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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
41255 Lefschetz S. Continuous Transformations of Manifolds 1925ХХ
41268 Hovgaard V. Determination of the Stresses in a Beam by Means of the Principle of Least Work 1925ХХ
41273 Seares F.H., van Rhijn P.J. Distribution of the Stars with Respect to Brightness and Distance from the Milky Way 1925ХХ
41307 Eisenhart L.P. Einsteins Recent Theory of Gravitation and Electricity 1925ХХ
41314 Miller D.C. Ether-Drift Experiments at Mount Wilson 1925ХХ
41321 Wulf O.R. Evidence for the Existence of Activated Molecules in a Chemical Reaction 1925ХХ
41323 Paine G.P. Energy Transformations in an Unobstructed Air Current, in an Air Current Containing a Dry Obstacle 1925ХХ
41327 Thomas J.M. First Integrals in the Geometry of Paths 1925ХХ
41344 Karapetoff V. General Criterion for the Circular Locus of the Current Vector in A. C. Circuits and Machinery 1925ХХ
41365 Millikan R.A. High Frequency Rays of Cosmic Origin 1925ХХ
41374 Barus C. Inductance Treated Acoustically by Differential Telephones 1925ХХ
41379 Slater J.C. Interpretation of the Hydrogen and Helium Spectra 1925ХХ
41380 Lefschetz S. Intersections of Complexes on Manifolds 1925ХХ
41382 Thomas T.Y. Invariants of Relative Quadratic Differential Forms 1925ХХ
41383 Loeb L.B. Ionic Mobilities in Ether as a Function of Pressure 1925ХХ
41385 Brewer A.K. Ionization Produced in Gaseous Reactions 1925ХХ
41386 Rouse G.F., Giddings G.W. Ionization of Mercury Vapor by Ultra-Violet Light 1925ХХ
41395 Vandiver H.S. Laws of Reciprocity and the First Case of Fermats Last Theorem 1925ХХ
41396 Eisenhart L.P. Linear Connections of a Space Which Are Determined by Simply Transitive Continuous Groups 1925ХХ
41415 Rainich G.Y. Mass in Curved Space-Time 1925ХХ
41418 Pease F.G. Measurement of the Spectroscopic Binary Star Mizar with the Interferometer 1925ХХ
41421 DeFoe O.K., Jauncey G.E.M. Modified and Unmodified Scattering Coefficients of X-Rays in Matter 1925ХХ
41429 Alexander J.W. Note on a Theorem by H. Kneser 1925ХХ
41431 Allison S.K., Armstrong A.H. Note on the Experimental Determination of the Relative Intensities of Some of the Molybdenum and Copper K Series Lines and the Tungsten L Series Lines 1925ХХ
41433 Thomas J.M. Note on the Projective Geometry of Paths 1925ХХ
41434 Duane W. Note on the Quantum Theory of the Reflection of X-Rays 1925ХХ
41438 Merritt E. On Contact Rectification by Metallic Germanium 1925ХХ
41439 Oldenberg O. On Fluorescence Radiation of Nitrogen 1925ХХ
41440 Thomas J.L. On Normal Coordinates in the Geometry of Paths 1925ХХ
41441 Hadamard J. On Quasi-Analytic Functions 1925ХХ
41445 Moore C.N. On the Application of Borels Method to the Summation of Fouriers Series 1925ХХ
41448 Wilson E.B. On the Boltzmann Equation 1925ХХ
41449 Thomas T.Y. On the Equi-projective Geometry of Paths 1925ХХ
41450 Alexander J.W. On the Intersection Invariants of a Manifold 1925ХХ
41451 Compton A.H. On the Mechanism of X-Ray Scattering 1925ХХ
41454 Thomas T.Y. On the Projective and Equi-Projective Geometries of Paths 1925ХХ
41455 Van Vleck J.H. On the Quantum Theory of the Polarization of Resonance Radiation in Magnetic Fields 1925ХХ
41461 Barus C. Pinhole Probe Measurements of the Phase Change of the Telephonic End Plates, Acting on a Closed Cylindrical Air Column in Longitudinal Acoustic Vibration 1925ХХ
41463 Harkins W.D. Polymolecular and Monomolecular Films 1925ХХ
41464 Huntington E.V. Postulates for Reversible Order on a Closed Line (Separation of Point-Pairs) 1925ХХ
41473 Ross P.A. Ratio of Intensities of Unmodified and Modified Lines in Scattered X-Rays 1925ХХ
41475 Winans J.G. Radiation Emitted by Optically Excited Zinc Vapor 1925ХХ
41480 Bogert M.T. Researches on Selenium Organic Compounds V. A Simple Method for the Synthesis of 2-Substituted Benzoselenazoles 1925ХХ
41481 Bogert M.T., Corbitt H.B. Researches on Thiazoles X. The Synthesis of Some 2-Phenyl-benzothiazole Arsonic Acids 1925ХХ
41488 Smyth H.D. Some Experiments on Collisions of the Second Kind 1925ХХ
41502 Barus C. Telephonic Coupling of Acoustic and Electrical Osciliations Evidenced by the Pinhole Probe 1925ХХ
41503 Barus C. The Acoustic Pressure in Tubes Capped by High Resistance Telephones, Vibrating in Different Phases 1925ХХ
41505 Wahlin H.B. The Aging Effect in the Mobility of Positive Ions 1925ХХ
41506 Duane W. The Calculation of the X-Ray Diffracting Power at Points in a Crystal 1925ХХ
41507 Kahler H. The Band Spectra of Crystals and Complex Gases 1925ХХ

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