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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
44277 Loeb J. The Influence of Ions on the Osmotic Pressure of Solutions 1920ХХ
44279 Webster D.L. The Intensities of X-Rays of the L Series II. The Critical Potentials of the Platinum Lines 1920ХХ
44281 Hoyt F.C. The Intensities of X-Rays of the L-Series III. Critical Potentials of the Platinum and Tungsten Lines 1920ХХ
44287 Noyes A.A., MacInnes B.A. The Ionization and Activity of Largely Ionized Substances 1920ХХ
44288 Harkins W.D. The Ionization of Strong Electrolytes 1920ХХ
44292 Michelson A.A. The Laws of Elastico-Viscous Flow II 1920ХХ
44293 Abbot C G. The Larger Opportunities for Research on the Relations of Solar and Terrestrial Radiation 1920ХХ
44300 Thompson L.T.E., Hickman C.N., Riffolt N. The Measurement of Small Time Intervals and Some Applications, Principally Ballistic 1920ХХ
44328 Eisenhart L.P. The Permanent Gravitational Field in the Einstein Theory 1920ХХ
44330 Goddard R.H. The Possibilities of the Rocket in Weather Forecasting 1920ХХ
44340 Reid H.F. The Problems of Seismology 1920ХХ
44341 Washington H.S. The Problems of Volcanology 1920ХХ
44354 Cohn E.J. The Relation Between the Iso-Electric Point of a Globulin and Its Solubility and Acid Combining Capacity in Salt Solution 1920ХХ
44390 Hall E.H. The Thomson Effect and Thermal Conduction in Metals 1920ХХ
44391 Barus C. The Torsional Magnetic Energy Absorption of an Iron Conductor 1920ХХ
44395 Michelson A.A. The Vertical Interferometer 1920ХХ
44454 Marvin C.F. The Status and Problems of Meteorology 1920ХХ
45028 Beilstein F. Handbuch der Organischen Chemie. Zwiter Band 1920 ХХХ
48563 Rideal E.K. Ozone 1920ХХ
44272 Lehmer D.N. The General Solution of the Indeterminate Equation Ax + By + Cz +... = r 1919ХХ
44284 Barus C. The Interferometry of Rapid Vibrations Chiefly in Relation to Telephone Currents 1919ХХ
44320 Adams W.S., Joy A.H . The Motions in Space of Some Stars of High Radial Velocity 1919ХХ
44321 Dutcher R.A. The Nature and Function of the Antineuritic Vitamine 1919ХХ
44326 Wendt G.L. The Ozone Form of Hydrogen 1919ХХ
44343 Sherman H.C. The Protein Requirement of Maintenance in Man 1919ХХ
44356 Lemon H.B., Blodgett K. The Relative Adsorption of Mixtures of Oxygen and Nitrogen in Cocoanut Shell Charcoal 1919ХХ
44377 Whittsmore J.K. The Starting of a Ship 1919ХХ
44381 Langmuir I. The Structure of Atoms and the Octet Theory of Valence 1919ХХ
44389 Hall E.H. The Thermo-Electric Equation P = TdV/dT Once More 1919ХХ
44422 Eisenhart L.P. Transformations of Cyclic Systems of Circles 1919ХХ
44438 Lemon H.B. Variations, Due to Heat Treatment, in the Rate of Adsorption of Air by Cocoanut Shell Charcoal 1919ХХ
46928 Arthur J.Hale The manufacture of chemicals by electrolysis 1919ХХ
47388 ѕривалов ».». »нтегралъ Cauchy 1919ХХ
40210 Bridgman P.W. A Comparison of Certain Electrical Properties of Ordinary and Uranium Lead 1919ХХ
40287 Webster A.G. Acoustical Impedance and the Theory of Horns and of the Phonograph 1919ХХ
40326 Barus C. An Electrodynamometer Using the Vibration Telescope 1919ХХ
40344 Carmichael R.D. Conditions Necessary and Sufficient for the Existence of a Stieltjes Integral 1919ХХ
40349 Glenn O.E. Covariants of Binary Modular Groups 1919ХХ
40390 Van Maanen A. Evidence of Stream Motion Afforded by the Faint Stars Near the Orion Nebula 1919ХХ
40404 Miller A.G. Groups Involving Only Two Operators Which are Squares 1919ХХ
40509 Page L. A Kinematical Interpretation of Electromagnetism 1919ХХ
40511 Abbot C.J. A New Method of Determining the Solar Constant of Radiation 1919ХХ
40516 Kovarik A.F. A Statistical Method for Studying the Radiations from Radioactive Substances and the X-Rays and Its Application to some Ray Problems 1919ХХ
40517 King A.S. A Study of Absorption Spectra with the Electric Furnace 1919ХХ
40518 King A.S. A Study of the Effect of a Magnetic Field on Electric Furnace Spectra 1919ХХ
40527 Barus C. An Example of Torsional Viscous Retrogression 1919ХХ
40639 Miller G.A. Groups Generated by Two Operators, s1, s2, Which Satisfy the Conditions s1m = s2n, (s1s2)k = I, s1s2 = s2s1 1919ХХ
40644 MacInnes A., Adler L. Hydrogen Overvoltage 1919ХХ
40653 Loeb J. Influence of Ions on the Electrification and Rate of Diffusion of Water Through Membranes 1919ХХ
40680 Abbot C.G. Means of Measuring the Speed of Projectiles in Flight 1919ХХ

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