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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
123240 Ruelle D. Some Ill-Formulated Problems on Regular and Messy Behavior in Statistical Mechanics and Smooth Dynamics for Which I Would Like the Advice of Yasha Sinai 2002ХХ
123242 Ben-Ezra Y., Pershin Yu.V., Kaplunovsky Yu.A. Modeling of the Dielectric Breakdown Under Strong Magnetic Fields 2002ХХ
123244 Young L.-S. What Are SRB Measures, and Which Dynamical Systems Have Them? 2002ХХ
123250 Braga G.A., Proccaci A., Sanchis R. Analyticity of the d-Dimensional Bond Percolation Probability Around p=1 2002ХХ
123289 Häggkvist R., Lundow P.H. The Ising Partition Function for 2D Grids with Periodic Boundary: Computation and Analysis 2002ХХ
123295 Gordon Blower Displacement Convexity for the Generalized Orthogonal Ensemble 2002ХХ
123334 Marcus Pivato Multiplicative Cellular Automata on Nilpotent Groups: Structure, Entropy, and Asymptotics 2002ХХ
123335 Yukio Nagahata Fluctuation Dissipation Equation for Lattice Gas with Energy 2002ХХ
123355 Foias C., Jolly M.S., Manley O.P. Statistical Estimates for the NavierЦStokes Equations and the Kraichnan Theory of 2-D Fully Developed Turbulence 2002ХХ
123367 Kirkpatrick T.R., Belitz D., Sengers J.V. Long-Time Tails, Weak Localization, and Classical and Quantum Critical Behavior 2002ХХ
123390 Seta T., Takahashi R. Numerical Stability Analysis of FDLBM 2002ХХ
123394 Dufty J.W., Brey J.J. GreenЦKubo Expressions for a Granular Gas 2002ХХ
123434 Lebowitz J.L. Preface 2002ХХ
123436 Süto A. Exact Eigenstates for Contact Interactions 2002ХХ
123439 Laurencot P., Mischler S. From the BeckerЦDoring to the LifshitzЦSlyozovЦWagner Equations 2002ХХ
123457 Jacco H. Snoeijer, van Leeuwen J. M. J. Force Relaxation in the q -Model for Granular Media 2002ХХ
123487 Young C. Kim, Mikhail A. Anisimov, Jan V. Sengers Crossover Critical Behavior in the Three-Dimensional Ising Model 2002ХХ
123505 Shmuel Fishman, Italo Guarneri, Laura Rebuzzini A Theory for Quantum Accelerator Modes in Atom Optics 2002ХХ
123519 Eric A. Carlen, Francesco Salvarani On the Optimal Choice of Coefficients in a Truncated Wild Sum and Approximate Solutions for the Kac Equation 2002ХХ
123547 He X., Doolen G.D. Thermodynamic Foundations of Kinetic Theory and Lattice Boltzmann Models for Multiphase Flows 2002ХХ
123559 Zheng Y., Garcia A.L., Alder B.J. Comparison of Kinetic Theory and Hydrodynamics for Poiseuille Flow 2002ХХ
123563 Gaspard P., van Beijeren H. When Do Tracer Particles Dominate the Lyapunov Spectrum? 2002ХХ
123598 Denniston C., Yeomans J.M. Domain Motion in Confined Liquid Crystals 2002ХХ
123615 Redner S. A Guide to First-Passage Processes 2002ХХ
123688 Bleher P., Ridzal D. SU(1, 1) Random Polynomials 2002ХХ
123690 Hald O., Kupferman R. Asymptotic and Numerical Analyses for Mechanical Models of Heat Baths 2002ХХ
123699 Succi S., Filippova O. Towards a Renormalized Lattice Boltzmann Equation for Fluid Turbulence 2002ХХ
123751 Ioffe D. A Note on the Quantum WidomЦRowlison Model 2002ХХ
123817 Kyozi Kawasaki Dynamical van der Waals Model of Glassy Behavior 2002ХХ
123842 Kyozi Kawasaki, Bongsoo Kim Out of Equilibrium Dynamics of the Toy Model with Mode Coupling and Trivial Hamiltonian 2002ХХ
123868 Kurt Binder, David Landau, Marcus Müller Monte Carlo Studies of Wetting, Interface Localization and Capillary Condensation 2002ХХ
123888 Leonid G. Fel, Konstantin M. Khanin On Effective Conductivity on Z^d Lattice 2002ХХ
123895 Frisch U., Matsumoto T. On Multifractality and Fractional Derivatives 2002ХХ
123902 Chew Y.T., Shu C. On Implementation of Boundary Conditions in the Application of Finite Volume Lattice Boltzmann Method 2002ХХ
123915 Hut P., Heggie D.C. Orbital Divergence and Relaxation in the Gravitational N-Body Problem 2002ХХ
124020 Valli A., Koponen A., Vesala T. Simulations of Water Flow Through Bordered Pits of Conifer Xylem 2002ХХ
124037 Lee J.C. Thermal Physics-Entropy and Free Energies 2002ХХ
124050 Shakib-Manesh A., Koponen A. Shear Stress in a Couette Flow of Liquid-Particle Suspensions 2002ХХ
124056 Carvalho T., de Oliveira C. Spectra and Transport in Almost Periodic Dimers 2002ХХ
124071 Markowich P., Rein G., Wolansky G. Existence and Nonlinear Stability of Stationary States of the SchrödingerЦPoisson System 2002ХХ
124086 Sakai A. Hyperscaling Inequalities for the Contact Process and Oriented Percolation 2002ХХ
124092 Hoover W., Forster C. Lyapunov Modes of Two-Dimensional Many-Body Systems; Soft Disks, Hard Disks, and Rotors 2002ХХ
124100 Bunimovich L.A., Khlabystova M.A. Walks in Rigid Environments: Continuous Limits 2002ХХ
124101 Lebowitz J.L. Program of the 87th Statistical Mechanics Meeting Celebrating the 85th Birthday of Howard Reiss 2002ХХ
124103 Collet J.-F., Goudon T. Some Remarks on Large-Time Asymptotic of the LifshitzЦSlyozov Equations 2002ХХ
124128 Burns K., Dolgopyat D., Pesin Ya. Partial Hyperbolicity, Lyapunov Exponents and Stable Ergodicity 2002ХХ
124156 Dunlop F.M., Ferrari P.A., Fontes L.R.G. A Dynamic One-Dimensional Interface Interacting with a Wall 2002ХХ
124174 Konno N. Self-Duality for Multi-State Probabilistic Cellular Automata with Finite Range Interactions 2002ХХ
124186 Maes C., Redig F., Verschuere M. No Current Without Heat 2002ХХ
124284 Gallavotti G., Lebowitz J.L., Mastropietro V. Large Deviations in Rarefied Quantum Gases 2002ХХ

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