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M. Aizenman (Chief Editor) — Communications in Mathematical Physics (№269 2007)
M. Aizenman (Chief Editor) — Communications in Mathematical Physics (№269 2007)

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Название: Communications in Mathematical Physics (№269 2007)

Автор: M. Aizenman (Chief Editor)


Power-Law Inflation in Spacetimes Without Symmetry
Large-Time Behavior of Solutions for the Boltzmann Equation with Hard potentials
Mirror Symmetry in Two Steps: A–I–B
Cantor and Band Spectra for Periodic Quantum Graphs with Magnetic Fields
Quantum State Merging and Negative Information
Energy Splitting, Substantial Inequality, and Minimization for the Faddeev and Skyrme Models
The Dynamics of Relativistic Strings Moving in the Minkowski Space
Borel Summability and Lindstedt Series
WKB Analysis for Nonlinear Schrödinger Equations with Potential
All Inequalities for the Relative Entropy
Absolutely Continuous Spectrum for the Anderson Model on a Tree: A Geometric Proof of Klein’s Theorem
Spectral Measures of Small Index Principal Graphs
Convex Polytopes and Quasilattices from the Symplectic Viewpoint
Distribution of Resonances for Open Quantum Maps
The Phase Transitions from Chiral Nematic Toward Smectic Liquid Crystals
Mass Generation in a Fermionic Model with Finite Range Time Dependent Interactions
The Distribution of the Free Path Lengths in the Periodic Two-Dimensional Lorentz Gas in the Small-Scatterer Limit
Generalized Particle Statistics in Two-Dimensions: Examples from the Theory of Free Massive Dirac Field
A Variational Principle for KPP Front Speeds in Temporally Random Shear Flows
Entropy Production in Gaussian Thermostats
Decoupling Problem for Systems of Quasi-Linear pde’s
On the Lagrangian Dynamics for the 3D Incompressible Euler Equations
Random Skew Plane Partitions and the Pearcey Process
Quantum Spin Systems at Positive Temperature
Bosons in Disc-Shaped Traps: From 3D to 2D
On the Global Evolution of Vortex Filaments, Blobs, and Small Loops in 3D Ideal Flows
Tunneling in Two Dimensions
Asymptotic Behavior Near Transition Fronts for Equations of Generalized Cahn–Hilliard Form
Spin, Statistics, and Reflections II. Lorentz Invariance
Generalized Kähler Manifolds and Off-shell Supersymmetry
Singular Continuous Spectrum for the Laplacian on Certain Sparse Trees

Язык: en

Тип: Журнал Communications in Mathematical Physics

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Год издания: 2007

Количество страниц: 857

Добавлена в каталог: 27.04.2013

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