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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
121999 Frank den Hollander, Jan Naudts, Frank Redig Dynamic Structure Factor in a Random Diffusion Model 1994ХХ
122000 Phillips J.C. Kohlrausch Explained: The Solution to a Problem That Is 150 Years Old 1994ХХ
122014 Malte' Henkel Schrodinger Invariance and Strongly Anisotropic Critical Systems 1994ХХ
122018 Pinson H.T. Critical Percolation on the Torus 1994ХХ
122020 Wang D. F., Gruber C. On the Chiral Hubbard Model and the Chiral Kondo Lattice Model 1994ХХ
122041 Bocquet L., Piasecki J., Hansen J.-P. On the Brownian Motion of a Massive Sphere Suspended in a Hard-Sphere Fluid. I. Multiple-Time-Scale Analysis and Microscopic Expression for the Friction Coefficient 1994ХХ
122056 Chopard B., Luthi P., Droz M. Microscopic Approach to the Formation of Liesegang Patterns 1994ХХ
122074 Department of Mathematics, Rutgers University Program of the 71st Statistical Mechanics Meeting 1994ХХ
122087 Vollmayr H. Cluster Hull Algorithms for Large Systems with Small Memory Requirement 1994ХХ
122095 Forrester P.J. Properties of an Exact Crystalline Many-Body Ground State 1994ХХ
122142 Cushman J.H., Hu X., Ginn T.R. Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics of Preasymptotic Dispersion 1994ХХ
122166 Gitterman M., Weiss G.H. A Transition in a Noisy Linear System Driven by a Periodic Signal 1994ХХ
122171 Chorin A.J. Vortex Aiexandre Phase Transitions in 2(1/2) Dimensions 1994ХХ
122186 Book Review: Thermodynam&s of Chaotic Systems 1994ХХ
122195 Wolfram Just Bifurcations in Globally Coupled Map Lattices 1994ХХ
122197 Aizenman M. On the Slow Decay of 0(2) Correlations in the Absence of Topological Excitations: Remark on the Patrascioiu-Seiler Model 1994ХХ
122220 Macris N., Ruiz J. A Remark on the Decay of Superconducting Correlations in One- and Two-Dimensional Hubbard Models 1994ХХ
122224 Kum O., Hoover W.G. Time-Reversible Continuum Mechanics 1994ХХ
122276 van Coevorden D.V., Ernst M.H., Brito R. Relaxation and Transport in FCHC Lattice Gases 1994ХХ
122305 Mukhopadhyay S., Sahimi M. Scaling Behavior of Permeability and Conductivity Anisotropy near the Percolation Threshold 1994ХХ
122337 Weron A., Weron K., Woyczynski W. A. Relaxation Functions in Dipolar Materials 1994ХХ
122349 Gruber C., Ueltschi D. Molecule Formation and the Farey Tree in the One-Dimensional Falicov-Kimball Model 1994ХХ
122362 Olarrea J., Parrondo J. M. R. Escape Statistics for Systems Driven by Dichotomous Noise. I. General Theory 1994ХХ
122373 Sergio Caracciolo, Giorgio Parisi, Andrea Pelissetto Random Walks with Short-Range Interaction and Mean-Field Behavior 1994ХХ
122407 Ershov S. Even the First Iterate of a Markov Operator Is Contracting in an L_2 Norm 1994ХХ
122440 Lebowitz J.L. Preface 1994ХХ
122472 Toth B. 'True' Self-Avoiding Walks with Generalized Bond Repulsion on Z 1994ХХ
122485 Deem M., Chandler D. Classical Diffusion in Strong Random Media 1994ХХ
122501 Michel J., Robert R. Statistical Mechanical Theory of the Great Red Spot of Jupiter 1994ХХ
122508 Nummelin E. Kink Movements and Percolation in the Binary Additive Cellular Automaton 1994ХХ
122539 Toom A. On Critical Phenomena in Interacting Growth Systems. Part II: Bounded Growth 1994ХХ
122543 Pollicott M., Weiss H. The Dimensions of Some Self-Affine Limit Sets in the Plane and Hyperbolic Sets 1994ХХ
122566 Schaertl W., Sillescu H. Brownian Dynamics of Polydisperse Colloidal Hard Spheres: Equilibrium Structures and Random Close Packings 1994ХХ
122597 Momoi T. Low-Lying Excited States of Quantum Antiferromagnets on a Triangular Lattice 1994ХХ
122614 Vieillefosse P. Coulomb Pair Density Matrix I 1994ХХ
122641 Bazzani A., Siboni S., Turchetti G. A Model of Modulated Diffusion. II. Numerical Results on Statistical Properties 1994ХХ
122721 Coveney P. Canonical Nonequilibrium Ensembles and Subdynamics 1994ХХ
122729 McKean H.P. A Limit Law for the Ground State of Hill's Equation 1994ХХ
122758 Cercignani C., Cortese S. Validation of a Monte Carlo Simulation of the Plane Couette Flow of a Rarefied Gas 1994ХХ
122761 Roberts J.A.G., Baake M. Trace Maps as 3D Reversible Dynamical Systems with an Invariant 1994ХХ
122771 Filippov A.E. Large-Scale Structure of Fluctuating Order Parameter Field 1994ХХ
122777 Gottlob A.P., Hasenbusch M. The XY Model and the Three-State Antiferromagnetic Potts Model in Three Dimensions: Critical Properties from Fluctuating Boundary Conditions 1994ХХ
122791 De Coninck J., Fruttero J., Ziermann A. The Equilibrium Shape of a Two-Dimensional Crystal between Parallel Planes 1994ХХ
122829 Diao Y. The Number of Smallest Knots on the Cubic Lattice 1994ХХ
122919 Kotecky R., Olivieri E. Shapes of Growing Droplets A Model of Escape from a Metastable Phase 1994ХХ
122936 Francois Golse, Axel Klar A Numerical Method for Computing Asymptotic States and Outgoing Distributions for Kinetic Linear Half-Space Problems 1994ХХ
123018 Belitsky V. Asymptotic Behavior of the Density for Two-Particle Annihilating Exclusion 1994ХХ
123032 Shneidman V. A., Hanggi P. Microscopic Reversibility and the Nonlinear Einstein-Onsager Relation in Macroscopic Description of Nucleation 1994ХХ
123044 Yong Moon Park, Hyun Jae Yoo Uniqueness and Clustering Properties of Gibbs States for Classical and Quantum Unbounded Spin Systems 1994ХХ
123096 Owczarek A. L, Prellberg T. Exact Scaling Behavior of Partially Convex Vesicles 1994ХХ

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