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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
181790 Shorey R., Ananda A., Chan M. Mobile, Wireless, and Sensor Networks: Technology, Applications, and Future Directions 2006ХХ
24123 Shorey R., Ananda A. (eds.) Mobile, Wireless and Sensor Networks: Technology, Applications and Future Directions 2006ХХ
183677 Zhao B., Tak B., Cao G. Mobile Web Browsing Using the Cloud 2014ХХ
186065 Daniel F., Papadopoulos G., Thiran P. Mobile Web and Information Systems: 10th International Conference, MobiWIS 2013, Paphos, Cyprus, August 26-29, 2013. Proceedings 2013ХХ
3588 Shneyderman A., Casati A. Mobile VPN: Delivering Advanced Services in Next Generation Wireless Systems 2003ХХ
28250 Andriessen J.H.E. (ed.), Vartiainen M. (ed.) Mobile Virtual Work 2005ХХ
22478 Lindholm C., Keinonen T., Kiljander H. (eds.) Mobile Usability: How Nokia Changed the Face of the Mobile Phone 2003ХХ
26746 Kumar A. Mobile TV: DVB-H, DMB, 3G Systems and Rich Media Applications 2007ХХ
18050 Hac A. Mobile Telecommunications Protocols For Data Networks 2002ХХ
134812 Druin A. Mobile Technology for Children: Designing for Interaction and Learning 2009ХХ
162141 Sheller M., Urry J. MOBILE TECHNOLOGIES OF THE CITY (Networked Cities) 2006ХХ
50859 Gorban I.I. Mobile Sonar Systems: Optimization of Space -Time Signal Processing 2008 ХХХ
26719 Vesa J. Mobile Services In The Networked Economy 2005ХХ
21238 Sheriff R.E., Hu Y.F. Mobile Satellite Communication Networks 2001ХХ
83843 Sheriff R.E. Mobile satellite communication networks 2001ХХ
49521 Lazinica A. Mobile Robots: Towards New Applications 2006ХХ
49523 Kolski S. Mobile Robots: Perception & Navigation 2007ХХ
49522 Buchli J. Mobile Robotics, Moving Intelligence 2006ХХ
11771 Betke M., Gurvits L. Mobile Robot Localization Using Landmarks 1997ХХ
79143 Löffler J. (ed.), Klann M. (ed.) Mobile Response. First International Workshop on Mobile Information Technology for Emergency Response, Mobile Response 2007 Sankt Augustin, Germany, February 22-23, 2007 Revised Selected Papers 2007ХХ
28249 Walke B.H. Mobile Radio Networks 1999ХХ
84053 Graham A.W., Kirkman N.C., Paul P.M. Mobile radio network design in the VHF and UHF bands: a practical approach 2007ХХ
80443 Scheible J., Tuulos V. Mobile python. Rapid prototyping of applications on the mobile platform 2007ХХ
148518 Figueiras J., Frattasi S. Mobile Positioning and Tracking: From Conventional to Cooperative Techniques 2010ХХ
187783 Figueiras J., Frattasi S. Mobile Positioning and Tracking: From Conventional to Cooperative Techniques 2010ХХ
29996 Fitzek F.H. (Ed), Reichert F. (Ed) Mobile Phone Programming: And Its Application to Wireless Networking 2007ХХ
155366 Fitzek F., Reichert F. Mobile Phone Programming and its Application to Wireless Networking 2007ХХ
84407 Seet B.-C. Mobile peer-to-peer computing for next generation distributed environments 2009ХХ
149146 Jan Vitek, Christian Tschudin Mobile Object Systems Towards the Programmable Internet: Second International Workshop, MOS'96, Linz, Austria, July 8 - 9, 1996, Selected ... 1997 ХХХ
137593 Jiang X., Ma M. Y., Chen C. W. Mobile Multimedia Processing: Fundamentals, Methods, and Applications 2010 ХХХ
79906 Karmakar G., Dooley L.S. Mobile Multimedia Communications: Concepts, Applications, and Challenges 2007 ХХХ
136133 Luo F.-L. Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting Standards: Technology and Practice 2008ХХ
184321 Bodic G. Mobile Messaging Technologies and Services: SMS, EMS and MMS, Second Edition 2005ХХ
17776 Le Bodic G. Mobile Messaging Technologies and Services: SMS, EMS and MMS 2005ХХ
164729 Bodic G. Mobile Messaging Technologies and Services. SMS, EMS and MMS 2005 ХХХ
131510 Michael A., Salter B. Mobile Marketing: Achieving Competitive Advantage Through Wireless Technology 2006ХХ
79520 The Editors at Macworld Mobile Mac Superguide 2009ХХ
17774 Jagoe A. Mobile Location Servies: The Definitive Guide 2002ХХ
85628 Li Q., Jinmei T., Shima K. Mobile IPv6: Protocols and Implementation 2009ХХ
27659 Norris M. Mobile IP Technology for M-Business 2001ХХ
22523 Raab S., Chandra M.W. Mobile IP Technology and Applications 2005ХХ
29995 Koodli R.S. Mobile Internetworking with IPv6: Concepts, Principles and Practices 2007ХХ
24726 Salkintzis A., Poularikas A. Mobile Internet: Enabling Technologies and Services 2004ХХ
152927 Salkintzis A. Mobile Internet: enabling technologies and services 2004ХХ
170520 O'Farrell M., Levine J., Algroy J. Mobile Internet For Dummies (For Dummies (Computer Tech)) 2008ХХ
24710 Jones M., Marsden G. Mobile Interaction Design 2006ХХ
190913 Pernici B. Mobile Information Systems: Infrastructure and Design for Adaptivity and Flexibility 2006ХХ
24754 Lawrence E., Pernici B., Krogstie J. Mobile Information Systems 2004ХХ
167805 Lawrence E., Pernici B., Krogstie J. Mobile Information Systems 2005ХХ
79932 Rosenbaum R. Mobile Image Communication Using JPEG2000 2008ХХ

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