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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
97835 Fesciyan S., Frisch H.L. The velocity autocorrelation function of a particle in a model system with realistic diffusion is calculated exactly and compared with the corresponding result in the one-dimensional case. The method employed yields the result of Lebowitz and Sykes in one 1973ХХ
125515 Cole R.G., Keyes T. The Velocity Correlation Function for the Lorentz Gas 1988ХХ
193416 Kiel S. The Vent and Seep Biota: Aspects from Microbes to Ecosystems 2010ХХ
157629 Stuart Sutherland The Verilog PLI Handbook: A User's Guide and Comprehensive Reference on the Verilog Programming Language Interface 2002 ХХХ
122247 Sergeev S. M., Mangazeev V. V., Stroganov Yu. G. The Vertex Formulation of the Bazhanov-Baxter Model 1995ХХ
44395 Michelson A.A. The Vertical Interferometer 1920ХХ
114745 Lukash V.N. The Very Early Universe 2006ХХ
17212 Shim J.K., Siegel J.G. The Vest Pocket Guide to Information Technology 2005 ХХХ
50037 Bishop Y. (ed.) The Veterinary Formulary 2005 ХХХ
31421 Ashenden P.J. The VHDL Cookbook 1990 ХХХ
44396 Barus C. The Vibration of Air in Tubes Capped at Both Ends 1923ХХ
44397 Barus C. The Vibration of the Air Filament in Quill Tubes Capped at Both Ends 1923ХХ
153057 Ogilvie J. The Vibrational and Rotational Spectrometry of Diatomic Molecules 1998ХХ
166729 McGuire S., Liban D. The Video Editor's Guide to Soundtrack Pro: Workflows, Tools, and Techniques 2010ХХ
28540 Computer Videomaker Magazine The Videomaker guide to digital video and DVD production 2004ХХ
79107 Bjorner D.(ed.), Jones C.B.(ed.) The Vienna Development Method. The Meta-Language (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 61) 1978ХХ
178521 Bjorner D., Jones C. The Vienna Development Method: The Meta-Language (Lecture Notes in Computer Science) 1978ХХ
80645 Nagel T. The View From Nowhere 1989ХХ
79507 Heath I., McBride A. The Vikings 1995ХХ
179685 Katz M. The Violin: A Research and Information Guide (Music Research and Information Guides) 2006ХХ
6132 Howard B., Burnham M., Burnham B. The Virginia Handbook 2001ХХ
120461 Hai-cang Ren The Virial Expansion of a Dilute Bose Gas in Two Dimensions 2002ХХ
4732 Collins G.W. The virial theorem in stellar astrophysics 2003ХХ
185236 Collins G. The Virial Theorem in Stellar Astrophysics 1978ХХ
168872 Mayer M. The Virtual Edge: Embracing Technology for Distributed Project Team Success 1998ХХ
193713 Mayer M. The Virtual Edge: Embracing Technology for Distributed Project Team Success 1998ХХ
144859 Wood J. The Virtual Embodied: Presence Practice Technology 1998ХХ
25194 Palloff R.M., Pratt K. The Virtual Student: A Profile and Guide to Working with Online Learners 2003ХХ
93972 Hatschek E. The Viscosity of Liquids 1928ХХ
41596 Bridgman P.W. The Viscosity of Liquids under Pressure 1925ХХ
141132 Stanton J.M., Stam K.R. The Visible Employee: Using Workplace Monitoring and Surveillance to Protect Information Assets-Without Compromising Employee Privacy or Trust 2006ХХ
175823 Waldby C. The Visible Human Project: Informatic Bodies and Posthuman Medicine 2000ХХ
14327 The Visibooks Guide to HTML & CSS 2006ХХ
14331 The Visibooks Guide to Access 2003 2006ХХ
14332 The Visibooks Guide to Base 2.0 2006ХХ
14333 The Visibooks Guide to Calc 2.0 2006ХХ
14334 The Visibooks Guide to Dreamweaver 8 2006ХХ
14335 The Visibooks Guide to Excel 2003 2006ХХ
14326 The Visibooks Guide To Fireworks 2006ХХ
14336 The Visibooks Guide to FrontPage 2003 2006ХХ
14337 The Visibooks Guide to Impress 2.0 2006ХХ
14338 The Visibooks Guide to Linspire Five-O 2006ХХ
14328 The Visibooks Guide to Mac OS X Tiger 2006ХХ
14339 The Visibooks Guide to MySQL Basics 2006ХХ
14341 The Visibooks Guide to Palm Devices 2006ХХ
14340 The Visibooks Guide to PERL Basics 2006ХХ
14330 The Visibooks Guide to Photoshop CS2 2006ХХ
14342 The Visibooks Guide to Photoshop Elements 4.0 2006ХХ
14329 The Visibooks Guide to PHP Basics 2006ХХ
14343 The Visibooks Guide to PowerPoint 2003 2006ХХ

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