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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
24205 Porter Th., Kanclirz J., Zmolek A. Practical VoIP Security 2006ХХ
24206 Subramaniam V., Hunt A. Practices of an Agile Developer: Working in the Real World 2006ХХ
24217 Dewson R., Skinner J. Pro SQL Server 2005 Assemblies 2006ХХ
24218 Fraser S.R.G. Pro Visual C++/CLI and the .NET 2.0 Platform 2006ХХ
24221 Klein S. Professional SQL ServerЩ 2005 XML 2006ХХ
24220 McClure W.B., Beamer G.A., Croft J.J. Professional ADO.NET 2 Programming with SQL Server 2005, Oracle, and MySQL 2006ХХ
24230 Harinath S., Quinn S.R. Professional SQL Server Analysis Services 2005 with MDX 2006ХХ
24245 Thompson R.S. Quartz 2D Graphics for Mac OS X Developers 2006ХХ
24251 Kuo S.M., Lee B.H. Real-Time Digital Signal Processing: Implementations and Applications 2006 ХХХ
24252 Choate M. REALbasic Cross-Platform Application Development 2006ХХ
24256 Hudson A., Hudson P. Red Hat Fedora 5 Unleashed 2006ХХ
24258 Lippert M., Roock S. Refactoring in Large Software Projects 2006ХХ
24260 Rothlauf F. Representations for Genetic and Evolutionary Algorithms 2006ХХ
24265 Dayley L.D. Roxio Easy Media Creator 8 In a Snap 2006ХХ
24270 Hayes D. Sams Teach Yourself HTML in 10 Minutes 2006 ХХХ
24299 Sierra K., Bates B. SCJP Sun Certified Programmer for Java 5 Study Guide (Exam 310-055) 2006ХХ
24300 Kent P. Search Engine Optimization For Dummies 2006 ХХХ
24301 Davis H. Search Engine Optimization 2006ХХ
24302 Schumacher M., Fernandez-Buglioni E., Hybertson D. Security Patterns Integrating Security and Systems Engineering 2006ХХ
24316 Fioravanti F. Skills for Managing Rapidly Changing It Projects 2006ХХ
24317 Max H., Ray T. Skype: The Definitive Guide 2006ХХ
24333 Castaneda H.D. The Business Case for Enterprise-Class Wireless Lans 2006ХХ
24346 Kaplan J., Dunn R. The .NET Developer's Guide to Directory Services Programming 2006ХХ
24350 Westland J. The Project Management Life Cycle 2006ХХ
24351 Gruman G. The Tech-Savvy Real Estate Agent 2006ХХ
24352 Dralle L. The Unofficial Guide to Making Money on eBay 2006ХХ
24354 ван “илборг ’. .ј. ќсновы криптологии: профессиональное руководство и интерактивный учебник 2006ХХ
24370 Mendoza A. UNIX to Linux Porting: A Comprehensive Reference 2006ХХ
24372 Lee W.-M. Use ClickOnce to Deploy Windows Applications 2006ХХ
24389 Oualline S. Wicked Cool Perl Scripts: Useful Perl Scripts That Solve Difficult Problems 2006ХХ
24402 Earle A.E. Wireless Security Handbook 2006ХХ
24404 Working with Microsoft ISA Server 2004 2006ХХ
24405 Hyde R. Write Great Code: Thinking Low-Level, Writing High-Level, Vol.2 2006ХХ
24406 Foster J.C., Liu V. Writing Security Tools and Exploits 2006ХХ
24407 Barker F.S. WroxТs Visual C#Ѓ 2005 Express Edition Starter Kit 2006ХХ
24501 McConnell S. Software Estimation: Demystifying the Black Art 2006ХХ
24529 Root.R., Sweeny M.R. A Tester's Guide to .NET Programming 2006ХХ
24539 Christiansen M. Adobe After Effects 7.0 Studio Techniques 2006ХХ
24547 Smed J., Hakonen H. Algorithms and Networking for Computer Games 2006ХХ
24565 Lin C. Broadband Optical Access Networks and Fiber-to-the-Home 2006ХХ
24574 Khosrow-Pour M. Cases on Information Technology Planning, Design and Implementation 2006ХХ
24578 Donohue D., Mallory D., Salhoff K. Cisco Voice Gateways and Gatekeepers 2006ХХ
24583 Sauter M. Communication Systems for the Mobile Information Society 2006ХХ
24585 Bartram D., Hambleton R.K. Computer-based testing and the Internet 2006ХХ
24601 Schifreen R. Defeating the Hacker: A Non-Technical Guide to Computer Security 2006ХХ
24618 Clevé B. Film Production Management 2006 ХХХ
24623 Raz D., Juhola A., Serrat-Fernandez J. Fast and Efficient Context-Aware Services 2006ХХ
24633 Osborne M., Summitt P. How to Cheat at Managing Information Security 2006ХХ
24636 Travostino F., Mambretti J., Karmous-Edwards G. Grid Networks: Enabling Grids with Advanced Communication Technology 2006ХХ
24644 Andrienko N., Andrienko G. Exploratory Analysis of Spatial and Temporal Data 2006ХХ

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