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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
181722 Chapman M. In Search of Stupidity: Over Twenty Years of High Tech Marketing Disasters, Second Edition 2006 ХХХ
181731 Trappl R. Programming for Peace : Computer-Aided Methods for International Conflict Resolution and Prevention (Advances in Group Decision and Negotiation) 2006ХХ
181753 Papadopoulos M., Sadlej A., Leszczynski J. Non-Linear Optical Properties of Matter (Challenges and Advances in Computational Chemistry and Physics) 2006ХХ
181754 Ўаповалова Ћ.“. ‘ормирование социально-экологических умений школьников (на материале биологии) 2006ХХ
181778 Burton The History of Mathematics: An Introduction, 6th Editi Burton 2006 ХХХ
181790 Shorey R., Ananda A., Chan M. Mobile, Wireless, and Sensor Networks: Technology, Applications, and Future Directions 2006ХХ
181791 Yu W., Mittra R., Su T. Parallel Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method 2006ХХ
181819 Lhullier S. Enigmes Mathematiques Diaboliques 2006ХХ
181859 Boucher T., Yalcin A. Design of Industrial Information Systems 2006ХХ
181868 Fecko M. Differential geometry and Lie groups for physicists 2006ХХ
181880 Dangerfield P., Uyttendaele D. Research into Spinal Deformities 5 (Studies in Health Technology and Informatics) (Studies in Health Technology and Informatics) 2006ХХ
181903 Saltzman M., Shen H., Brandsma J. DNA Vaccines 2006ХХ
181935 Asarin E., Gollmann D., Meier J. Computer Security - ESORICS 2006, 11 conf 2006ХХ
181978 Brender J. Handbook of Evaluation Methods for Health Informatics 2006ХХ
181979 Aizley H. Confessions of the Other Mother: Non-Biological Lesbian Moms Tell All 2006ХХ
181983 Nepomnyashchy A., Simanovskii I., Legros J. Interfacial Convection in Multilayer Systems 2006ХХ
182002 Haken H. Information and self-organization: a macroscopic approach to complex systems 2006 ХХХ
182004 Ohshima H. Theory of Colloid and Interfacial Electric Phenomena 2006ХХ
182024 Scheinerman E. C++ for mathematicians. An introduction for students and professionals 2006ХХ
182044 Cohn P. Free Ideal Rings and Localization in General Rings 2006ХХ
182047 Zhang W., Tanigawa Y. Number Theory: Tradition and Modernization (Developments in Mathematics) 2006ХХ
182064 Chanda M. Introduction to Polymer Science and Chemistry: A Problem Solving Approach 2006ХХ
182079 яковлев ».ј. —борник задач по общему курсу физики. 1. ћеханика 2006 ХХХ
182081 Scarani V. Quantum Physics: A First Encounter: Interference, Entanglement, and Reality 2006ХХ
182089 Pitman J., Picard J. Combinatorial Stochastic Processes: Ecole d'Et? de Probabilit?s de Saint-Flour XXXII - 2002 2006ХХ
182106 Miyamoto K. Fundamentals of Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 2006ХХ
182138 Wessner C. The Telecommunications Challenge: Changing Technologies and Evolving Policies - Report of a Symposium 2006ХХ
182142  равченко ¬.‘., –вачЄв ¬.Ћ. јлгебра логики, атомарные функции и вейвлеты в физических приложени€х 2006ХХ
182143 Tuszynski J. The Emerging Physics of Consciousness (The Frontiers Collection) 2006ХХ
182190 Cowan M., Talaro K. Microbiology: A Systems Approach 2006ХХ
182192 Krishnaswamy G., Chi D. Mast Cells Methods and Protocols 2006ХХ
182252 Hammersley B. Hacking GMail (ExtremeTech) 2006ХХ
182270 Fette B. Cognitive Radio Technology 2006ХХ
182275 Armitage D., Underwood I., Wu S. Introduction to Microdisplays 2006ХХ
182289 –€занов ј.ј. —оздание собственного дела: ”чебно-методические материалы 2006ХХ
182298 Brehmer A. Structure of Enteric Neurons 2006ХХ
182313 Lowe J., Peterson K. Quantum Chemistry 2006 ХХХ
182357 Malliavin P., Thalmaier A. Stochastic calculus of variations in mathematical finance 2006ХХ
182359 ¬ернер «. Autocad 2006. –уководство чертежника, конструктора, архитектора 2006ХХ
182361 Clark W., Holliday L. Linking Knowledge with Action for Sustainable Development: The Role of Program Management - Summary of a Workshop 2006ХХ
182366 Nayak R., Zaki M. Knowledge Discovery from XML Documents: First International Workshop, KDXD 2006, Singapore, April 9, 2006, Proceedings 2006ХХ
182375 Dunne S., Stoddart B. Unifying Theories of Programming: First International Symposium, UTP 2006, Walworth Castle, County Durham, UK, February 5-7, 2006, Revised Selected Papers ... Computer Science and General Issues) 2006ХХ
182404 Berne R. Nanotalk: Conversations With Scientists And Engineers About Ethics, Meaning, And Belief in the Development of Nanotechnology 2006ХХ
182410 Muller-Kirsten H. Introduction to quantum mechanics: Schrodinger equation and path integral 2006ХХ
182416 “ерлецкий ».ј.,  аменев ќ.“. ‘изика. „асть 4. јтомна€ физика: ”чебное пособие 2006ХХ
182418 Huang J., Pandzic P. Dirac operators in representation theory 2006ХХ
182427 Liang P., Meade J., Pardee A. Differential Display Methods and Protocols 2006ХХ
182444 Kempf I., Alt V., Haarman H. Practice of Intramedullary Locked Nails New Developments in Techniques and Applications 2006ХХ
182465 ¬ыгодский ћ.я. —правочник по высшей математике 2006ХХ
182491 Maddux R. Relation Algebras 2006ХХ

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