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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
41492 Dzhrbashyan M.M. Some open questions in the theory of representations of analytic functions n/aХХ
41493 McKean H.P. Some questions about Hardy functions n/aХХ
41496 Hedberg L.I. Spectral synthesis in sobolev spaces n/aХХ
41580 Sarason D. Sets of uniqueness for QC n/aХХ
41597 Rudin W. The inner function problem in balls n/aХХ
41598 Kadets M.I. The inverse problem of the best approximation of bounded, uniformly continuous functions by entire functions of exponential type and related problems n/aХХ
41599 Leontev A.F. The representation of functions by exponential series n/aХХ
41600 Murphy G.J., West T.T. The vanishing interior of the spectrum n/aХХ
41630 Damon J. A - equivalence and the Equivalence of Sections of Images and Discriminants n/aХХ
41635 Leader S. 1-differentials on 1-cells: a further study n/aХХ
41636 Hanskat C.S., Tabat L.M. Code requirements for environmental engineering concrete structures ACI 350-01 and commentary n/aХХ
41682 The space Exp_r(C(n,z)) n/aХХ
41683 The space of closed subsets n/aХХ
41685 Various versions of noncommutative integration in the Liouville sense n/aХХ
41738 Kruglyakov I.Z. 2-families of lines in P_3 and pairs of congruent lines in P_3 n/aХХ
41740 Mazurov V.D. 2-groups with an odd-order automorphism that is the identity on involutions n/aХХ
41742 Holladay K. 2-isohedral triangulations n/aХХ
41778 A field approach to the description of gravitational interaction n/aХХ
41779 Khavinson S.Y. A problem regarding the exact majorant n/aХХ
41780 Clark D.N. A similarity problem for Toeplitz operators n/aХХ
41783 Absolutely summing operators from the disc algebra n/aХХ
41792 Algebraization of Hamiltonian systems on orbits of Lie groups n/aХХ
41799 Ingold L. Associated Types of Linear Connection n/aХХ
41802 Aubry-Mather theory n/aХХ
41804 BN general and Clifford general K3 surfaces - Trygve Johnsen and Andreas Leopold Knutsen n/aХХ
41808 Williams D.L. Blaschke products and ideals in CA n/aХХ
41826 Gurarii V.P. Completeness of systems of shift functions in weighted spaces n/aХХ
41836 Connection of Conservation Laws with the Geometry of Space-Time n/aХХ
41837 Buildings of type F4 n/aХХ
41838 Peller V.V. Bounds for operator polynomials in the schatten-eumann classes n/aХХ
41841 Conservation laws for the gravitational field and matter n/aХХ
41843 Continuity of multivalued mappings. Some operations on multivalued mappings n/aХХ
41847 Conservation laws in the field theory of gravitation n/aХХ
41852 Smyth M.R., West T.T. Decomposition of Riesz operators n/aХХ
41855 Ammari H., Kang H. Derivation of Asymptotic Formulae n/aХХ
41857 Kiechle H. Derivations n/aХХ
41865 Vosilius R.V. Integrability of nonholonomic differential-geometric structures n/aХХ
41868 International Congress for Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science 1960 n/aХХ
41871 Schafer H.- W. Internationale Woche der Elektronik in der Versicherung n/aХХ
41872 Interpretation of Deviations from Ohms Law n/aХХ
41873 Shamoyan F.A. Invariant subspaces of a shift operator in certain spaces of analytic functions n/aХХ
41875 Brewer A.K. Ionization in Reacting Gases n/aХХ
41880 Kiechle H. K-loops from the General Linear Groups over Rings n/aХХ
41884 Palamodov V.P. Localization of polynomial submodules in certain spaces of analytic functions and the solvability of -equations n/aХХ
41885 Douglas R.G. Localization of toeplitz operators n/aХХ
41897 ћикалко ћ. “ренинг интеллекта n/aХХ
41905 Morse theory of completely integrable Hamiltonian systems n/aХХ
41910 Taylor B.A. Necessary conditions for interpolation by entire functions n/aХХ
41975 Putnam C.R. Operators, analytic negligibility, and capacities n/aХХ
41978 Hayman W.K. Painleve null sets n/aХХ

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