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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
121248 Institute of Mathematical Statistics Bulletin (Vol. 20, #2 1991) 1991ХХ
178074 Rivers W. Instinct and the unconscious - a contribution to a biological theory of psycho-neuroses 2008ХХ
121780 Rutkevich S.B. Instantons in Spherical Model Thermodynamics 1992ХХ
121519 David F., Wiese K. Instanton Calculus for the Self-Avoiding Manifold Model 2005ХХ
142548 Williams J.G. Instantiation Theory: On the Foundations of Automated Deduction 1991ХХ
49392 Akaqi H., Watanabe E.H., Aredes M. Instantaneous Power Theory and Applications to Power Conditioning 2007ХХ
27369 Buczek G. Instant SQL server 2000 applications 2001ХХ
50527 Ellison A. Instant Revision: AS Chemistry 2002ХХ
76775 Lack A.J., Evans D.E. Instant Notes. Plant Biology 2001ХХ
150974 Birch K. Instant Notes in Sport and Exercise Physiology 2004ХХ
141190 Wagner H., Silber K. Instant Notes in Physiological Psychology 2004ХХ
56905 Whittaker A.G., Mount A. R., Heal M. R. Instant Notes in Physical Chemistry 2005ХХ
140267 Debnath L., Bhatta D. Instant Notes in Molecular Biology 2005 ХХХ
16865 Lydyard P.M., Whelan A., Fanger M.W. Instant Notes in Immunology 2000ХХ
191688 Twyman R. Instant Notes in Developmental Biology 2000ХХ
149994 Hodgman C., French A., Westhead D. Instant Notes in Bioinformatics 2009 ХХХ
161413 Westhead D., Parish J., Twyman R. Instant Notes in Bioinformatics 2002ХХ
160545 Hames B., Hooper N. Instant Notes in Biochemistry (Instant Notes) 2000 ХХХ
140643 Jurd R. Instant Notes in Animal Biology 2004 ХХХ
47780 Kealey D., Haines P. Instant Notes in Analytical Chemistry 2001 ХХХ
29048 Flynn N. Instant Messaging Rules: A Business Guide to Managing Policies, Security, and Legal Issues for Safe IM Communication 2003ХХ
28092 Shigeoka I. Instant Messaging in Java 2002ХХ
55827 Switzer J. Instant Income: Strategies That Bring in the Cash for Small Businesses, Innovative Employees, and Occasional Entrepreneurs 2007ХХ
167259 Clegg B., Birch P. Instant Creativity: Simple Techniques to Ignite Innovation & Problem Solving 2007ХХ
56857 Jack K. Instant Access 2008ХХ
24684 Aspinwall J. Installing, troubleshooting, and repairing wireless networks 2003ХХ
25258 Installing, Configuring, and Administering Windows XP Professional (ver. 11.18.03) 2003ХХ
22119 Installing, Configuring and Administering Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server 2001 ХХХ
75980 McCormick S. Installing Configuring and Administering Microsoft ISA Server 2000 Enterprise Edition Version 3 0 0 2001ХХ
80250 Spence W.P. Installing & Finishing Drywall 1998ХХ
22738 Installationsleitfaden. map&guide 8 2001ХХ
22733 Mayerhofer J., Rotter C. Installation, Test und Bewertung von Internet-Sicherheitsmechanismen 1998ХХ
51367 Kraus K. Installation Manual: Basic field practices for installation of elevator and escalator equipment 1970ХХ
3943 Zero G Team InstallAnywhere Tutorial and Reference Guide 2004ХХ
124552 Speis A. Instability of the Anomalies in the One-Dimensional Anderson Model at Weak Disorder 1991ХХ
38162 Kaloshin V., Mather J.N., Valdinoci E. Instability of resonant totally elliptic points of symplectic maps in dimension 4 n/aХХ
119730 Martinelli F., Olivieri E. Instability of Renormalization-Group Pathologies Under Decimation 1995ХХ
33515 Fursikov A.V. Instability in Models Connected with Fluid Flows II 2007ХХ
33514 Fursikov A. (Ed), Rozhkovskaya T. (Ed) Instability in Models Connected with Fluid Flows I 2007ХХ
152895 Bardos C., Fursikov A. Instability in models connected with fluid flows 2 2008ХХ
164655 Bardos C ., Fursikov A. Instability in models connected with fluid flows 1 2008ХХ
117069 Pumarino A., Valls C. Instability in Hamiltonian systems 2005ХХ
157395 Prigogine I., Rice S. Instability and Dissipative Structures in Hydrodynamics 1975ХХ
132321 Bernhard Lesche Instabilities of R nyi Entropies 1981ХХ
56141 Anisimov S.I., Khokhlov V.A. Instabilities in Laser-matter interaction 1995ХХ
132970 Mikhailovskii A.B. Instabilities in a confined plasma 1998ХХ
124941 Arecchi F.T. Instabilities and Chaos in Quantum Optics 1988ХХ
142213 Schmidt J.C. Instabilitat in Natur und Wissenschaft: Eine Wissenschaftsphilosophie der nachmodernen Physik 2008ХХ
174270 OECD Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Develop Inspired by Technology, Driven by Pedagogy: A Systemic Approach to Technology-Based School Innovations 2010ХХ
149935 Griffiths P. Inspired by S.S.Chern: A Memorial Volume in Honor of a Great Mathematician 2006ХХ

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