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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
44237 Kendall J. The Correlation of Compound Formation, Ionization and Solubility in Solutions Outline of a Modified Ionization Theory 1920ХХ
44268 Blackwood O. The Existence of Homogeneous Groups of Large Ions 1920ХХ
44269 Stewart G.W. The Functions of Intensity and Phase in the Binaural Location of Pure Tones 1920ХХ
44277 Loeb J. The Influence of Ions on the Osmotic Pressure of Solutions 1920ХХ
44279 Webster D.L. The Intensities of X-Rays of the L Series II. The Critical Potentials of the Platinum Lines 1920ХХ
44281 Hoyt F.C. The Intensities of X-Rays of the L-Series III. Critical Potentials of the Platinum and Tungsten Lines 1920ХХ
44287 Noyes A.A., MacInnes B.A. The Ionization and Activity of Largely Ionized Substances 1920ХХ
44288 Harkins W.D. The Ionization of Strong Electrolytes 1920ХХ
44292 Michelson A.A. The Laws of Elastico-Viscous Flow II 1920ХХ
44293 Abbot C G. The Larger Opportunities for Research on the Relations of Solar and Terrestrial Radiation 1920ХХ
44300 Thompson L.T.E., Hickman C.N., Riffolt N. The Measurement of Small Time Intervals and Some Applications, Principally Ballistic 1920ХХ
44328 Eisenhart L.P. The Permanent Gravitational Field in the Einstein Theory 1920ХХ
44330 Goddard R.H. The Possibilities of the Rocket in Weather Forecasting 1920ХХ
44340 Reid H.F. The Problems of Seismology 1920ХХ
44341 Washington H.S. The Problems of Volcanology 1920ХХ
44354 Cohn E.J. The Relation Between the Iso-Electric Point of a Globulin and Its Solubility and Acid Combining Capacity in Salt Solution 1920ХХ
44390 Hall E.H. The Thomson Effect and Thermal Conduction in Metals 1920ХХ
44391 Barus C. The Torsional Magnetic Energy Absorption of an Iron Conductor 1920ХХ
44395 Michelson A.A. The Vertical Interferometer 1920ХХ
44454 Marvin C.F. The Status and Problems of Meteorology 1920ХХ
45028 Beilstein F. Handbuch der Organischen Chemie. Zwiter Band 1920 ХХХ
48563 Rideal E.K. Ozone 1920ХХ
32021 Born M. Einstein's Theory of Relativity 1920ХХ
40510 Michelson A.A. A Modification of the Revolving Mirror Method for Measuring the Velocity of Light 1920ХХ
40512 Kline J.R. A New Proof of a Theorem Due to Schoenflies 1920ХХ
40513 Shapley H. A Note on the Simple Device for Increasing a Photographic Power of Large Telescopes 1920ХХ
40514 Foley A.L. A Photographic Method of Finding the Instantaneous Velocity of Sound Waves at Points Near the Source 1920ХХ
40515 Linhart G.A. A Simplified Method for the Statistical Interpretation of Experimental Data 1920ХХ
40519 Hitchcock F.L. A Thermodynamic Study of Electrolytic Solutions 1920ХХ
40524 Johnson T.B., Hill A.J. Alkyl Amides of Isothiocyanacetic Acid 1920ХХ
40525 Harkins W.D., Ewing D.T. An Apparent High Pressure Due to Adsorption, the Heat of Adsorption, and the Density of Gas-Mask Charcoals 1920ХХ
40526 McDonald J.H. An Application of the Porism of Four Tangents of a Twisted Cubic 1920ХХ
40528 Webster D.L. An Improved Form of High Tension D. C. Apparatus 1920ХХ
40529 Sosman R.B. An Outline of Geophysical-Chemical Problems 1920ХХ
40530 Bartell F.E. Anomalous Osmose 1920ХХ
40537 Sheldon H.H. Charcoal Activation 1920ХХ
40538 Gronwall T.H. Conformal Mapping of a Family of Real Conics on Another 1920ХХ
40541 Webster A.G. Experiments on the Vibration of Air in Conical Horns 1920ХХ
40542 King A.S. Experiments with the Tube Resistance Furnace on the Effect of Potential Difference 1920ХХ
40637 Barnett I.A. Functionals Invariant under One-Parameter Continuous Groups of Transformations in the Space of Continuous Functions 1920ХХ
40638 Bridgman P.W. Further Measurements of the Effects of Pressure on Resistance 1920ХХ
40645 McClendon J.F. Hydrogen Ion Concentration of the Contents of the Small Intestine 1920ХХ
40656 Hall E.H. Inferences from the Hypothesis of Dual Electric Conduction; the Thomson Effect 1920ХХ
40670 Nichols E.L., Wilbur D.T. Luminescence at High Temperatures 1920ХХ
40692 Lipka J. Motion on a Surface for any Positional Field of Force 1920ХХ
40697 Abbot C.G. New Observations on the Variability of the Sun 1920ХХ
40701 Moore C.L., Philips H.B. Note on Geometrical Products 1920ХХ
40705 Barus C. Note on Torsional Measurement of Variations of the Acceleration of Gravity by Interference Methods 1920ХХ
40707 Barus C. Note on a Pneumatic Method of Measuring Variations of the Acceleration of Gravity 1920ХХ
40722 Vandiver H.S. On Kummers Memoir of 1857 Concerning Fermats Last Theorem 1920ХХ

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