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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
120145 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1984ХХ
120176 Kadanoff L.P. ERRATUM: For Supercritical Behavior of an Ordered Trajectory 1984ХХ
120217 Weiss G.H., Havlin S. Trapping of Random Walks on the Line 1984ХХ
120261 So B.Ch., Yoshitake N., Okamoto H. Correlations and Spectra of an Intermittent Chaos Near Its Onset Point 1984ХХ
120279 Oji H., Smith H. Magnetotransport in Simple Metals. An Exactly Soluble Model 1984ХХ
120292 Palffy-Muhoray P., Barrie R., Bergersen B. Tunneling Resistivity of a One-Dimensional Random Lattice and the Petersburg Problem 1984ХХ
120295 Sinai Ya.G., Fomin S.V. Book Reviews: Two from Sinai 1984ХХ
120299 Aharony A., Gefen Y., Kantor Y. Magnetic Correlations on Fractals 1984ХХ
120418 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1984ХХ
120426 Sarkar S.K. Supercritical Ordered Trajectories with Quadratically Irrational Winding Number 1984ХХ
120434 Richard F. Voss Multiparticle Fractal Aggregation 1984ХХ
120450 Horton Jr. C. W. (ed.) Book Review: Statistical Physics and Chaos in Fusion Plasma 1984ХХ
120452 Aizenman Michael, Newman Charles M. Tree Graph Inequalities and Critical Behavior in Percolation Models 1984ХХ
120459 Titulaer U. M. The Density Profile for the Kiein-Kramers Equation Near an Absorbing Wall 1984ХХ
120544  аневска€ ».√. Ѕиологическое повреждение промышленных материалов 1984ХХ
120598 Rosenfeld Y. Comments on the Mean Spherical Approximation for Hard-Core and Soft Potentials and an Application to the One-Component Plasma 1984ХХ
120688 ћигдал ј.Ѕ.  ак рождаютс€ физические теории 1984ХХ
120792 Ѕлументаль √., Ёнгельс 3. јнорганикум. “ом 1 1984ХХ
120943 Webman I. Propagation and Trapping of Excitations on Percolation Clusters 1984ХХ
120989 Cassandro M., Gaives A., Olivieri E. Metastable Behavior of Stochastic Dynamics: A Pathwise Approach 1984ХХ
121029 Lorenz E.N. A Very Spectral Band 1984ХХ
121062 Radin C. Classical Ground States in One Dimension 1984ХХ
121064 Pietronero L., Wiesmann H.J. Stochastic Model for Dielectric Breakdown 1984ХХ
121072 Horiguchi T., Morita T. Behavior of the Effective Fields for a Regular Ising Model on the Cayley Tree 1984ХХ
121081 Ito H.M. Ergodicity of Randomly Perturbed Lorenz Model 1984ХХ
121120 van Dongen P.G.J., Ernst M.H. Kinetics of Reversible Polymerization 1984ХХ
121137 Kapitulnik A., Gefen Y., Aharony A. On the Fractal Dimension and Correlations in Percolation Theory 1984ХХ
121138 Skrypnik W.I. Correlation Functions of Infinite System of Interacting Brownian Particles; Local in Time Evolution Close to Equilibrium 1984ХХ
121148 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1984ХХ
121154 James D. Hanson, John R. Cary Algebraic Decay in Self-Similar Markov Chains 1984ХХ
121204 Vinokurov L. I., Kats A. V. The Relation between the Velocity and Mass Distributions. The Role of Collisionless Relaxation Processes 1984ХХ
121304 Wertheim M.S. Fluids with Highly Directional Attractive Forces. II. Thermodynamic Perturbation Theory and Integral Equations 1984ХХ
121339 Lawrence Heifer H. Further Monte Carlo Calculations for the Classical One-Component Plasma in the Range 100 =< F =< 160: The FCC Lattice 1984ХХ
121341 Mandelbrot B.B. Squig Sheets and Some Other Squig Fractal Constructions 1984ХХ
121354 Penrose O., Lebowitz J., Marro J. Kinetics of a First-Order Phase Transition: Computer Simulations and Theory 1984ХХ
121490 Machta J., Ernst M.H. Long Time Tails in Stationary Random Media II: Applications 1984ХХ
121521 Griffiths R. Consistent Histories and the Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics 1984ХХ
121525 Ott E., Withers W.D., Yorke J.A. Is the Dimension of Chaotic Attractors lnvariant under Coordinate Changes? 1984ХХ
121535 O'Carroll M. Analyticity Properties and a Convergent Expansion for the Inverse Correlation Length of the High-Temperature d-Dimensional Ising Model 1984ХХ
121537 Lichtenberg A.J., Lieberman M.A. Regular and Stochastic Motion 1984ХХ
121605 Tasaki H., Hara T. Mean Field Bound and GHS Inequality 1984ХХ
121624 Lebowitz J.L. Foreword 1984ХХ
121654 Picco P. Upper Bound on the Decay of Correlations in the Plane Rotator Model with Long-Range Random Interaction 1984ХХ
121691 Morita T. Consistent Relations in the Method of Reducibility in the Cluster Variation Method 1984ХХ
121698 Gardiner C.W. Handbook of Stochastic Methods for Physics, Chemistry, and the Natural Sciences 1984ХХ
121705 Bruce J. West, Michael F. Shlesinger The Fractal Interpretation of the Weak Scattering of Elastic Waves 1984ХХ
121708 Remo Badii, Antonio Politi Statistical Description of Chaotic Attractors: The Dimension Function 1984ХХ
121745 Le Mehaute A. Transfer Processes in Fractal Media 1984ХХ
121753 Selinger J.V. The Kinetic Boundary Layer for the Klein- Kramers Equation; A New Numerical Approach 1984ХХ
121775 Lavis D.A., Southern B.W. Renormalization Group Study of a Three-Dimensional Lattice Model with Directional Bonding 1984ХХ

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