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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
142358 Barthe G., Fournet C. Trustworthy Global Computing: Third Symposium, TGC 2007, Sophia-Antipolis, France, November 5-6, 2007, Revised Selected Papers 2008ХХ
25029 Bernstein L., Yuhas C.M. Trustworthy Systems Through Quantitative Software Engineering 2005 ХХХ
29727 Pacelli L. Truth about Getting Your Point across: --and Nothing but the Truth 2006ХХ
147416 Dales H.G., Oliveri G. Truth in mathematics 1998ХХ
177593 Dales H., Oliveri G. Truth in mathematics 1998ХХ
156150 Doyle J. Truth maintenance systems for problem solving 1977ХХ
131655 Davis R.E. Truth, Deduction, and Computation: Logic and Semantics for Computer Science 1989ХХ
185732 Davis R. Truth, deduction, and computation: logic and semantics for computer science 1989ХХ
127699 Chuaqui R. Truth, possibility and probability 1991 ХХХ
171567 Chuaqui R. Truth, Possibility and Probability (North-Holland Mathematics Studies). Volume 166 1991ХХ
189712 Chuaqui R. Truth, Possibility and Probability: New Logical Foundations of Probability and Statistical Inference 1991ХХ
130373 Leblanc H. Truth, Syntax and Modality: Proceedings of the Temple University Conference on Alternative Semantics 1973ХХ
55581 Shulgin A., Shulgin A. Tryptamines i Have Known And Loved: The Chemistry Continues 2002ХХ
17094 Wisnicwski H.G. TSG-6 2001ХХ
128832 Peter G. Casazza, Thaddeus J. Shura, Baker J. Tsirelson's Space 1989 ХХХ
85104 Bryant E. Tsunami: the underrated hazard 2008 ХХХ
193209 Dmowska R., Saltzman B. Tsunamigenic Earthquakes and Their Consequences 1999ХХ
116930 Ward S.N. Tsunamis n/aХХ
156316 Cap F. Tsunamis and hurricanes. A mathematical approach 2006ХХ
161637 Joseph A. Tsunamis: Detection, Monitoring, and Early-Warning Technologies 2011ХХ
58160 Lancaster D.E. TTL Cookbook 1974ХХ
141432 Arnadottir T., Rieder H., Enarson D. Tuberculosis programs: review, planning, technical support : a manual of methods and procedures 1998ХХ
140042 Raviglione M. Tuberculosis: The Essentials, Fourth Edition 2009 ХХХ
167461 Parker P., Parker J. Tuberous Sclerosis - A Bibliography and Dictionary for Physicians, Patients, and Genome Researchers 2007ХХ
44472 Moe R.E. Tubes or Transistors? 1959ХХ
85105 Carlomagno T. (ed.) Tubulin-binding agents: synthetic, structural and mechanistic insights 2009 ХХХ
161296 Tainsky M. Tumor Biomarker Discovery Methods and Protocols 2009ХХ
168128 Tainsky M. Tumor Biomarker Discovery: Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology) 2009ХХ
18865 Hanausek M., Walaszek Z. Tumor Marker Protocols 1998ХХ
17167 Corti A. (ed.), Ghezzi P. (ed.) Tumor Necrosis Factor, Methods and Protocols 2004ХХ
190995 El-Deiry W. Tumor Suppressor Genes Vol 1: Pathways and Isolation Strategies (Methods in Molecular Biology Vol 222) 2003ХХ
151208 El-Deiry W. Tumor Suppressor Genes Vol 2: Regulation, Function, and Medicinal Applications (Methods in Molecular Biology Vol 223) 2003ХХ
17149 El-Deiry W.S. Tumor Suppressor Genes: Pathways and Isolation Strategies (vol. 1) 2003ХХ
17333 El-Deiry W.S. Tumor Suppressor Genes: Regulation, Function, and Medicinal Applications (vol. 2) 2003ХХ
186682 Marassi F., El-Deiry W. Tumor Suppressor Genes: Volume 2 Regulation, Function, and Medicinal Applications 2003ХХ
48327 Cunyun Y. Tunable External Cavity Diode Lasers 2004ХХ
15341 Tunable Kernel Parameters 2003 ХХХ
112700 Duarte F.J. Tunable Laser Optics 2003ХХ
143183 Mollenauer L.F., White J.C., Pollock C.R. Tunable Lasers 1992 ХХХ
187011 Mollenauer L., White J., Pollock C. Tunable Lasers 1992ХХ
21610 Duarte F.J. Tunable Lasers Handbook 1995ХХ
31286 Mindich D.T. Tuned out: Why Americans under 40 Don't Follow the News 2004 ХХХ
85502 Kolymbas D. Tunelling [sic] and tunnel mechanics. A rational approach to tunnelling 2005ХХ
146688 Lassner E., Schubert W.-D. Tungsten: Properties, Chemistry, Technology of the Element, Alloys, and Chemical Compounds 1999ХХ
13043 Morrill D.L. Tuning and Customizing a Linux System 2002ХХ
117904 Jantzen J. Tuning of fuzzy PID controllers 1998ХХ
96364 Carbonell R.G., McCoy B.J. Tunneling and Transport Problems for a Quantum Mechanical Brownian Particle 1978ХХ
120292 Palffy-Muhoray P., Barrie R., Bergersen B. Tunneling Resistivity of a One-Dimensional Random Lattice and the Petersburg Problem 1984ХХ
6549 Lee K. Tunneling without barriers in curved spacetime 1986ХХ
50491 Singh B., Goel R.K. Tunnelling in Weak Rocks 2006ХХ

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