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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
121331 Cercignani C. Trend to Equilibrium of Weak Solutions of the Boltzmann Equation in a Slab with Diffusive Boundary Conditions 1996ХХ
121336 Hendriks E.M., Walsh J., van Bergen A.R.D. A General Approach to Association Using Cluster Partition Functions 1996ХХ
121376 Renming Song, Xian Yin Zhou A Remark on Diffusion of Directed Polymers in Random Environments 1996ХХ
121423 Datta N., Fernandez R. Low-Temperature Phase Diagrams of Quantum Lattice Systems. I. Stability for Quantum Perturbations of Classical Systems with Finitely-Many Ground States 1996ХХ
121452 Lebowitz J.L., Mazel A.E. A Remark on the Low-Temperature Behavior of the SOS Interface in Half-Space 1996ХХ
121470 lto H.M., Mikami T. Poissonian Asymptotics of a Randomly Perturbed Dynamical System: Flip-Flop of the Stochastic Disk Dynamo 1996ХХ
121484 Michel J., Robert R. Statistical Equilibrium States and Long-Time Dynamics for a Transport Equation 1996ХХ
121553 Meyer D. From Quantum Cellular Automata to Quantum Lattice Gases 1996ХХ
121611 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1996ХХ
121623 Cesi F., Martinelli F. On the Layering Transition of an SOS Surface Interacting with a Wall. I. Equilibrium Results 1996ХХ
121633 Garrod C. Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics 1996ХХ
121657 Hunt B.R., Khanin K.M., Sinai Y.G. Fractal Properties of Critical Invariant Curves 1996ХХ
121689 Berglund N., Kunz H. Integrability and Ergodicity of Classical Billiards in a Magnetic Field 1996ХХ
121810 J . Wehr, J . Xin Front Speed in the Burgers Equation with a Random Flux 1996ХХ
121812 Book Review: Renormalization Group 1996ХХ
121824 Book Review: Random Walks and Random Environments, Volume 1: Random Walks 1996ХХ
121880 Feldman J., Saimhofer M., Trubowitz E. Perturbation Theory Around Nonnested Fermi Surfaces. I. Keeping the Fermi Surface Fixed 1996ХХ
121899 Leonenko N.N., Enzo Orsingher E., Parkhomenko V.N. On the Rate of Convergence to the Normal Law for Solutions of the Burgers Equation with Singular Initial Data 1996ХХ
121914 Kondratiev Yu. G., Minlos R. A. One-Particle Subspaces in the Stochastic XY Model 1996ХХ
121922 Book Review: Fluctuations and Order: The New Synthesis 1996ХХ
121965 Claude Bardus, Laurent Dumas, Francois Golse Diffusion Approximation for Billiards with Totally Accommodating Scatterers 1996ХХ
121992 Talkner P., Hanggi P. Book Review: New Trends in Reaction Rate Theory 1996ХХ
121996 Richard Jordan, Bruce Turkington Ideal Magnetofluid Turbulence in Two Dimensions 1996ХХ
122016 J. Javier Brey, James W. Dufty, Andres Santos Dissipative Dynamics for Hard Spheres 1996ХХ
122026 G. Hailer Universal Homoclinic Bifurcations and Chaos near Double Resonances 1996ХХ
122037 Fendley P., Lesage F., Saleur H. A Unified Framework for the Kondo Problem and for an Impurity in a Luttinger Liquid 1996ХХ
122039 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1996ХХ
122042 Majda A.J., Souganidis P.E. Bounds on Enhanced Turbulent Flame Speeds for Combustion with Fractal Velocity Fields 1996ХХ
122047 van Rensburg E.J.J., Orlandini E., Sumners D.W. Entanglement Complexity of Lattice Ribbons 1996ХХ
122088 Jezewski W. Chaotic Properties of Muitipoint Correlation Functions of an Ising Model with Long-Range Interactions on the Sierpifiski-Gasket Lattice 1996ХХ
122094 Radons G., Stoop R. Superpositions of Multifractals: Generators of Phase Transitions in the Generalized Thermodynamic Formalism 1996ХХ
122203 Gitterman M. Book Review: Introduction to Nonlinear Science 1996ХХ
122215 Soto-Campos G., Mazo R.M. Asymptotic Results for a Persistent Diffusion Model of Taylor Dispersion of Particles 1996ХХ
122227 Barkema G.T., Flesia S. Two-Dimensional Oriented Self-Avoiding Walks with Parallel Contacts 1996ХХ
122258 Risso D., Cordero P. Two-Dimensional Gas of Disks: Thermal Conductivity 1996ХХ
122266 Higuchi Y., Yoshida N. lsing Models on the Lattice Sierpinski Gasket 1996ХХ
122270 Conlon J.G., Olsen P.A. A Brownian Motion Version of the Directed Polymer Problem 1996ХХ
122313 Book Review: A Survey of Thermodynamics 1996ХХ
122371 D. Dolgopyat Entropy of Coupled Map Lattices 1996ХХ
122392 Albeverio S., Zhou X.Y. Free Energy and Some Sample Path Properties of a Random Walk with Random Potential 1996ХХ
122397 Olivieri E., Scoppola E. Markov Chains with Exponentially Small Transition Probabilities: First Exit Problem from a General Domain. II. The General Case 1996ХХ
122452 Eyink G. Hydrodynamics and Fluctuations Outside of Local Equilibrium: Driven Diffusive Systems 1996ХХ
122456 Sobkowicz M., Chakraborty B. Ising Model with Frustration, Elasticity, and Competing Interactions 1996ХХ
122458 Simonis A. Metastability of the d-Dimensional Contact Process 1996ХХ
122463 Oger L., Annic C., Bideau D. Diffusion of Two-Dimensional Particles on an Air Table 1996ХХ
122496 Hasenbusch M., Meyer S., Putz M. The Roughening Transition of the Three-Dimensional Ising Interface: A Monte Carlo Study 1996ХХ
122579 Fujimoto M. Six-Vertex Model with Rotated Boundary Conditions 1996ХХ
122590 Barabasi A.-L. Fractal Concepts in Surface Growth 1996ХХ
122610 Barcilon V. Eigenvalues of the One-Dimensional Smoluchowski Equation 1996ХХ
122635 Cesi F., Guadagni G. On the Two-Dimensional Stochastic Ising Model in the Phase Coexistence Region Near the Critical Point 1996ХХ

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