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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
41137 Eisenhart L.P. Affine Geometries of Paths Possessing an Invariant Integral 1922ХХ
41141 Hall E.H. An Electron Theory of Electric Conduction in Metals 1922ХХ
41160 Nettleton L.L. Characteristics of a Short Wave Oscillator at Very Low Pressures 1922ХХ
41161 Kline J.R. Closed Connected Sets Which Are Disconnected by the Removal of a Finite Number of Points 1922ХХ
41162 Leuschner A.O. Comparison of Theory with Observation for the Minor Planets 10 Hygiea and 175 Andromache with Respect to Perturbations by Jupiter 1922ХХ
41171 Barus C. Cylindrical Distribution of Nodal Strength around the Pipe Normal 1922ХХ
41172 Russell H.N. Dark Nebulae 1922ХХ
41310 Farnsworth H.E. Electronic Bombardment of Nickel 1922ХХ
44066 Veblen O. Equiaffine Geometry of Paths 1922ХХ
44070 Eisenhart L.P. Fields of Parallel Vectors in the Geometry of Paths 1922ХХ
44076 Moore Ch.N. Generalized Limits in General Analysis 1922ХХ
44083 Hale G.E. Invisible Sun-Spots 1922ХХ
44084 King A.S. Ionization and Absorption Effects in the Electric Furnace 1922ХХ
44085 Davis B. Ionization and Radiation Potentials and the Size of the Atom 1922ХХ
44090 Shapley H. Light and Color Variations of Nova Aquilae 1918.4 1922ХХ
44094 Blumberg H. New Properties of All Real Functions 1922ХХ
44096 Vablen O. Normal Coordinates for the Geometry of Paths 1922ХХ
44102 Duane W. Note on X-Ray Spectra 1922ХХ
44105 Fischer Ch.A. Note on the Definition of a Lineal Functional 1922ХХ
44107 Shapley H. Note on the Problem of Great Stellar Distances 1922ХХ
44111 Miler G.A. Number of Substitutions Omitting at Least one Letter in a Transitive Group 1922ХХ
44116 Brinkmann H.W. On Riemann Spaces Conformal to Euclidean Space 1922ХХ
44117 Coblenz W.W. Further Measurements of Stellar Temperatures and Planetary Radiation 1922ХХ
44120 Allen M. On Thermal Emission and Evaporation from Water 1922ХХ
44121 Barus C. On a Comparison of the Relative Sensitiveness of Telephones 1922ХХ
44129 Stromberg G. On the Distribution of the Velocities of Stars of Late Types of Spectrum 1922ХХ
44131 Wyckoff R.W. On the Hypothesis of Constant Atomic Radii 1922ХХ
44132 Walsh J.L. On the Location of the Roots of the Derivative of a Polynomial 1922ХХ
44134 Shewhart W.A. On the Measurement of a Physical Quantity Whose Magnitude is Influenced by Primary Causes beyond the Control of the Observer and on the Method of Determining the Relation between Two Such Quantities 1922ХХ
44136 Moore R.L. On the Relation of a Continuous Curve to Its Complementary Domains in Space of Three Dimensions 1922ХХ
44178 Barus C. Periods and Logarithmic Decrement of the Gravitation Needle under High Exhaustion 1922ХХ
44179 Van Maanen A. Photographic Determination of Parallaxes with the 100-Inch Reflector 1922ХХ
44181 Barus C. Plane Reflection of Sound, as Exhibited by the Pinhole Resonator 1922ХХ
44183 Barus C. Positive and Negative Pinhole Resonators 1922ХХ
44186 Williamson R.C. Preliminary Report on the Ionization of Potassium Vapor by Light 1922ХХ
44188 Synge J.L. Principal Directions in a Riemannian Space 1922ХХ
44190 Synge J.L. Principal Directions in the Einstein Solar Field 1922ХХ
44192 Veblen O. Projective and Affine Geometry of Paths 1922ХХ
44193 Lorentz H.A. Proof of a Theorem Due to Heaviside 1922ХХ
44203 Eisenhart L.P. Riccis Principal Directions for a Riemann Space and the Einstein Theory 1922ХХ
44208 Minton J.P. Some Cases of Nerve Deafness and Their Bearing on Resonance Theories of Audition 1922ХХ
44209 Woodward R.S. Some Extensions in the Mathematics of Hydromechanics 1922ХХ
44213 Eisenhart L.P. Spaces with Corresponding Paths 1922ХХ
44216 Barus C. Static Deflection, Logarithmic Decrement and First Semi-Period of the Vacuum Gravitation Needle 1922ХХ
44217 Pearl R. Statistics Seasonal Fluctuations of the Vital Index of a Population 1922ХХ
44218 Pearl R. Statistics The Vital Index of the Population 1922ХХ
44225 Harrison G.R. The Absorption of Light by Sodium and Potassium Vapors 1922ХХ
44226 Johnson T.B. The Action of Diazomethane on Uracil 1922ХХ
44231 Clarke F.W. The Average Chemical Composition of Igneous Rocks 1922ХХ
44236 Bridgman P.W. The Compressibility of Metals at High Pressures 1922ХХ

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