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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
181018 Mann S., Sbihli S. The Wireless Application Protocol (WAP): A Wiley Tech Brief 2000ХХ
21488 DeRose J.F. The Wireless Data Handbook 2004 ХХХ
29729 Engst A., Fleishman G. The Wireless Networking Starter Kit 2003 ХХХ
74463 Barrett L.F., Salovey P. The Wisdom in Feeling: Psychological Processes in Emotional Intelligence 2002ХХ
59375 Kilburg R.R., Diedrich R.C. The Wisdom of Coaching: Essential Papers in Consulting Psychology for a World of Change 2007ХХ
39327 Warshauer M.L. The Witt Group of Degree K Maps and Asymmetric Inner Product Spaces 1982ХХ
113417 Houston E.J. The Wonder Book of the Atmosphere 1907ХХ
55994 Aslamazov L.G., Varlamov A.A. The Wonders of Physics 2001ХХ
126518 Aslamazov L. G., Varlamov A. A. The Wonders of Physics 2001ХХ
176955 Lupetti A. The Woork Handbook: A collaborative book about web design and programming 2009ХХ
83266 The Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters Regiment 1694-1996 n/aХХ
74400 Schwartzman S. The words of mathematics: an etymological dictionary of mathematical terms used in English 1996ХХ
158930 Schwartzman S. The words of mathematics: An etymological dictionary of mathematical terms used in english 1994ХХ
125868 Sartre J.-P. The Words: The Autobiography of Jean-Paul Sartre 1964ХХ
60508 Haugan G.T. The Work Breakdown Structure in Government Contracting 2003ХХ
44400 Olivier C.P. The Work of the American Meteor Society in 1914 and 1915 1916ХХ
57006 Maxwell N. L. The Working Life: The Labor Market for Workers in Low-Skilled Jobs 2006ХХ
32228 Heath T.L. The Works of Archimedes 2002ХХ
117152 Heath T.L. The works of Archimedes edited in modern notation 1897ХХ
142489 Hubbard B. The World According to Wavelets: The Story of a Mathematical Technique in the Making 1996ХХ
155665 Israel G., Gasca A.M. The World as a Mathematical Game 2009 ХХХ
132823 Israel G. The world as a mathematical game: John von Neumann and twentieth century science 2009ХХ
5778 Einstein A. The world as I see it 1993ХХ
65377 World Bank Group The World Bank Legal Review: Law and Justice for Development. Volume 1 2003ХХ
190793 Bank W. The World Bank Research Program 2004: Abstracts of Current Studies (World Bank Research Publication) 2006ХХ
76244 Bronstein D., Zilbert O. (Translator) The World Chess Crown Challenge Kasparov vs Karpov Seville 87 1990ХХ
10835 The World Factbook 2000ХХ
79828 Tattersall I. The world from beginnings to 4000 BCE 2008ХХ
132878 Duff M.J. The World in Eleven Dimensions 1999ХХ
151749 Duff M. The World in Eleven Dimensions: Supergravity, Supermembranes and M-Theory 1999ХХ
17140 Friedman T.L., Wyman O. The World Is Flat: A Brief History of The Twenty-First Century 2000ХХ
144715 Bonk C. The World Is Open: How Web Technology Is Revolutionizing Education 2009ХХ
184205 Bonk C. The World is Open: How Web Technology is Revolutionizing Education 2011ХХ
32242 Gorelik G.E., Bouis A.W. The World of Andrei Sakharov: A Russian Physicist's Path to Freedom 2005ХХ
127204 Gorelik G., Bouis A.W. The world of Andrei Sakharov: a Russian physicist's path to freedom 2005ХХ
135192 The World of Cars Math Workbook (Grade 1-2) n/aХХ
152252 Newman J.R. The world of mathematics 1956ХХ
154476 Newman J. The world of mathematics 1956ХХ
157534 Newman J. The world of mathematics, 1956ХХ
32791 Newman J.R. The World of Mathematics, Volume 1 2000ХХ
32792 Newman J.R. The World of Mathematics, Volume 2 2000ХХ
32966 Newman J.R. (ed.) The World of Mathematics, Volume 3 2000ХХ
32967 Newman J.R. (ed.) The World of Mathematics, Volume 4 2000ХХ
110279 Newman J.R. The world of mathematics. Volume 3 1956ХХ
32418 Ikai A. The World of Nano-Biomechanics: Mechanical Imaging and Measurement by Atomic Force Microscopy 2007ХХ
139966 Fu Z. The World of Rhabdoviruses (Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology) 2005ХХ
146644 Atzeni P., Mendelzon A., Mecca G. The World Wide Web and Databases: International Workshop WebDB'98, Valencia, Spain, March 27- 28, 1998 Selected Papers: EDBT Workshop Web DB'98 1999ХХ
146650 Suciu D., Vossen G. The World Wide Web and Databases: Third International Workshop WebDB2000, Dallas, TX, USA, May 18-19, 2000. Selected Papers 2001ХХ
185647 Tan T., Bing B. The World Wide Wi-Fi: Technological Trends and Business Strategies 2003ХХ
59251 WorldatWork The WorldatWork Handbook of Compensation, Benefits & Total Rewards: A Comprehensive Guide for HR Professionals 2007ХХ

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