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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
124189 van Wonderen A.J., Lendi K. Quantum Theory of Dissipative Processes: The Markov Approximation Revisited 1995ХХ
124217 Chen Y., Ohashi H., Akiyama M. Heat Transfer in Lattice BGK Modeled Fluid 1995ХХ
124252 Tribel O., Boon P. Lattice Gas with "Interaction Potential" 1995ХХ
124257 Aslangul C. Diffusion on a Random Comb: Distribution Function of the Survival Probability 1995ХХ
124269 Schaertl W. Brownian Dynamics of Colloidal Hard Spheres. 3. Extended Investigations at the Phase Transition Regime 1995ХХ
124327 1994 Statistical Mechanics/Mathematical Physics Meeting 1995ХХ
124333 Hoye J.S. Correlation Functions in the Cavity Model of Ionic Fluids 1995ХХ
124342 O'Rourke M.J., Baxter R.J. Numerical Results for the Three-State Critical Potts Model on Finite Rectangular Lattices 1995ХХ
124351 Boldrighini C., Bunimovich L.A. Ising-Type Transitions in Coupled Map Lattices 1995ХХ
124365 van Enter A. Pathological Behavior of Renormalization-Group Maps at High Fields and Above the Transition Temperature 1995ХХ
124381 Appert C., Zaleski S. Phase Separation in a Three-Dimensional, Two-Phase, Hydrodynamic Lattice Gas 1995ХХ
124390 Gia Nguyen B. Gaussian Limit for Critical Oriented Percolation in High Dimensions 1995ХХ
124427 Christopher Adler, Bruce Boghosian, Eirik G. Flekkey Simulating Three-Dimensional Hydrodynamics on a Cellular Automata Machine 1995ХХ
124434 Verbeure A., Zagrebnov V.A. Dynamics of Quantum Fluctuations in an Anharmonic Crystal Model 1995ХХ
124437 Alain Joye Upper Bounds for the Energy Expectation in Time-Dependent Quantum Mechanics 1995ХХ
124451 Elout M.O., Maaskant W.J.A. A First-Order Phase Transition in a Three-Dimensional Vertex Model 1995ХХ
124452 Lesser Blum, Holovko M. F., Protsykevych I. A. A Solution of the Multiple-Binding Mean Spherical Approximation for Ionic Mixtures 1995ХХ
124493 Miracle-Sole S. Surface Tension, Step Free Energy, and Facets in the Equilibrium Crystal 1995ХХ
124506 Alexander Berkovich, Barry M. McCoy, William P. Orrick Polynomial Identities, Indices, and Duality for the N= 1 Superconformal Model SM(2, 4v) 1995ХХ
124529 Lebowitz J.L. Program of the 73rd Statistical Mechanics Meeting 1995ХХ
124531 Belitsky V., Ferrari P.A. Ballistic Annihilation and Deterministic Surface Growth 1995ХХ
124546 Sklar L. Book Review: Physics and Chance 1995ХХ
124562 Scarlatti S., Serva M., Pasquini M. Large Deviations for Ising Spin Glasses with Constrained Disorder 1995ХХ
124634 Karapiperis T. Cellular Automaton Model of Precipitation/Dissolution Coupled with Solute Transport 1995ХХ
124641 Jurlewicz A. Frequency-Independent Rules for the Dielectric Susceptibility Derived from Two Forms of Self-Similar Dynamical Behavior of Dipolar Systems 1995ХХ
124691 Cornille H. Hexagonal Discrete Boltzmann Models With and Without Rest Particles 1995ХХ
124719 Alien S. Interface Formation and a Structural Phase Transition for the Spherical Model of Ferromagnetism 1995ХХ
124760 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1995ХХ
124780 Avram Hayli Numerical Exploration of a Family of Strictly Convex Billiards With Boundary of Class C 2 1995ХХ
124806 Book Review: Chaos in Dynamical Systems 1995ХХ
124846 Penna T.J.P. A Bit-String Model for Biological Aging 1995ХХ
124874 Abraham D.B. Corner Spontaneous Magnetization 1995ХХ
124886 Mittag L., Stephen M.J. Motion and Diffusion of a Passive Scalar in a Two-Dimensional Fluid 1995ХХ
124909 Strobel T. Interface Motion in a Planar Spin-Flip Model Derived from Exclusion on the Line 1995ХХ
124911 Markarian R. Statistical Properties of Dynamical Systems with Singularities 1995ХХ
125015 Gates D. J., Westcott M. Stationary States of Crystal Growth in Three Dimensions 1995ХХ
125057 Brandt A., Galun M. Optimal Multigrid Algorithms for the Massive Gaussian Model and Path Integrals 1995ХХ
125115 Bruce M. Boghosian, Washington Taylor Renormalized Equilibria of a Schliigl Model Lattice Gas 1995ХХ
125134 Jian-Sheng Wang Anisotropic Finite-Size Scaling Analysis of a Two-Dimensional Driven Diffusive System 1995ХХ
125154 Blum L., Bernard O. The General Solution of the Binding Mean Spherical Approximation for Pairing Ions 1995ХХ
125171 Wu F.Y., Pant P. The Chiral Potts Model and Its Associated Link Invariant 1995ХХ
125220 Li B., Madras N. Critical Exponents, Hyperscaling, and Universal Amplitude Ratios for Two- and Three-Dimensional Self-Avoiding Walks 1995ХХ
125239 Benfatto G., Marinari E. Some Numerical Results on the Block Spin Transformation for the 2D Ising Model at the Critical Point 1995ХХ
125251 Foreword 1995ХХ
125268 Giacometti A., Maritan A. Real-Space Renormalization Group for Langevin Dynamics in Absence of Translational Invariance 1995ХХ
125283 Lomba E. On the Solutions of the Hypernetted Chain Equation Inside the Gas-Liquid Coexistence Region 1995ХХ
125288 Tan M.-L., Qian Y.H., Goldhirsch I. Lattice-BGK Approach to Simulating Granular Flows 1995ХХ
125300 Benedetto D. A Remark on the Hamiltonian Formalism for Incompressible Flows 1995ХХ
125320 Fendley P., Lesage F. Solving 1D Plasmas and 2D Boundary Problems Using Jack Polynomials and Functional Relations 1995ХХ
125342 Boutet de Monvel A., Pastur L. On the Matrix Statistical Mechanics Approach in the Random Theory: Integrated Density of States 1995ХХ

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