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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
41975 Putnam C.R. Operators, analytic negligibility, and capacities n/aХХ
41978 Hayman W.K. Painleve null sets n/aХХ
41986 Post-Newtonian Motion of Binary Systems in the Field Theory of Gravitation n/aХХ
41987 Post-Newtonian approximation of the field theory of gravitation n/aХХ
41988 Post-Newtonian integrals of the motion in the field theory of Gravitation n/aХХ
42012 Gorbachuk E.L., Komarnitskii N.Y. Radicals and their properties n/aХХ
42027 John Ch.E. Revision of Rowlands Preliminary Tables of Solar Spectrum Wave-Lengths n/aХХ
42034 Levin B.Y. Shifts of functions of two variables n/aХХ
42036 Allington-Smith J. 3D Instrumentation n/aХХ
42050 Gonzalez J.N. Smooth Morphisms n/aХХ
42056 Ibragimov I.A., Solev V.N. Some analytic problems arising in the theory of stationary random processes n/aХХ
42057 Garnett J. ћб Some open problems concerning H and BMO n/aХХ
42075 Coifman R.R., Meyer Y. The Cauchy integral and related integral operators n/aХХ
42121 Pisier G. The Kadison Similarity Problem n/aХХ
42179 The basic space Exp_(Omega)C(z,n) n/aХХ
42180 Forelli F. The extreme rays of the positive pluriharmonic functions n/aХХ
42181 Sakhnovic L.A. The factorization of operators in L_2(a, b) n/aХХ
42182 Brennan J. The integrability of the derivative of a conformal mapping n/aХХ
42184 The required spaces n/aХХ
42185 Murphy G.J., Smyth M.R.F., West T.T. The spectral radius formula in quotient algebras n/aХХ
42189 Topological degree, rotation, and fixed points of multivalued mappings in finite-dimensional spaces n/aХХ
42190 Topological obstructions to complete integrability n/aХХ
42198 Kahane J.-P. Two problems on trigonometric series n/aХХ
42201 Khavin V.P., Krushchev S.V. Uniqueness sets for analytic functions with a finite Dirichlet integral n/aХХ
42202 Luybich Y.I. Uniqueness theorem for mean-periodic functions n/aХХ
42209 Korenblum B. Weakly invertible elements in Bergman spaces n/aХХ
42213 Komarchev I.A., Makarov B.M. When is ѕ_2(X, 2)=L(X, 2)? n/aХХ
42225 Levin B.Y., Ostrovskii I.V. Zeros of sine-type functions n/aХХ
201772 Sunil Amrith Miracles and Material Life n/aХХ
42317 —тукалова ќ.¬. (ред.) ћатематика в кармане n/a ХХХ
42332 ¬уджек “. “ренировка ума n/aХХ
42403 250 years of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR n/aХХ
42407 50 Jahre Deutsche Statistische Gesellschaft Tagungen 1961 und 1962 n/aХХ
42423 A Nonstationary Model of the Universe n/aХХ
42426 Wallin H. A convergence problem on rational approximation in several variables n/aХХ
42427 A critique of the determination of the energy-momentum of a system from the equations of motion of matter in the general theory of relativity n/aХХ
42428 A density lemma n/aХХ
42429 A problem in the spectral theory of an ordinary differential operator in a complex domain - V. A. Tkachenko n/aХХ
42437 Absurdity of the definition of inertial mass in the general theory of relativity n/aХХ
42438 Acceleration of the Center of Mass of an Extended Body in a Weak Gravitational Field n/aХХ
42439 Absurdity of the calculation of the intensity of gravitational radiation in the general theory of relativity n/aХХ
42459 Cauchy problem for PD equations with variable symbols n/aХХ
42461 Igari S. Cohen-Rudin characterization of homomorphisms of measure algebras n/aХХ
42464 —трельникова Ћ. ¬еликое молчание n/aХХ
42465 Casazza P.G. Complemented subspaces of A, H1, and H n/aХХ
42480 Continuous sections and single-valued approximations of m-mappings n/aХХ
42484 Correctness of the definition of a PD operator n/aХХ
42490 Determination of the Tensor of Passive Gravitational n/aХХ
42502 ƒомашн€€ работа по алгебре и началам анализа за 11 класс n/aХХ
42513 Main Experimental Consequences of the Difference of the Field Theory of Gravitation from Einsteins Theory n/aХХ

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