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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
123925 Mandelbrot B.B. Comment on the Equivalence between Fracton/Spectral Dimensionality, and the Dimensionality of Recurrence 1984ХХ
123940 Del Rio J.L. Regression Law and the Renormalization of the Transport Coefficients 1984ХХ
124018 Dotsenko VI.S. Critical Behavior and Associated Conformal Algebra of the Z_3 Potts Model 1984ХХ
124032 Future Contributions to Journal of Stadstical Physics 1984ХХ
124059 Gunton J.D. The Dynamics of Random Interfaces in Phase Transitions 1984ХХ
124081 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1984ХХ
124145 Brey J.J., Santos A. Solution of the BGK Model Kinetic Equation for Very Hard Particle Interaction 1984ХХ
124157 Beijeren H. Mode-Coupling Theory for Purely Diffusive Systems 1984ХХ
124163 Preface 1984ХХ
124336 Lebowitz J.L. On Potential and Field Fluctuations in Classical Charged Systems 1984ХХ
124349 Katz A., Duneau M. The Convergence of the One-Dimensional Ground States to an Infinite Lattice 1984ХХ
124372 Nihat Berker A. Hierarchical Models and Chaotic Spin Glasses 1984ХХ
124410 O'Carroll M. Convergent Expansions for Asymptotically Degenerate Inverse Correlation Lengths of Classical Lattice Spin Systems 1984ХХ
124411 Lehr W., Machta J. Current Noise and Long Time Tails in Biased Disordered Random Walks 1984ХХ
124438 Kirkwood J. Phase Transitions in the Ising Model with Transverse Field 1984ХХ
124447 Huberman B.A. Dynamics of Self-Organization in Complex Adaptive Networks 1984ХХ
124480 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1984ХХ
124484 Uimin G. Low-Temperature Analysis of the ANNNI Model in an External Magnetic Field: Cascades of Phase Transitions, Complete Devil's Staircases 1984ХХ
124505 Poland D. On the Universality of the Nonphase Transition Singularity in Hard-Particle Systems 1984ХХ
124601 Gyorgyi G., Szepfalusy P. Properties of Fully Developed Chaos in One-Dimensional Maps 1984ХХ
124674 Klafter J., Blumen A., Zumofen G. Fractal Behavior in Trapping and Reaction: A Random Walk Study 1984ХХ
124682 Parris P.E., Phatak S.M., Kenkre V.M. Motion and Capture in the Presence of Cooperative Trap Interactions II: Exact Calculations for Perfect Absorbers in One Dimension 1984ХХ
124742 O'Carroll M. Analyticity Properties and a Convergent Expansion for the Inverse Correlation Length of the Low-Temperature d-Dimensional Ising Model 1984ХХ
124793 Given J.A. A New Model of Percolation Clusters 1984ХХ
124798 Dickman R., Schieve W.C. Proof of the Existence of the Cluster Free Energy 1984ХХ
124887 Sawada Y. A Thermodynamic Variational Principle in Nonlinear Systems Far from Equilibrium 1984ХХ
124898 De Coninck J., de Gottal Ph. New Inequalities for lsing Ferromagnets 1984ХХ
124899 Elskens Y. Microscopic Derivation of a Markovian Master Equation in a Deterministic Model of Chemical Reaction 1984ХХ
124969 Anaeker L.W., Kopelman R., Newhouse J.S. Fractal Chemical Kinetics: Reacting Random Walkers 1984ХХ
124983 Eu B.C. Comment on Keizer's Critique on Extended Irreversible Thermodynamics 1984ХХ
124991 Meunier C. Continuity of Type-I Intermitteney from a Measure-Theoretical Point of View 1984ХХ
125041 Fritz J. Some Remarks on Nonequilibrium Dynamics of Infinite Particle Systems 1984ХХ
125066 Stephan Wansleben, John G. Zabolitzky, Claus Kalle Monte Carlo Simulation of Ising Models by Multispin Coding on a Vector Computer 1984ХХ
125088 Dieter W. Heermann, Antonio Coniglio, Klein W. Nucleation and Metastability in Three-Dimensional Ising Models 1984ХХ
125108 Dedication 1984ХХ
125194 Kirkpatrick S. Optimization by Simulated Annealing: Quantitative Studies 1984ХХ
125200 Letter to the Editor 1984ХХ
125213 Benfatto G. On the Susceptibility and Clustering Properties of Unbounded Spins 1984ХХ
125233 Lewis J.T., de Smedt P. The Superstability of Pair-Potentials of Positive Type 1984ХХ
125235 Gawedzki K., Kupiainen A., Tirozzi B. Borel Summability of the Perturbation Series in a Hierarchical Model 1984ХХ
125246 Rubin R. Transport in a Disordered OneDimensional System: A Fraetal View 1984ХХ
125316 Rujan P. Order and Disorder Lines in Systems with Competing Interactions. III. Exact Results from Stochastic Crystal Growth 1984ХХ
125330 Collet P., Eckmann J.-P. A Spin Glass with Random Couplings 1984ХХ
125401 Garcia-Colin L. S., Lopez de Haro M., Rodriguez R. F. On the Foundations of Extended Irreversible Thermodynamics 1984ХХ
125466 Kennedy T. Mean Field Theory for Coulomb Systems 1984ХХ
125473 Orbach R. Dynamics of Fractal Structures 1984ХХ
125491 ѕереборов ј.—., Ѕрылев ј.ћ. “еоретические основы железнодорожной автоматики и телемеханики 1984 ХХХ
125508 Imry Y. Random External Fields 1984ХХ
125595 Perelman Ya.I. Fun with maths and physics 1984ХХ

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