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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
124147 Poland D. Lattice Gas Activity Series from Secular Equations 1994ХХ
124160 Loviscach J. Probabilistic Models of Multidimensional Piecewise Expanding Mappings 1994ХХ
124180 Fritz J. Stationary States and Hydrodynamics of FHP Cellular Automata 1994ХХ
124219 Suchanecki Z., Antoniou I., Tasaki S. Nonlocality of the Misra-Prigogine-Courbage Semigroup 1994ХХ
124229 Kantz H., Livi R. Equipartition Thresholds in Chains of Anharmonic Oscillators 1994ХХ
124238 Lewis J.T., Pfister C.-E. The Equivalence of Ensembles for Lattice Systems: Some Examples and a Counterexample 1994ХХ
124255 Schulman L.S. Special States in the Spin-Boson Model 1994ХХ
124290 Thiran E. Integral Quadratic Forms, Kac-Moody Algebras, and Fractional Quantum Hall Effect. An ADE-O Classification 1994ХХ
124328 Angelescu N., Pulvirenti M. Derivation and Classical Limit of the Mean-Field Equation for a Quantum Coulomb System: Maxwell-Boltzmann Statistics 1994ХХ
124338 den Hollander F. On Three Conjectures by K. E. Shuler 1994ХХ
124348 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1994ХХ
124358 Surda A. Incommensurate-Commensurate Phase Transitions in an Anisotropic Antiferromagnetic Model on Triangular Lattice 1994ХХ
124378 Daems D., Nicolis G. Probabilistic Approach to Homoclinic Chaos 1994ХХ
124382 Miller J., Derrida B. Weak-Disorder Expansion for the Anderson Model on a Tree 1994ХХ
124416 Ktosek M. M. Half-Range Expansion Analysis for Langevin Dynamics in the High-Friction Limit with a Singular Absorbing Boundary Condition: Noncharacteristic Case 1994ХХ
124419 Blanchard Ph., Bolz G., Cini M. Localization Stabilized by Noise 1994ХХ
124470 Book Review: Extended Irreversible Thermodynamics 1994ХХ
124488 Wolfhard Janke, Tilman Sauer Application of the Multicanonical Multigrid Monte Carlo Method to the Two-Dimensional ff4-Model: Antocorrelations and Interface Tension 1994ХХ
124501 Bleher P. M., Ruiz J., Zagrebnov V. A. On the Purity of the Limiting Gibbs State for the Ising Model on the Bethe Lattice 1994ХХ
124509 Yukhnovskii I. R., ldzyk I. M. Investigation of a Homogeneous Many-Particle System in the Vicinity of the Critical Point 1994ХХ
124511 Pirmin Lemberger Large-Field Versus Small-Field Expansions and Sobolev Inequalities 1994ХХ
124526 Provata A., Nicolis C. A Microscopic Aggregation Model of Droplet Dynamics in Warm Clouds 1994ХХ
124567 Dinaburg E.I., Mazel A.E. Layering Transition in SOS Model with External Magnetic Field 1994ХХ
124574 Mattis D. Electrical Resistivity of Dilute, Interacting Fermions 1994ХХ
124656 Ray T.S. Self-Organization of Aging in a Population Approaching the Steady State 1994ХХ
124658 Meester R., Roy R., Sarkar A. Nonuniversality and Continuity of the Critical Covered Volume Fraction in Continuum Percolation 1994ХХ
124659 Heintz A. In Memory of Nina Borisovna Maslova 1994ХХ
124706 Karner G. The Simplified Fermi Accelerator in Classical and Quantum Mechanics 1994ХХ
124723 Zegarlinski B. Strong Decay to Equilibrium in One-Dimensional Random Spin Systems 1994ХХ
124769 Bershadskii A. Topological and Fractal Properties of Turbulent Passive Scalar Fluctuations at Small Scales 1994ХХ
124825 Percus J.K., Samaj L. Exact Free Energy Functionals for Non-Simply-Connected Lattices 1994ХХ
124833 Koma T., Tasaki H. Symmetry Breaking and Finite-Size Effects in Quantum Many-Body Systems 1994ХХ
124856 Grimm U., Baake M. Nonperiodic lsing Quantum Chains and Conformal Invariance 1994ХХ
124858 Park Y., Yoo H.J. A Characterization of Gibbs States of Lattice Boson Systems 1994ХХ
124873 Peter Fratzl Statistical Model of the Habit and Arrangement of Mineral Crystals in the Collagen of Bone 1994ХХ
124938 Bolle D., Shim G.M., Vinck B. Retrieval and Chaos in Layered Q-Ising Neural Networks 1994ХХ
124952 Esposito R., Marra R. On the Derivation of the Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equation for Hamiltonian Particle Systems 1994ХХ
124959 Ala-Nissila T. Scaling Exponents for Driven Two-Dimensional Surface Growth 1994ХХ
124960 Grimmett G. Potts Models and Random-Cluster Processes with Many-Body Interactions 1994ХХ
125009 Bos S., Kiihn R. Multiplicity of Metastable Retrieval Phases in Networks of Muitistate Neurons 1994ХХ
125020 Schlijper A. G. On Some Variational Approximations in Two-Dimensional Classical Lattice Systems 1994ХХ
125047 Nhndor Simanyi, Domokos Szasz The K-Property of 4D Billiards with Nonorthogonal Cylindric Scatterers 1994ХХ
125051 Burkhard Nobbe Classical Motion in Two-Dimensional Crystals 1994ХХ
125067 Matthias Hoilschneider More on the Analysis of Local Regularity Through Wavelets 1994ХХ
125081 Alberto S. Cattaneo, Andrea Gamba, Igor V. Kolokolov Statistics of the One-Electron Current in a One-Dimensional Mesoscopic Ring at Arbitrary Magnetic Fields 1994ХХ
125090 Sanjay Puri, Kurt Binder Surface-Directed Spinodal Decomposition in a Thin-Film Geometry: A Computer Simulation 1994ХХ
125092 Herr6 Kunz Surface Orbital Magnetism 1994ХХ
125140 Gaveau B., Schuiman L.S. Fluctuations in Mean-Field Self-Organized Criticality 1994ХХ
125215 Streater R.F. Convection in a Gravitational Field 1994ХХ
125234 Stauffer D. Evolution by Damage Spreading in Kauffman Model 1994ХХ

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