-type, ship on straight course      202
Sleeping top      83
Solar system, invariable plane of      52
Speed and course error      140
Sperry, Elmer A.      187
Spherical pendulum      161
Spherical pendulum, gyroscopic      161
Spherical pendulum, with point of suspension subjected to a periodic force      172
Spherical pendulum, without gyroscope      169
Spin axis of top, motion of, in unsteady precession      61 72—75
Spin axis of top, path on a unit sphere      74
Stability of motion of a free gyroscope      55
Tisserand, F.      241
Top, general motion of      68
Top, nutation of      72
Top, path of axis on a unit sphere      74
Top, precession of      71
Top, sleeping      83
Top, sleeping, condition for      84
Torpedoes, steering of      147
Tranquil point      187
Trihedron, moving      27 29
Uytenbogaart, J. W. H.      119
Variation of latitude      243
Vector products, cross      9
Vector products, dot      7
Vector products, triple      15
Vector, definition of      3
Vector, notation and representation      3
Vector, position      3
Vector, triple product      15
Vector, unit      6
Vector, unit coordinate      6
Vectors, addition of      4 6
Vectors, cross product of      9
Vectors, differentiation of      16
Vectors, dot product of      7
Vectors, equal      3
Vectors, multiplication of      7 9
Vectors, subtraction of      4
Von Eberhard, O.      119
Wrigley, W.      254
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