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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
40390 Van Maanen A. Evidence of Stream Motion Afforded by the Faint Stars Near the Orion Nebula 1919ХХ
40404 Miller A.G. Groups Involving Only Two Operators Which are Squares 1919ХХ
40509 Page L. A Kinematical Interpretation of Electromagnetism 1919ХХ
40511 Abbot C.J. A New Method of Determining the Solar Constant of Radiation 1919ХХ
40516 Kovarik A.F. A Statistical Method for Studying the Radiations from Radioactive Substances and the X-Rays and Its Application to some Ray Problems 1919ХХ
40517 King A.S. A Study of Absorption Spectra with the Electric Furnace 1919ХХ
40518 King A.S. A Study of the Effect of a Magnetic Field on Electric Furnace Spectra 1919ХХ
40527 Barus C. An Example of Torsional Viscous Retrogression 1919ХХ
40639 Miller G.A. Groups Generated by Two Operators, s1, s2, Which Satisfy the Conditions s1m = s2n, (s1s2)k = I, s1s2 = s2s1 1919ХХ
40644 MacInnes A., Adler L. Hydrogen Overvoltage 1919ХХ
40653 Loeb J. Influence of Ions on the Electrification and Rate of Diffusion of Water Through Membranes 1919ХХ
40680 Abbot C.G. Means of Measuring the Speed of Projectiles in Flight 1919ХХ
40681 Franklin E.C. Metallic Salts of Pyrrol, Indol and Carbazol 1919ХХ
40684 Castle W.E. Model of the Linkage System of Eleven Second Chromosomegenes of Drosophila 1919ХХ
40696 Menzies W.C. New Measurements of the Vapor Pressure of Mercury 1919ХХ
40710 Barus C. Note on the Self-Adjusting of Uranyl Salts 1919ХХ
40727 Emch A. On a Certain Class of Rational Ruled Surfaces 1919ХХ
40732 Rouiller Ch.A. On Some Metallic Derivatives of Ethyl Thiooglycollate 1919ХХ
40734 Webster A.G. On the Angle of Repose of Wet Sand 1919ХХ
40741 Perrine C.D. On the Distribution of the Aphelia of the Secondary Bodies of the Solar System 1919ХХ
40749 Moore R.L. On the Most General Class L of Frechet in which the Heine-Borel-Lebesgue Theorem Holds True 1919ХХ
40753 Webster A.G. On the Possible Form of the Equation of State of Powder Gases 1919ХХ
40754 Barus C. On the Pressure Variation of Specific Heat of Liquids 1919ХХ
40756 Lefschetz S. On the Real Folds of Abelian Varieties 1919ХХ
40759 Shapley H., Nicholson S.B. On the Spectral Lines of a Pulsating Star 1919ХХ
40763 Gronwall T.H. On the Twist in Conformed Mapping 1919ХХ
40764 Adams W.S., Stromberg G. On the Use of the Spectroscopic Method for Determining the Parallaxes of the Brighter Stars 1919ХХ
40765 Duane W., Shimizu T. On the X-Ray Absorption Wave-Lengths of Lead Isotopes 1919ХХ
40793 Bateman H. Radiation from a Moving Magneton 1919ХХ
40794 Wilson E.B. Radiationless Orbits 1919ХХ
40800 Lefschetz S. Real Hypersurfaces Contained in Abelian Varieties 1919ХХ
40802 Abbot C.G. Recent Simultaneous Measurements of the Solar Constant of Radiation at Mount Wilson, California, and Calama, Chile 1919ХХ
40810 Seares F.H. Relation of Color to Intrinsic Luminosity in Stars of the Same Spectral Type 1919ХХ
40829 Abbot C.G. Rotating Projectiles from Smooth-Bore Guns 1919ХХ
40852 Jones D.F. Selective Fertilization in Pollen Mixtures 1919ХХ
40881 MacInnes D.A., Contieri A.W. Some Applications of the Variation of Hydrogen Overvoltage with the Pressure 1919ХХ
40893 Anderson J.A. Spectra of Explosions 1919ХХ
40898 Pearl R. Statistics - On the Embryological Basis of Human Mortality 1919ХХ
40899 Pearl R. Statistics - On the Mean Age at Death of Centenarians 1919ХХ
40929 Campbell E.D. Studies of the Constitution of Steel 1919ХХ
40931 Barus C. Superposed or Duplicated Spectrum Fringes 1919ХХ
40932 Shapley H. Studies of Magnitudes in Star Clusters X. Spectral Type B and the Local Stellar System 1919ХХ
40935 Webster A.G., Fisher W. Tables of the Zonal Spherical Harmonic of the Second Kind 1919ХХ
40944 Harkins W.D. The Adhesion Between Mercury, Water, and Organic Substances, and the Fundamental Principles of Flotation 1919ХХ
40950 Myers C.N., Voegtlin C. The Chemical Isolation of Vitamines 1919ХХ
40953 Harkins W.D. The Change of Molecular Kinetic Energy into Molecular Potential Energy The Entropy Principle and Molecular Association 1919ХХ
40955 Lunn A.C. The Commutativity of One-Parameter Transformations in Real Variables 1919ХХ
40963 Barus C. The Displacement of the Gravitating Needle in its Dependence on Atmospheric Temperatures 1919ХХ
40966 Millikan R.A., Kelly M.J. The Effect Upon the Atom of the Passage of an Alpha Ray Through It 1919ХХ
40968 Barus C. The Elongation Due to Magnetization 1919ХХ

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