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Callen H.B. — Thermodynamics
Callen H.B. — Thermodynamics

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Название: Thermodynamics

Автор: Callen H.B.


In writing this book I have forsaken the conventional inductive development of thermodynamics in favor of a postulational approach, which I believe to be more direct and logically simple. I have not sought to formulate the most logically economical or minimum set of postulates, but rather I have chosen postulates that can be made plausible and intuitive. In order to motivate the postulates, an elementary qualitative statistical discussion is given in an appendix and some appeal is made to experimental observations, but the spirit of the development is that the postulates are best justified by a posteriori success of the theory rather than by a priori proof.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Физика/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Год издания: 1962

Количество страниц: 391

Добавлена в каталог: 29.04.2013

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Предметный указатель
Planck form of Nernst postulate      see "Nernst postulate"
Pluecker line geometry      92
Poisson's ratio      230
Polymorphic phase transitions      146
Polymorphic phase transitions, in ice      166
Porous plug experiment      see "Joule — Thomson process"
Positive-definite quadratic form      134 361
Potentials, thermodynamic      98ff see "Enthalpy" "Gibbs "Grand
Pressure      31
Products of a chemical reaction      200
Quasi-static locus      see "Quasi—static processes"
Quasi-static processes      59ff
Quasi-static processes, qualitative definition      18
Rankine scale of temperature      41
Reactants, in chemical reaction      200
Refrigerators      74ff
Relaxation time      62
Reservoirs      66
Reservoirs, magnetic field      245
Reversible heat source      65
Reversible process      63
Reversible process, energy changes in      68
Reversible process, entropy changes in      68
Reversible work source      65
Seebeck effect      297
simple systems      8
Solids, properties of      350ff
Solidus curve      169
Specific heat at constant pressure      55
Specific heat at constant strain      233
Specific heat at constant stress      234
Specific heat at constant volume      55
Specific heat at second-order phase transition      179
Specific heat near absolute zero      184 195
Specific heat of general ideal gases      326 329ff 336
Specific heat of liquids      347
Specific heat of magnetic systems      248
Specific heat of solids      353ff
Specific heat of various gases      332
Specific heat, discontinuity at superconductive transition      263
Stability      27 131ff
Stability and second-order phase transitions      174ff
Stability, as condition for Legendre transformation      94 (footnote)
Stability, in chemically reactive systems      205
Stability, in critical region      177
Stability, intrinsic, of general systems      141ff 194
Stability, intrinsic, of single-component systems      131ff
Stability, lack of, and phase transitions      146ff 194
Stability, mutual, of single-component systems      131 137ff
Starred temperature      see "Temperature measurability
Stiffness matrix      178 361 see
Stoichiometric coefficients      200
Strain components      213 218
Strain tensor      216
Strain, elastic      213
Stress components      220
Stress tensor      222
Superconductivity      173 252 258
Superfluidity      173
Susceptance, adiabatic      249
Susceptance, isothermal      248
Sylvester's law of inertia      143
Taylor's expansion      310
Temperature      26 31
Temperature, dimensions      40
Temperature, equality in thermal equilibrium      37
Temperature, intuitive properties      38ff
Temperature, measurability      79ff
Temperature, measurability by T* method      81ff
Temperature, negative      26
Temperature, scales      40ff
Temperature, units      40ff
Thermal expansion coefficient      see "Coefficient of thermal expansion"
Thermocouple      297
Thermodynamic engine efficiency      70
Thermodynamic square      see "Mnemonic square"
Thermodynamics, basic problem of      22ff
Thermodynamics, irreversible      283ff
Thermodynamics, qualitative definition      7
Thermoelectric effects      293ff
Thermoelectric power      298 305
Thermomagnetic effects      302ff
Third law of thermodynamics      see "Nernst postulate"
Thomsen and Berthelot's principle      186 200
Thomson effect      300
Time symmetry      284
Triple point      40 166 171
Unattainability of zero temperature      188
van der Waals equation of state      147 341
van't Hoff relation      211
Vibrational frequencies of gas molecules      331
Virial coefficients      339
Virial expansion      339
Virtual process      24
Volume dilatation in elastic systems      219
Volume discontinuity in phase transition      154
Walls      14
Walls, adiabatic      15
Walls, diathermal      15
Walls, nonrestrictive      14
Walls, permeable, semi permeable, impermeable      14
Walls, restrictive      14
Work, available at constant pressure      111
Work, available at constant temperature      109
Work, chemical      32
Work, dissipative      69
Work, electric      243
Work, magnetic      238
Work, mechanical      18
Work, qualitative definition      7
Work, units      20
Young's modulus      230
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