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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
122418 Kawakatsu T. Statistical Physics of Polymers 2006ХХ
122426 Procacci A., Scoppola B. Analyticity and Mixing Properties for Random Cluster Model with q > 0 on Z^d 2006ХХ
122499 Book Review: The Noisy Oscillator 2006ХХ
122569 Evans M.R. Canonical Analysis of Condensation in Factorised Steady States 2006ХХ
122632 Eckmann J.-P. Memory Effects in Nonequilibrium Transport for Deterministic Hamiltonian Systems 2006ХХ
122645 Conti S. Nonuniversality in Low-Volume-Fraction Ostwald Ripening 2006ХХ
122648 Feng Z.C. Nanoscale Spontaneous Patterning 2006ХХ
122677 Prager T., Schimansky-Geier L. Drift and Diffusion in Periodically Driven Renewal Processes 2006ХХ
122722 Kalinay P., Percus J.K. Exact Dimensional Reduction of Linear Dynamics: Application to Confined Diffusion 2006ХХ
122723 Pastor-Satorras R. Evolution and Structure of the Internet: A Statistical Physics Approach 2006ХХ
122779 Freidlin M.I., Wentzell A.D. Long-Time Behavior of Weakly Coupled Oscillators 2006ХХ
122780 Fan A.H., Simon K., Toth H.R. Contracting on Average Random IFS with Repelling Fixed Point 2006ХХ
122851 Callaghan T., Khain E. A Stochastic Model for Wound Healing 2006ХХ
122953 Contucci P., Morita S., Nishimori H. Surface Terms on the Nishimori Line of the Gaussian Edwards-Anderson Model 2006ХХ
123078 Book Review: Statistics of Linear Polymers in Disordered Media 2006ХХ
123159 Kawasaki K. Principle of Maximum Entropy and Reduced Dynamics 2006ХХ
123274 Jacobsen J.L., Salas J. Transfer Matrices and Partition-Function Zeros for Antiferromagnetic Potts Models. IV. Chromatic Polynomial with Cyclic Boundary Conditions 2006ХХ
123337 Dubedat J. Euler Integrals for Commuting SLEs 2006ХХ
123377 The Linear Fokker-Planck Equation for the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Process as an (Almost) Nonlinear Kinetic Equation for an Isolated N-Particle System 2006ХХ
123401 Ritchie T.L. Construction of the Thermodynamic Jamming Limit for the Parking Process and Other Exclusion Schemes on Z^d 2006ХХ
123483 Remco van der Hofstad, Frank Redig Maximal Clusters in Non-Critical Percolation and Related Models 2006ХХ
123639 Shirai T. Large Deviations for the Fermion Point Process Associated with the Exponential Kernel 2006ХХ
123643 Kaplan T.A. The Chemical Potential 2006ХХ
123645 Sergeev S.M. Thermodynamic Limit for a Spin Lattice 2006ХХ
123655 Singer A., Schuss Z. Narrow Escape, Part I 2006ХХ
123715 Montanari A., Semerjian G. On the Dynamics of the Glass Transition on Bethe Lattices 2006ХХ
123730 Freidlin M. Reaction-Convection in Incompressible 3D-Fluid: A Homogenization Problem 2006ХХ
123904 Bodineau T., Derrida B. Current Large Deviations for Asymmetric Exclusion Processes with Open Boundaries 2006ХХ
123922 Baxter R.J. Addendum to: УTransfer Matrix Functional Relations for the Generalized τ2(tq) Model, Journal of Statistical Physics 117, 1Ц25 (2004)Ф 2006ХХ
123924 Wojtkiewicz J. Phase Diagram of the Two-dimensional tЦt' Falicov-Kimball Mode 2006ХХ
123941 Bandyopadhyay M., Dattagupta S. Dissipative DiamagnetismЧA Case Study for Equilibrium and Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics 2006ХХ
123994 Mandelbrot B.B. The (mis)Behavior of Markets 2006ХХ
124007 Camus B. Spectral Fluctuations of Schrodinger Operators Generated by Critical Points of the Potential 2006ХХ
124028 OТConnell R. F. Does the Third Law of Thermodynamics Hold in the Quantum Regime? 2006ХХ
124115 Cercignani C. Weak Solutions of the Boltzmann Equation Without Angle Cutoff 2006ХХ
124126 Coupier D. Poisson Approximations for the Ising Model 2006ХХ
124167 Dotsenko V. Griffiths Singularity in the Random Ising Ferromagnet 2006ХХ
124197 Garbaczewski P. Differential Entropy and Dynamics of Uncertainty 2006ХХ
124199 De Santis E. Slab Percolation and Phase Transitions for the Ising Model 2006ХХ
124215 Dominik Janzing On the Computational Power of Molecular Heat Engines 2006ХХ
124429 Book Review: Beyond Equilibrium Thermodynamics 2006ХХ
124503 Wolf C. Generalized Physical and SRB Measures for Hyperbolic Diffeomorphisms 2006ХХ
124504 Povolotsky A.M., Mendes J.F.F. Bethe Ansatz Solution of Discrete Time Stochastic Processes with Fully Parallel Update 2006ХХ
124512 Anh V.V., Leonenko N.N., Sakhno L.M. Spectral Properties of Burgers and KPZ Turbulence 2006ХХ
124513 Eyink G. A Maximum Entropy Method for Particle Filtering 2006ХХ
124551 Galatolo S. Hitting Time and Dimension in Axiom A Systems, Generic Interval Exchanges and an Application to Birkoff Sums 2006ХХ
124569 Rousset M., Stoltz G. Equilibrium Sampling From Nonequilibrium Dynamics 2006ХХ
124637 Liang F. A Theory on Flat Histogram Monte Carlo Algorithms 2006ХХ
124712 Ioffe D., Velenik Y., Zahradnik M. Entropy-Driven Phase Transition in a Polydisperse Hard-Rods Lattice System 2006ХХ
124721 Tasaki H. The Coefficient of Restitution Does Not Exceed Unity 2006ХХ

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