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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
122687 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1991ХХ
122743 Olaussen K., Stell G. New Microscopic Approach to the Statistical Mechanics of Chemical Association 1991ХХ
122747 Kim B., Mazenko G.F. Equations of Fluctuating Nonlinear Hydrodynamics for Normal Fluids 1991ХХ
122759 Sahimi M., Arbabi S. On Correction to Scaling for Two- and Three- Dimensional Scalar and Vector Percolation 1991ХХ
122772 Miller B.N. Gravity in One Dimension: Diffusion in Acceleration 1991ХХ
122818 Lipscombe T.C., Frenkel A.L. On the Convection of a Passive Scalar by a Turbulent Gaussian Velocity Field 1991ХХ
122823 Abraham D.B. The Wetting Transition in a Random Surface Model 1991ХХ
122860 Goderis D., Verbeure A., Vets P. Giauber Dynamics of Fluctuations 1991ХХ
122876 Irwin Oppenheim, Alex Orsky Uses and Abuses of the Langevin Equation for Chemical Reactions in Condensed Phases 1991ХХ
122879 Book Review: Synergetics and Dynamical Instabilities 1991ХХ
122891 Reatto L., Stell G., Tau M. On the Isothermal Density Derivative of g(r) and a New Theory of the Pair Correlation Function of Hard Spheres 1991ХХ
122914 Haim Taitelbaum, Shlomo Havlin, James E. Kiefer Some Properties of the A + B C Reaction-Diffusion System with Initially Separated Components 1991ХХ
122918 Program of the 65th Statistical Mechanics Meeting 1991ХХ
122930 Daniel R. Ohlsen, Yamamoto S. Y., Surko C. M. Pinning and Long-Time-Scale Behavior in Traveling-Wave Convection 1991ХХ
122946 Korutcheva E.R., Tonchev N.S. Finite-Size Effects in a Field-Theoretic Model with Long-Range Exchange Interaction 1991ХХ
122966 Galves A., Ianiro N., Triolo L. Self-Diffusion in a Two-Dimensional System of Colliding Vertical Sticks 1991ХХ
122974 Program of the 64th Statistical Mechanics Meeting 1991ХХ
122994 Cladis P.E. A Dynamical Test of Phase Transition Order: New Things in Old Places or Old Wine in New Bottles 1991ХХ
123029 D. Walgraef Temporal Forcing of Wave Patterns 1991ХХ
123031 Williams G. O., Frisch H. L. Diffusion from Sessile Dro Through Membranes 1991ХХ
123034 Pablo A. Ferrari, Servet Martinez, Pierre Picco A Lower Bound for the Memory Capacity in the Potts-Hopfield Model 1991ХХ
123091 Kohyama T. Cluster Growth in Particle-Conserving Cellular Automata 1991ХХ
123142 Powell R.L. Rheology of Suspensions of Rodlike Particles 1991ХХ
123224 Roux S., Hansen A., da Silva L.R. Minimal Path on the Hierarchical Diamond Lattice 1991ХХ
123266 Bender C., Cooper F., Simmons L.M.Jr. Novel Perturbation Expansion for the Langevin Equation 1991ХХ
123293 Bruce J. West, William D. Deering A Model of Turbulent Mixing in the A + B ->0 Reaction 1991ХХ
123300 Widder M. E., Titulaer U. M. The Influence of Temperature Gradients on the Kinetic Boundary Layer Problem for a Condensing Droplet 1991ХХ
123308 Philip W. Hammer, Charles E. Swanson, David C. Samuels The Effect of a Coriolis Force on Taylor-Couette Flow 1991ХХ
123324 Book Review: Statistical Mechanics of Magnetically Ordered Systems 1991ХХ
123381 Bramson M. Random Walk in Random Environment: A Counterexample without Potential 1991ХХ
123391 ben-Avraham D., Kohler J. The Dimer-Trimer Model for Heterogeneous Catalysis 1991ХХ
123408 Marehetti D.H.U., Klein A. Power-Law Falloff in Two-Dimensional Coulomb Gases at Inverse Temperature beta > 8Pi 1991ХХ
123437 Baker G.L., Gollub J.P. Book Review: Chaotic Dynamics-An Introduction 1991ХХ
123450 Abraham D.B., Svrakic N.M. Finite-Size Effects in Surface Tension. I. Fluctuating Interfaces 1991ХХ
123461 Torquato S. Diffusion and Reaction among Traps: Some Theoretical and Simulation Results 1991ХХ
123535 Penrose O. Bose-Einstein Condensation in an Exactly Soluble System of Interacting Particles 1991ХХ
123538 Michael K.-H. Kiessling Uniform Upper Bounds (and Thermodynamic Limit) for the Correlation Functions of Symmetric Coulomb-Type Systems 1991ХХ
123561 Ge Y. Scaling Properties of the Measure of Constant Topological Entropy 1991ХХ
123580 Arkeryd L., Caprino S. The Homogeneous Boltzmann Hierarchy and Statistical Solutions to the Homogeneous Boltzmann Equation 1991ХХ
123599 Asorey M., Esteve J.G. First-Order Transitions in One-Dimensional Systems with Local Couplings 1991ХХ
123606 Cohen E.G.D. Addendum: Note on Transport Processes in Dense Colloidal Suspensions 1991ХХ
123620 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1991ХХ
123648 Chopard B., Droz M. Cellular Automata Model for the Diffusion Equation 1991ХХ
123683 Oshanin G.S., Burlatsky S.F. Reaction Kinetics in Polymer Systems 1991ХХ
123703 Dynamics of Concentrated Systems 1991ХХ
123718 Leung K., Chandler D. Theory of Percolation in Fluids of Long Molecules 1991ХХ
123769 Yamaguchi Y., Tanikawa K. New Type of Heteroclinic Tangency in Two-Dimensional Maps 1991ХХ
123770 Briozzo C. Exact and Asymptotic Properties of Multistate Random Walks 1991ХХ
123788 da Silva L.R., Costa U., Tsallis C. Do the Simple and 2/3 Majority Models Belong to the Same Universality Class?: A Monte Carlo Approach 1991ХХ
123800 Cohen E.G.D., de Schepper I.M. Note on Transport Processes in Dense Colloidal Suspensions 1991ХХ

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