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Pulkin I., Zakhava-Nekrasova E. — Russian .A Practical Grammar with Exercises
Pulkin I., Zakhava-Nekrasova E. — Russian .A Practical Grammar with Exercises

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Название: Russian .A Practical Grammar with Exercises

Авторы: Pulkin I., Zakhava-Nekrasova E.


This book is intended for students who have already learned the fundamentals of Russian: the structure of the simple sentence, the types of relationship between the words in a sentence, and the basic rules of conjugation and declension.
Students of Russian will find here a brief exposition of the material they have already studied which will prove useful both for revision purposes and for improving speaking skills.
Attention has been paid mainly to those themes which usually pro e to be the most difficult for non-Russians: the meanings and uses of the cases, the productive and nonproductive types of Russian verbs, the verb aspects, verbs of motion, the use of pronouns, and the meanings and uses of conjunctions and conjunctive words in compound and complex sentences.
The book contains a large number of drill exercises designed to help the student acquire practical mastery of Russian.
As a rule, the examples in the explanations and the first exercises designed to promote the assimilation of a particular grammar rule are based on simple everyday vocabulary to make them easier for the student to understand: however, in exercises in observation sentences and whole passages from modern Russian fiction have been included to acquaint the student with Russian as it is spoken today.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Филология/

Серия: Сделано в холле

Статус предметного указателя: Неизвестно

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Издание: 4th, revised and enlarged

Год издания: 1988

Количество страниц: 584

Добавлена в каталог: 05.10.2012

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