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¬се ресурсы

ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
26716 Kandal A., Sugalski D., Tutsch L. Perl 6 and Parrot Essentials 2004 ХХХ
29519 Foghlu M.O. PERL 5 Quick Reference 1996ХХ
10112 Medinets D. Perl 5 by Example 1999ХХ
24174 Ray E.T., McIntosh J. Perl & XML 2002ХХ
182432 Perkin W. Perkin and Kipping's Organic chemistry 1904ХХ
11658 Thrush A., Hartshorne T. Peripheral Vascular Ultrasound 2005ХХ
68235 Thrush A., Hartshorne T. Peripheral Vascular Ultrasound 2005 ХХХ
77118 Atlee J.L.(ed.), Gullo A.(ed.), Sinarga G.(ed.) Perioperative Critical Care Cardiology(Topics in Anaesthesia and Critical Care) 2007 ХХХ
80428 Gullo A. (ed.), Berlot G. (ed.) Perioperative and critical care medicine. Educational issuess 2005 2006ХХ
37483 Schappacher N. Periods of Hecke Characters 1988ХХ
180876 Schappacher N. Periods of Hecke Characters 1988ХХ
44178 Barus C. Periods and Logarithmic Decrement of the Gravitation Needle under High Exhaustion 1922ХХ
76885 Pattison A.M., Pattison G.L. PeriodontаI Instrumentation 1992 ХХХ
158763 Nabers C., Stalker W. Periodontal Therapy 1990ХХ
68493 Sato N. Periodontal Surgery: A Clinical Atlas 2000ХХ
76448 Louis F. Rose, Robert J. Genco, D. Walter Cohen Periodontal Medicine 2000ХХ
42608 Engstrom H.T. Periodicity in Sequences Defined by Linear Recurrence Relations 1930ХХ
146426 Grove E.A., Ladas G. Periodicities in Nonlinear Difference Equations 2004ХХ
124677 Kohn W. Periodic Thermodynamics 2001ХХ
53611 Periodic Table of the Elements. A Resource for Elementary, Middle School, and High School Students 2001ХХ
34981 Meyer K.R. Periodic Solutions of the N-Body Problem 2000ХХ
38501 Berti M., Biasco L. Periodic solutions of nonlinear wave equations with non-monotone forcing terms n/aХХ
38494 Berti M., Bolle Ph. Periodic solutions of nonlinear wave equations with general nonlinearities n/aХХ
38444 Baldi P., Berti M. Periodic solutions of nonlinear wave equations for asymptotically full measure sets of frequencies n/aХХ
35578 Reithmeier E. Periodic Solutions of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems: Numerical Computation, Stability, Bifurcation and Transition to Chaos 1991ХХ
35073 Reithmeier E. Periodic Solutions Of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems 1977ХХ
38445 Baldi P. Periodic solutions of forced Kirchho equations n/aХХ
1787 Bostan M. Periodic solutions for evolution equations 2002ХХ
38493 Gentile G., Mastropietro V., Procesi M. Periodic solutions for completely resonant nonlinear wave equations n/aХХ
43319 Bell E.T. Periodic recurring series 1930ХХ
191415 Risken H., Vollmer H. Periodic potential Z 1979ХХ
38442 Arioli G. Periodic orbits, symbolic dynamics and topological entropy for the restricted 3-body problem n/aХХ
38438 Berti M. Periodic orbits close to elliptic tori and applications to the three-body problem n/aХХ
120431 Gary P. Morriss, Lamberto Rondoni Periodic Orbit Expansions for the Lorentz Gas 1993ХХ
122264 Toroczkai Z., Zia R.K.P. Periodic One-Dimensional Hopping Model with One Mobile Directional Impurity 1997ХХ
35654 Hirano M., Kawamura K., Kamioka H. Periodic Nanostructures with Interfering Femtosecond Lasers 2004ХХ
38437 Mancini G., Srikanth P.N. Periodic motions of a two dimensional toda type chain n/aХХ
12564 Post O. Periodic Manifolds, Spectral Gaps, and Eigenvalues in Gaps 2000ХХ
122024 Hairer M., Pavliotis G. A. Periodic Homogenization for Hypoelliptic Diffusions 2004ХХ
123067 Karl Haller, Tom Kennedy Periodic Ground States in the Neutral FalicovKimball Model in Two Dimensions 2000ХХ
123708 Bricmont J., Lebowitz J.L. Periodic Gibbs States of Ferromagnetic Spin Systems 1981ХХ
126162 Petracchi D., Ascoli C., Barbi M. Periodic Forcing of Ion Channel Gating: An Experimental Approach 1993ХХ
59488 Arscott F.M. Periodic Differential Equations: An Introduction to Mathieu, Lame, and Allied Functions 1964ХХ
124532 Pomeau Y. Periodic Behavior of Cellular Automata 1993ХХ
125453 Schreiber I., Holodniok M., Kubicek M. Periodic and Aperiodic Regimes in Coupled Dissipative Chemical Oscillators 1986ХХ
121157 John B. McLaughlin Period-Doubling Bifurcations and Chaotic Motion for a Parametrically Forced Pendulum 1980ХХ
120516 Coilet P., Eckmann J.-P., Koch H. Period Doubling Bifurcations for Families of Maps on R^n 1980ХХ
168907 Dat J., Orlik S., Rapoport M. Period Domains over Finite and p-adic Fields 2010ХХ
159007 Fleming I. Pericyclic Reactions (Oxford Chemistry Primers, 67) 1998ХХ
143396 0 Performance-based Standards for the Road Sector (Road Transport and Intermodal Linkages Research Programme) 2005ХХ

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