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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
119927 Goles E., Martinez S. Erratum: The One-Site Distribution of Gibbs States on Bethe Lattice Are Probability Vectors of Period \< 2 for a Nonlinear Transformation 1996ХХ
119945 Zhang Y. Rate of Escape from Nonattracting Chaotic Sets 1996ХХ
119957 Gallavotti G. Chaotic Hypothesis: Onsager Reciprocity and Fluctuation-Dissipation Theorem 1996ХХ
119962 Onody R.N., Neves U.P.C. Collapse Transition of a Two-Dimensional Lattice Animal 1996ХХ
120083 Muche L. Distributional Properties of the Three-Dimensional Poisson Delannay Cell 1996ХХ
120167 Alexander F.J., Laberge C.A., Lebowitz J.L. Monte Carlo Studies of a Driven Lattice Gas. I. Growth and Asymmetry During Phase Segregation 1996ХХ
120175 Dahlqvist P. Lyapunov Exponents and Anomalous Diffusion of a Lorentz Gas with Infinite Horizon Using Approximate Zeta Functions 1996ХХ
120238 Barkema G.T., McCabe J. Monte Carlo Simulations of Conformal Theory Predictions for the Three-State Potts Model 1996ХХ
120240 Jiang M., Mazel A.E. Uniqueness and Exponential Decay of Correlations for Some Two-Dimensional Spin Lattice Systems 1996ХХ
120289 Canright G., Watson G. Disordered Ground States for Classical Discrete-State Problems in One Dimension 1996ХХ
120344 Wang F., Cohen E.G.D. Diffusion on Random Lattices 1996ХХ
120355 Lebowitz J.L. (ed.) In Memoriam. Pieter Willem Kasteleyn 1996ХХ
120387 Rolf J., Wieczerkowski C. The Hierarchical ф^4-Trajectory by Perturbation Theory in a Running Coupling and its Logarithm 1996ХХ
120389 Kari Eloranta Diamond Ice 1996ХХ
120408 Borgs C., Chayes J.T. The Covariance Matrix of the Potts Model: A Random Cluster Analysis 1996ХХ
120421 Lebowitz J.L. Program of the 74th Statistical Mechanics Meeting 1996ХХ
120435 Th. Ruijgrok, M. Ruijgrok A Reaction-Diffusion Equation for a Cyclic System with Three Components 1996ХХ
120444 Streater R. F. Book Review: Statistical Dynamics 1996ХХ
120445 Kozitsky Yuri V. Hierarchical Ferromagnetic Vector Spin Model Possessing the Lee--Yang Property. Thermodynamic Limit at the Critical Point and Above 1996ХХ
120460 de Gier J., Nienhuis B. The Exact Solution of an Octagonal Rectangle-Triangle Random Tiling 1996ХХ
120563 Mohammed Lach-hab, Estela Blaisten-Barojas Irregular Scattering of Particles Confined to Ring-Bounded Cavities 1996ХХ
120565 Jeff Hasty Renormalization of One-Dimensional Avalanche Models 1996ХХ
120665 Wilson S.R. (ed.) 59-th IMS Annual Meeting 4-8 August 1996 Chicago Illinois 1996ХХ
120812 Morten Byholt Bayesian Nonparametric Density Estimation With a Local Likelihood 1996ХХ
120824 Mathematical Methods of Statistics. Volume 5, Number 2 1996ХХ
120883 ƒубинский ё.ј. «адача  оши в комплексной области 1996ХХ
120940 On the Phase Transition to Sheet Percolation in Random Cantor Sets 1996ХХ
120997 Momoi T. Quantum Fluctuations in Quantum Lattice Systems with Continuous Symmetry 1996ХХ
121008 Richter S., Werner R.F. Ergodicity of Quantum Cellular Automata 1996ХХ
121012 Diamond P., Klemm A., Kloeden P. Basin of Attraction of Cycles of Discretizations of Dynamical Systems with SRB Invariant Measures 1996ХХ
121052 Honecker A. A Perturbative Approach to Spectrum and Correlation Functions of the Chiral Potts Model 1996ХХ
121091 Porra J.M. Book Review: An Introduction to Stochastic Processes and Non-Equilibrium Statistical Physics 1996ХХ
121103 Maier R.S., Stein D.L. A Scaling Theory of Bifurcations in the Symmetric Weak-Noise Escape Problem 1996ХХ
121121 Ortiz J.S.E., de Aguiar M.A.M., de Almeida A.M.O. Scars of Periodic Orbits in the Stadium Action Billiard 1996ХХ
121140 Artuso R., Casati G., Guarneri I. Numerical Experiments on Billiards 1996ХХ
121162 Joshua Feinberg, A. Zee Renormalizing Rectangles and Other Topics in Random Matrix Theory 1996ХХ
121219 J. M. J. van Leeuwen, E. H. Hauge The Effective Interface Potential for a Superconducting Layer 1996ХХ
121220 Lendi K. Regularization of Quantum Relative Entropy in Finite Dimensions and Application to Entropy Production 1996ХХ
121290 Ginzbourg I., d'Humieres D. Local Second-Order Boundary Methods for Lattice Boitzmann Models 1996ХХ
121298 Nouri A., La Bourdonnaye A. Ionization and Recombination in Plasmas 1996ХХ
121331 Cercignani C. Trend to Equilibrium of Weak Solutions of the Boltzmann Equation in a Slab with Diffusive Boundary Conditions 1996ХХ
121336 Hendriks E.M., Walsh J., van Bergen A.R.D. A General Approach to Association Using Cluster Partition Functions 1996ХХ
121376 Renming Song, Xian Yin Zhou A Remark on Diffusion of Directed Polymers in Random Environments 1996ХХ
121423 Datta N., Fernandez R. Low-Temperature Phase Diagrams of Quantum Lattice Systems. I. Stability for Quantum Perturbations of Classical Systems with Finitely-Many Ground States 1996ХХ
121452 Lebowitz J.L., Mazel A.E. A Remark on the Low-Temperature Behavior of the SOS Interface in Half-Space 1996ХХ
121470 lto H.M., Mikami T. Poissonian Asymptotics of a Randomly Perturbed Dynamical System: Flip-Flop of the Stochastic Disk Dynamo 1996ХХ
121484 Michel J., Robert R. Statistical Equilibrium States and Long-Time Dynamics for a Transport Equation 1996ХХ
121553 Meyer D. From Quantum Cellular Automata to Quantum Lattice Gases 1996ХХ
121611 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1996ХХ
121623 Cesi F., Martinelli F. On the Layering Transition of an SOS Surface Interacting with a Wall. I. Equilibrium Results 1996ХХ

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